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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 17-14 Loss To The Washington Redskins

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 17-14 loss to the Washington Redskins in Week 9.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following their 17-14 loss to the Washington Redskins in Week 9.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening…)"This was a really difficult game for us.  We made this so hard on ourselves.  All of the things that happen when you lost a game showed up.  Turnovers, penalties, getting beat deep.  The easy scores for them.   The difficult challenges just moving the ball down the field because we were in our own way.   We really played against ourselves all day long.    We've had enough penalties already in this season where you could say one of these games it's going to jump up and bite you, and that's exactly what it felt like today.   It's really important that we find our way, and find our way back and play good football.  That was a bad day for us.  I totally feel responsible for that.  I don't see anything other than that.  I have to keep these guys from making penalties.  I have to get it done.  So, we have to get at that.  We've been on the topic and obviously we're not doing the right stuff to get that done.  This has never felt like such a big problem.  It's always been some issue, but I'm anxious to go get this thing fixed and get us turned so that we can just go play against the other team instead of ourselves.  A really good job by the 'Skins to stay in it all day long and keep battling and hanging, and they took advantage of their opportunity when they got it and they got a great win.  It's hard to win here for a team coming in, and it takes all of that stuff to allow that to happen.  The kicks were a big deal, too, in this game that was so tight.  It didn't have to be.  It didn't have to be, but it was.   As the weather shifted late in the game it was fine, later, but early on it was a little bit of a factor.  But, it shouldn't have been a factor that was as significant as it wound up.  We could have made this way easier for us.  So, it was very difficult.  We have to bounce back, we go Thursday night.  It's really crucial that we turn the corner and get right back on track and get ready to play some football.  It's a long season.  This game has nothing to do with the rest of the season at this point.  There's a lot going on and a lot to be done.  We have to make sure that we come back out of this strong, and I do a good job and get us on track and keep us from getting in our own way. "

(On the two big plays for Washington on their last drive …) "They hit a fade route.  They threw a great fade route and the guy made a great catch.  The other one, I couldn't quite tell how that one happened, but it happened over on their sidelines." 

(On whether Russell Wilson made more questionable throws than usual ….)"I felt like Russell was off rhythm all day long.  It just felt like he was moving a lot.  I have to see the film to tell you what's going on with that.  He competed his tail off all day long.  He was all over the place out there.  Unfortunately, when he'd hit a couple big plays and scrambles, we would have penalties that nullified those.  It did seem like it was a little out of sync." 

(On whether there has been a theme to the penalties the team has suffered this year…) "They've been kind of across the board.  We've fought really hard at the line of scrimmage, the ones when the ball is not even snapped yet.  To get rid of those, because we've been a victim of that, some.  And we've had the holds in protections, and it has to do in scramble situations, some, that's somewhat consistent.  That's a very difficult thing.  Our guys have to be really good at that, at sensing when Russell's out and the guys pulls away from them, and they have to release.  There's a number of them.  I'm just really disappointed tonight because we've been addressing it and we haven't cleaned it up and that really bugs me."

(On the play of the defense…) "I don't know any of the numbers about that stuff.  I thought they played great football.  One drive got away and there were a couple issues on that one, and then the last thing.  I thought they played great all day long; kept us in the football game, gave us a chance.  I know the guys are kicking themselves because they had a couple of opportunities to turn the ball over, and we didn't come up with them.  But, the pass rush seemed pretty good.  They ran for 50 yards or something like that.  That's what we expect for our guys.  We also expect to win at the end, too.  We had a chance to take that game, and we didn't do it." 

(On whether it is beneficial to have a short week after a loss…)"I kind of think so.  Yeah, let's go, let's go back out, let's get out there again.  It is a very abbreviated week, and we have a whole format of how we go through this.  It will come by really quick for us, and we're on the road.  I said it to them, let's go back and play some more."

Tight End Luke Willson

(On how this game happens after last week's win when so many points were scored…)"I'm going to turn film on tomorrow and go through this week to turn around. I think we're going to see that we moved the ball, but I don't know how we played on offense, but I think we had a lot of self-inflicted wounds today. Yeah. It's frustrating, but I don't think there's much pain I can hear, I never can do. It's kind of nice that we play on Thursday – get this one over with. A quick turn around."

(On how this game happens after last week's win when so many points were scored…) "I'm going to turn film on tomorrow and go through this week to turn around. I think we're going to see that we moved the ball, but I don't know how we played on offense, but I think we had a lot of self-inflicted wounds today. Yeah. It's frustrating, but I don't think there's much pain I can hear, I never can do. It's kind of nice that we play on Thursday – get this one over with. A quick turn around."

