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What The Seahawks Said After Their 17-13 Win Against the Raiders

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following the team’s 17-13 win against the Oakland Raiders during the final week of preseason.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Seahawks following the team's 17-13 win against the Oakland Raiders during the final week of preseason.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On the team's situation heading into regular season…) "I like where we are. We've made a lot of progress, we're pretty strong going in, pretty healthy. We've been real clear about what we're trying to get done and guys have really responded in practices. All of the work that we've done the guys have been right on it. We've had no backwards steps at all. I like our team, they're smart, they know what we're trying to get done. The leadership is really in tune with how this is supposed to go and they've been strong on their effect on the young guys. So there is a lot of real positive things and we're ready to take on the season."

(On players being held out…)"We thought that those guys had enough play time, and I think the new rules allowed us to do this. We had a full game to play with these guys and they had a chance. A bunch of guys had great opportunities to show where they fit and what they can do in the league and hopefully guys that can't make our team will have made a statement for themselves and will be able to hang on and play somewhere else if not here."


Linebacker Terence Garvin

(On the fumble in the 1st quarter…)"Our coach, he preaches turnovers all the time. For us to be able to go out there and get one so early, it just turns the momentum and gets us going. It gets us turnt up. It's a good play for our team, our whole team not just our defense but our whole team. It put them in good field position and they can make plays. It's just good."

(On the defense's game…) "We just work hard every day. We come out every day and we work hard. They preach gaps, they preach assignments so it's really just everybody doing their job, doing their assignments and really just trying to get to the ball. Everybody is hungry to make a play, everybody is hungry to get to the ball, so when you have 11 people hungry to get to the ball good things happen."

Linebacker KJ Wright

(On the defense…) "Defense has been good. You saw, we're not giving up touchdowns. We're out there getting turnovers. We got two early in the game. We're having a good time out there, so I'm excited to see how we grow out there for the rest of the season. Trying to aim for No. 1 once again."

Wide Receiver Kenny Lawler

(On the game winning touchdown…) "It's a team effort. We believe, we believe in finishing. That's one of our things, our program and that's what we did. We took it to the boys and we finished."

(On his catch…) "I'm not gonna say it was easy but it's what we do. We've got to make the tough catches and Davis put it on the money and made the play."

Quarterback Austin Davis

(On his touchdown throw) "We weren't really in a hurry time wise. We had plenty of time. They wanted to give me a chance to run a two-minute offense, which I was thankful for. I feel comfortable in those situations so yeah, we just executed and then Kenny made the play when he needed to. That's what you've got to do. Somebody has to make a big play and Kenny came through for us."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 17-13 victory over the Oakland Raiders in Week 4 of the 2017 preseason. 

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