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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Texans

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Texans leading up to the Week 8 game at CenturyLink Field.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Texans leading up to the Week 8 game at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

*(On his early impressions of rookie Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson…) *"Yeah, I've already jumped all over that; he is really good. He has terrific numbers; fifteen touchdowns and five picks and he's right around a hundred [in passer rating], he's averaging over seven yards a carry, so yeah, I've already checked him out, he looks good. They run a lot of offense; they have a lot of stuff they do with him, and they're hesitant to have him run, take off, and design run plays as well, but it's a very difficult attack. They've been very explosive, so it's going to be a real challenge for us."

(Opening…)"OK, coming back home and it's nice to be back at CenturyLink. We got a good team coming in.  Houston has done a lot of stuff just in the last month, scoring points like crazy.  Quarterback is doing great.  We know they are still growing and we are seeing some of their stuff.  They got a bye week, so we might see new stuff.  It is a big challenge for us but it is a good matchup and a good game so we are looking forward to it."

(On Houston not giving up first half leads and what that says about the characteristics of the team...)"Well it's one of my favorite characteristics, that teams finish well and they are doing that and putting people away.  They are off to a tremendous start this season and they could be easily better than their record right now.  It's a young spunky group of guys.  Coach [Bill O'Brien] is doing a good job. Guys are fighting hard.  You can see it all the way across the board. All three phases are really tough and physical, getting after it and they give us problems everywhere so that's no wonder that they are finishing well and putting people away like you are saying."

(On if the Texans offense has changed quite a bit or at all as Deshaun Watson emerges as their starting quarterback...) "Oh yeah, well yeah, there's been a little bit of a process that they've gone through but it doesn't take long to see how versatile he is, the dynamic player that he is.  He's rushing for over seven yards a carry.  His efficiencies rated a hundred and something, you know, 15 and five with touchdowns and picks and he's doing great.  There's nothing he can't do.  He's doing it all and he's making marvelous throws and these tights window throws, all across the board from the top down.  He can do it all so they've got to be just thrilled they have him.  Jumping in there and doing what he is doing."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On Texans' rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson and what his thoughts are on him so far this season…)  "I've known Deshaun [Watson] a little bit, I can't say I know him really well, but we've talked once or twice I believe, I've always loved watching him play in college. I haven't gotten to see him play a bunch this season obviously because we're playing at the same time usually on Sunday, but it's really exciting to see him step into his role and do such a wonderful job of it. I mean, he's just playing unbelievable football and he's a special, special player and he will be a special player for a long time. Whenever you see that, I personally get excited for guys when they have that opportunity. People have doubted him for whatever reason, I don't know how you doubt somebody that's up for the Heisman Trophy and has done so many amazing things and won a National Championship, and just has been a special player throughout his entire college career. When he had that opportunity, he took full advantage of it in the preseason and then when they finally let him play. It's cool to see him do that; we don't want him to do too well this weekend, but I think that in terms of who he is as a player long-term, I think he's going to be a fun one to watch and a special player to watch."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On how Houston has been able to score thirty-or-more in four straight games and what he sees form that offense with a young QB in Deshaun Watson…) "Yeah, he's a heck of an athlete. They have explosive players at running back, guys with elite speed, and then they have explosive players on the outside on the perimeter. Obviously again, number 10 [DeAndre Hopkins] comes to mind, he is their savvy, possession wide receiver, he has really good ball control, he uses his body well, and competitive point-of-attack and really ball-combat situations, and he has really good ball skills. Obviously again, number 15 [Will Fuller] after that, he's a blazer. Then, when you have a guy who has a lot of confidence in his arm as [Deshaun] Watson does, again, he has savviness, he has athleticism, he can extend plays, and then he can launch it down-field. It'll be an awesome challenge for us."

Defensive End Michael Bennett

(On how challenging is Texans rushing attack with Deshaun Watson at quarterback…)"I think Watson is a unique talent.  The skillset that he has is a very rare set of skills.  I think you haven't had a quarterback come in like that since Cam Newton and being able to run the ball, throw the ball in that type of fashion that he has been able to do.  I think he can command an offense, he can switch the plays, he can run it, he can throw it and he is just a complete quarterback at a young age.  I think when you add Lamar Miller in who is able to run the ball and he has that 4.3 speed.  It is a really crazy rushing attack and then you got the young fellow, who won the Doak Walker [D'Onta Foreman], even though I hate UT [University of Texas] because they suck. He won the Doak Walker last year and he is still a great running back.  Then you look on the outside, you still got to respect the receivers on both sides, so this offense is a very good offense.  I think Bill [O'Brien] has done a great job of putting a great group of young players together to be able to scare defenses and I think this is what this is.  This is a very potent offense with so many great weapons.  That is really cool."

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