(On if penalties will be talked about again or if they're just understood…) "No. We talked about them coming into this week and I thought that coach Carroll was pretty clear on it and obviously we let everybody down with the amount of penalties we had, so there will be a huge emphasis this week and from here on out. I mean I don't know what the exact numbers but we have to win games, getting 16 penalties, we don't. I think specifically we had four sacks today. I guess the silver lining is we really could have won that game. I got a shot at the end there. Most teams have a game like that that get blown up and I feel like we should have won the game."

Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

(On the game…)"Russell's game was different today than what you see. We just got done watching how we were playing the game and now we've got to go back and go watch it again. It was a struggle."

(On if it feels like they beat themselves kind of game…)"Yeah. Granted, I don't want to take anything away from the Redskins – they did win the game. I don't think they beat us, we beat ourselves."

(Is it hard seeing other players struggle…) "Honestly, no. He's a grown man. You've got to let him get through it himself and navigate it through himself. It's part of football, it's part of life and the kicker position is trying until you make it, so he'll be fine, he'll get through it."


Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On how they were getting pressure on Redskins QB Kirk Cousins all day and what happened on the last drive of the game where Washington scored the winning touchdown…)"I don't know. He [Kirk Cousins] was just able to make some throws, they executed some plays, and they moved the ball down the field. We shouldn't have let that happen and we just have to do better."

(On if Washington changed something on the their last drive of the game…) "No, I don't think they changed anything, I think they just made a couple of good plays. I feel like we hurt ourselves a lot with penalties. I don't even know how many penalties we had, but we don't want to take away anything from them. They earned that victory and they made some plays."

(On if it felt as disjointed as it looked out on the field today…)"I don't know. I can speak for the defense though; I felt like there was one point where we were clicking up until the last drive, where they [Washington] moved the ball and scored on us. We just have to do better; when you're in that position, that's a game that we want to be in and make the plays and get us off the field to win the game. We have to do better."

(On the penalties and if that is something that needs to be addressed or if its just a given that it happened way too much…) "No, we have to change that; we can't keep letting it happen and we can't keep letting these penalties affect the game. We have to do something about it."

Defensive End Dwight Freeney

(On what he's telling the young guys to try and get them up to speed…) "Well the thing is, who ever said that you're going to win every game in the National Football League? For me, sometimes you learn a lot from losses. Sometimes in wins, you gloss over things because you won. I've always said that so for us, all I'm telling these guys is that you need to get back to the grind. You need to get back to the basics. Losses come. Those guys get paid too over there. That was a great drive [at the end] unfortunately for the Redskins on the other side. They had two amazing catches, especially on the diving catch and hats off to them. We didn't seize the moment like we should've done early and we killed ourselves on penalties and things of that nature. They seized the moment and hats off to them."

(On how he feels on his start with the Seahawks…) "They've done a great job around here trying to find moments for me and times to put me in the game so hats off to management and the coaches. All the veterans here have embraced me and caught me up to speed on all the plays. It's really a team effort obviously since I wasn't playing for the first five or six weeks and then just jumping off the couch and coming out here. Obviously my role here is just to lead however I can and help out however I can and make some plays on the field."

Running Back Thomas Rawls

(On if the running game had more flow to it today…) "I would say that. But I'm not surprised because of the preparation that we put in all week and also because Duane [Brown] got in here too which helped us get some more push up front. I think we did a nice job of progressing with the run game this week."

(On if he noticed a difference with Duane Brown on the left side…)"Yeah. He played a good game. It was his first game here and [he did a good job] coming in and leading the line and just trying to keep everyone calm on the field and on the sidelines. He was a vocal leader. It's one of those things with him and I'm glad that he's here."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On whether he felt a little out of sync today…)"Well, they were dropping a lot of guys out, and everything else.  I thought we had some really good plays.  I thought the line did a great job to give me enough time.  We had some big scrambles and some big things that we did.  Unfortunately, some of those were called back, for whatever reason.  Then, we did hit some of them, especially near the end.  So, some really good things happened.  Some not so good things, too.  So, we just have to study the film and get better.  I have to be better.  The cool thing is that we came back there at the end.  We had a chance to win, they made good plays on their offense.  We had a really good chance to win it.  I think Tanner got his hands on that last one.  We always have that belief."

(On what happened with the interceptions …) "On the one, it kind of just was a bad throw.  I was trying to get it up over the top of the guy, and I didn't do it enough.  Things happen.  I'm not going to be perfect all the time, or whatever.  The first one, with Doug, the guy made a good play. He made a good play.  You just play ball." 

