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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Redskins

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Redskins leading up to the Week 9 game at CenturyLink Field.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Redskins leading up to the Week 9 game at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On how big of a handle is Redskins OLB Ryan Kerrigan going to be to deal with...) "He is a really good football player. He is talented.  He's got strength and size and all that stuff, but the best part about him is how hard he plays.  He has a tremendous motor and he just won't let up. He is going to break you down in the game.  Run, pass, run and pass. He has been an excellent player but he just plays with such a high motor that you just have to take care of him play after play after play and he is going to get you some in the game anyway.  He is just that good."

(On what stands out to you with Kirk Cousins and their passing game...)"He is a really smart player.  He is all around really equipped to do all of the stuff. He can throw the ball down the field.  He is quick with the football.  He runs well. He's got a rushing average.  He is rushing for over 5 yards a carry, so he is capable there. They run him a little bit in the run game, but he can escape and scramble too.  He is tough. He is a 68 percent completion.  He is 13 and four, with touchdowns and picks.  His yards per attempt are big.  One hundred and three rating, he is playing great. He is an excellent football player. Whatever they ask him to do, he can do.  It's been fun.  I remarked earlier when we were checking out and were first being introduced to Russell [Wilson] and Kirk was there at the same night that we interviewed them back at the hotel and both of those guys were so impressive.  After that night, we were talking about how impressed we all were with the way they came across and their strengths and their smarts and their background and all that stuff. It is really not a surprise.  He is a really good football player."

Cornerback Richard Sherman

(On lining up against Terrelle Pryor...) "We lined up against him last year, or two years ago when he was in Cleveland.  Yeah 2015.  But it was fun.  He has his moves. He is still fast.  He is still a great athlete.  He catches the ball well. It will be a good matchup. But they got other guys too. They got [Jamison] Crowder, they got [Ryan] Grant, so you have to be ready for all those guys."

(On your impressions of Kirk Cousins and what have you seen in studying him...) "He is doing the same thing he has always done well.  He throws the deep ball well, he has good decision making, when he has time back there, he is incredibly effective, he uses his feet when he has to, he is not afraid to tuck it and run, he is more athletic than people give him credit for, and after this year, he is going to get paid. It's going to be a fun contract to watch his contract play out."

Defensive End Frank Clark

(On if there is a little extra emphasis for this weekend's game against the Redskins after last weekend's performance...) "Well, of course you come in on Mondays, and that's one thing that we do; we call it 'Tell the Truth Mondays,' where of course we get the things off our chest that we feel that happened in that game, and that's exactly what we did. As a defense, we accepted full responsibility for making it a tight game and we felt like it could've been a game opened up way more. There was a lot of missed opportunities and we gave them a lot of things, but credit to them, as I did say before that I believe Deshaun [Watson] took advantage of a lot of our mistakes early from our mistakes and played a heck of a game."

(On how talented he thinks Redskins' QB Kirk Cousins is...)  "I feel like he's very talented, especially when you give him the plays. If you're a pass-rusher and your responsibility is to contain that quarterback and keep those rushing lanes intact, I think that's your responsibility. I think a lot of times, he [Kirk Cousins] makes things happen a lot more with his feet that people give him credit for. I'm watching film and I'm watching him extend plays and get first-downs by just scrambles; eight yard scrambles here, five yard scrambles there, and it's extending the drive, and ultimately leading to touchdowns later on."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On what do you remember about the 2011 Big Ten Championship game against Kirk Cousins...) "Well I remember a few things.  First of all, I remember losing at Michigan State on a Hail Mary.  I still don't know if it's in the end zone. But that one hurt. I think we had a chance to go to the National Championship that year until that happened. Then fortunately, we were able to play them in the Big Ten Championship game, a great game. It was back and forth, back and forth, I remember [Jeff] Duckworth making a crazy play for us on fourth down.  I think it was 4th and 7.  I rolled left and hit him back on the right hand side of the field.  But I just remember the atmosphere. I remember the atmosphere.  I remember some of the best college football players in that season being on that field at one time. It was a battle and fortunately, the Wisconsin Badgers won that night."

(On if you know Cousins very well...)"Yeah I do.  So Kirk and I know each other pretty well. In the past few years, we haven't been able to stay in touch as much because he is busy, I'm busy and everything else. But coming out (of college), we know each other really well.  We trained at IMG together.  That was great.  Every day we got to work together.  It was me, Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins and then we had a bunch of other guys with [Luke] Kuechly, Bobby Wagner, Mohamed Sanu, and Josh Norman.  I know Josh really well. I've always been close with Josh too.  He's been great.  But in particular with Kirk, we got to work together every day, throwing and watching film together so I have a lot of respect for him.  He plays the game as good as it gets. He is a phenomenal football player.  He has a great mind, great attitude and he is everything that you want."

(On how does Josh Norman compare to Richard Sherman...) "Well you think about Richard Sherman and going against him every day.  He is as good as it gets.  He is talented, he's got great hands, he is smart, and he is intelligent.  He plays the game the right way.  You think about Josh Norman and he has a lot of those exact same attributes.  He's got long arms, very physical, instinctive as can be.  He is passionate about the game.  Josh Norman is as good as it gets too. Fortunately, I was able to be around Josh and just watch his work ethic at IMG and training together and I see him sometimes in the offseason.  He is one of my favorite players to watch too in the NFL just because he can make any play at any time and so hopefully that doesn't happen against us but he is a great player."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On Redskins running back Chris Thompson and what the keys are to trying to defend him...) "We have to make sure that we have eyes on him at all-times, and then make sure we do a great job with our leverage."

*(On what makes Chris Thompson of the Redskins so special...) *"He's shifty, he's fast, he has good hands, but obviously, he has return skills. Out in the open space, he has the ability to make people miss."

The Seahawks and Commanders face off on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023. Kickoff is set for 1:25 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Commanders.

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