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What The Seahawks Said After Their 48-17 Win Against the Chargers

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following the team’s 48-17 win against the LA Chargers during the first week of preseason.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following the team's 48-17 win against the LA Chargers during the first week of preseason.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening…) "Really good first night for us in a lot of ways. It started off with the defense not getting off the field like we like to see them do it. Really nice job by Rivers and Gates, they did a great job on their first drive and then after that I think we played pretty good football, save one play or so. It was a good night, a lot of guys got to do stuff. We saw a lot of plays, we got tons of plays from the quarterbacks which was great. Everything worked out really well, I really like when we're getting the football like that. The ball was coming out and we were turning it over and getting like we want to so, pretty fun."

(On Kasen Williams' night….) "Wow, what a great night. Really fun to watch. He had three great plays, and then he had a better play when he got the ball away from the defender. He showed what he's all about up that sideline. That was really impressive."

(On Trevone Boykin's night…)"He had a big night. He did beautifully. Threw the ball really well, moved well, made some big plays with his feet. Just was really in good command of what was going on, and we were able to mix it pretty good with him. Give him some chance to make some plays, and look at how many balls he threw up the sideline with just beautiful throws. It was a really good night for Tre."

 Quarterback Trevone Boykin

(On big catches building trust) "It does a lot, we see that all week. Kenny has great hands, Kasen has great hands, he's a playmaker and we have more guys that have just as much ability as they do. It's all about getting guys the ball, like I said I played a small part in this victory today. Defense stepped up and played a huge game. The offensive line played a huge game, we were able to run the ball and that was one thing we wanted to do more of."

(On if he's played this well in training camp/preseason…) "It's only the first game. I mean last year being a rookie the lights come on and obviously football is football but being more comfortable, more settled in, knowing the ropes. Year two is a huge year for learning more than what you did the previous year. That's where I'm trying to take it this year.


Linebacker Terence Garvin

(On a game being different than practice…) "It's always exciting. It's always a good feeling when what you plan for and you practice for just works out. That was really exciting, it was a good play for our defense. Good play for our team; a big momentum play."

(On defense's game….) "The ball is everything. That is one thing coach Carroll and all our coaches really just preach all the time. That the ball is really everything. They be on us pretty tough so it was exciting to be able to get the ball there, protect the ball."


Wide Receiver Kasen Williams

(How gratifying his game was….)"It feels good. Just to see it carry over. That's what I've been waiting for the three years I've been trying to make this team and it feels good to finally get it on tape and on film."

(His game's biggest leap….) "Route running with the ball in my hand. I haven't gotten the chance to showcase that yet so hopefully that will come in the future."

Defensive End Cliff Avril

(On watching how the game played out….) "It's amazing man. To see the depth that we have. A lot of the guys that are coming off the bench, the second, third string are coming in and they're making plays. We're getting turnovers which is big for us on defense."

(On team culture….) "I think for one everybody plays for each other. A lot of times, especially in the NFL, you can be an individual that goes out there and tries to make plays for himself but we understand that we're all tied in together. So if I jump in my gap, I know that puts stress on KJ and our defense won't work that way. So I think the fact that we play for each other, we understand that it's one team and I think that's why we've been able to be successful."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(What the sideline felt like….) "It feels like we're back. I don't know what that means necessarily, but just the energy is just crazy down here. We're super pumped even though it's just a preseason game, it feels like it's a regular season one for us. We have that mojo back and it's exciting to be a part of."

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