(On whether penalties are holding back the offense right now …) "I think for our offense, that's our weakness right now, in the penalties.  But, I think that we can fix that.  It's all fixable things, and we plan to fix that, and we have to fix it, and we're going to.  We just have to believe that way and work that way.  If we do that, then I think that we give ourselves a really good chance.  Because when you're playing really good football teams, when you're third and 15, or third and long or first and long, as we saw earlier in the season when we had that, and it had kind of gone away, but now it kind of creeped back in today.  When we do that, it puts us behind the eight ball a little bit, and then it kind of stunts our growth.  I think for us, we just have to eliminate that.  If we eliminate that, we give ourselves a really good chance.  I thought that our mentality throughout the game was really, really good.  I kept telling the guys, it's really only eight-nothing.  It was 10-2, but really only 8-0, so let's keep believing, let's keep fighting, and sure enough we did, and guys made some great plays.  Luke Willson with the touchdown, Doug Baldwin with his touchdown with a minute and however much, 40 seconds, 30 seconds left, and that was really cool.  So, some really good things happened there.  Unfortunately, they found a way to win."

(On whether having a short week is a good thing after a loss…) "Yeah.  I definitely think playing on a short week, and we have a tough game, going down on the road, to Arizona, and everything, it's going to be definitely a tough matchup.  They're a really good football team, and it's an NFC West game.  But, it's a good thing.  We believe we'll be better, and can play better.  We've shown that.  We just have to remain calm and continue to focus on the work and let's see what we can do this week."

(On what they saw from Washington's defense today…) "How they kind of play, they're just playing really soft, and in a way kind of like an amoeba, just kind of sitting there, which is sometimes really good for us.  I think that if we didn't have those penalties, I think we could have been really good there because we had a few shots, like the shot to Doug down the field.  But, those are our guys fighting to keep me clean and everything else, so those are going to happen.  It's part of the game.  We don't shy away from that.  We just have to better, that's all." 

(On the rushing game tonight…) "It was unfortunate to see Eddie go down, but to see Thomas come in and step in and play really, really well.  I thought he ran the ball really hard. He made some really good cuts and good decisions.   The good thing is that we have a stable of running backs that can step up and step in.  That's what happened tonight.  I thought a lot of guys played really well.  We had a chance there at the end, like I said, and that's always what we want.  At the end of the day, we can pout and everything else, that's the easy thing to do.  But, I think for us, we have to a tough mentality.   We have to have a mentality of never giving up and never giving in, and I think that we showed that continually, game in and game out.  We showed that tonight.  We had a chance there.  We believed that we were going to win.  They made a couple more plays than us at the very end, there, and that's all it was."

Offensive Tackle Duane Brown

(On what he likes about the character and talent of the team...)"Tremendous amount of talent on both sides of the ball. Just a brotherhood, you know, like atmosphere in the locker room. Everyone works hard and everyone has fun doing it. Everyone holds each other accountable. It's a resilient group. When we got down there towards the end, and nobody thought we were out of the game. We got the ball back with less than a minute left, we felt like we were in the game. That's the mentality you have to have. Like I said, we should've won this one. We have a lot to clean up and we will be fine."

(On what he thinks of Russell Wilson so far…)"He's been great on and off the field for me. He's a great leader. He's a tough quarterback and you feel like you've always got a chance with him. We had a hard, tough battle today and we just need to keep on cleaning up the penalties and move on to next week."

(On being on both ends of a last minute win and loss in the past two weeks…) "That's the NFL. You have a lot of talent on both teams and good coaching staffs on both teams that are scheming things up and sometimes it comes down to the last two minutes. One team makes a couple more plays than the other and I think for us, the deciding factor was the penalties. We need to clean that up. Guys are never short of effort. There are great, great hearts out there and it was a hard fought battle. We just need to clean it up towards the end."

(On what the Redskins did well to keep the offense in check…) "They had a lot of different looks. They have a lot of talent over there. They did a good job of trying to get to the passer with a lot of line stunt blitzes. Like I said, for us I think we hurt ourselves a lot with penalties and I was a part of that. We have to clean that up."

Kicker Blair Walsh

(On the fact that they all missed to the left…) "Yeah, that's the tough thing. You try to identify in between kicks and you try to correct it and it doesn't get corrected. For me, I just have to know when they are traveling to the left like that in that type of weather situation to compensate for it and aim a little bit different and put it down the middle."

(On not the best ways to not dwell and move past it…) "Well, I wanted the last chance we had there, but obviously it didn't work out that way. But, for me, it's just going on to the next game. Thursday comes up quick and I'll be ready to go."

(On continuing to stay out at half time and work on his kicks regardless of the situation…)  "Yeah, I've done it before. It just depends on how many opportunities we get in a game. I've done it on the road, I've done it at home. NFL halftimes are so short, by the time you come in, you're maybe in there for 45 seconds or a minute. For me, I just wanted to get back out there and get reps in as soon as I could."

(On having the weather conditions in the first half affect his missed kicks…)  "Um, no. I mean, you go out there and you warm up and you see what the conditions are, and you try to prepare your best for the game. No, those kicks were all me."

The Seahawks fall short 17-14 against the Redskins in Week 9 at CenturyLink Field.  

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