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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Rams

Take a look at what the Seahawks are saying about the Los Angeles Rams before the two teams meet in Week 10 in Los Angeles.


(On the upcoming game in Los Angeles) "We have an enormous matchup this week with a team that's been flying the whole first half of this season. They've been playing great football and ran into a very difficult situation last week in New Orleans. Very understandable (with) as good as the Saints are playing, you can see why that was a tough one. The Rams are playing great ball and they're doing it in a variety of ways. They're running the football well, the quarterback is on fire, the receivers are hot (and) they're protecting him. Defensively, they cause you all kinds of problems. They've got highlight guys all over the field so this is a really difficult challenge. (The Los Angeles Memorial) Coliseum looks like it's been rocking so (there have) been a lot of people showing up at the Coliseum, so that could make it hard too. We're up against it, we've got to play great football and we do that by practicing really well this week and jumping at the challenge, and that's what we're going to do."

(On the key to running against the Rams) "It's the commitment to it. It's coming back to it and believing in it and keep going. When you are committed to the running game like we are, you don't get big runs all the time. You have to stay with it and keep hammering at it and make the space and make the yards and finish the plays and convert your third downs so that you get the extra chances to keep running it. It's really about commitment."

(On how well D.J. Fluker played against the Rams) "At this point, I can't tell you how much he stood out but he's been a factor whenever he's in there. He's got some difficult guys to block, he's got one of the best players in the NFL that he's going to have to work against in Aaron Donald and (Ndamukong) Suh is right next to him so it's a very difficult matchup."

(On if the L.A. Rams look any different than when the Seahawks faced them in Week Five) "They haven't changed much. A couple of guys in and out of the lineup that have been banged up, but other than that, they're on a roll. They're staying with their stuff on both sides of the football. I don't see why they would come up on any reason to change anything right now, they're pretty hot."

(On if he noticed any difference in the Rams defense with the addition of Dante Fowler Jr.) "Yeah, he's flashy. He's got good speed and he's flashing off the edge. He had a couple of good rushes, had a couple of good plays chasing in the running game too. He looked good. They didn't play him extensively, I would think that we'll see more of him."

(On what he sees different from the secondary on the second matchup with the Rams) "We have to work with the under coverage better than we did last (time). We gave up some stuff that they dumped off and made a lot of yards after the catch. A couple of those were tackles, but just deployment and stuff. We just need to work better with our guys. We rushed quite a bit with five guys last time we played them and when that happens, you just have to cover down a little bit better than we did. We have to clean that up."


(On how much the running game in Week 5 against Rams set the standard for how the Seahawks have run the ball) "We played well. We didn't play well enough to win the game. I thought the running game started off really good against them. We did some really good things with that regard – we hit some big plays, but the ultimate goal is to win. That's the main thing, we didn't do that. We need to be better and it will be another great challenge going against them."

(On adjusting to play against a defense like the Rams) "I don't know if you really adjust, you certainly plan for it. We look at them, we know what they're strengths are – they're a really good defense obviously. Adding (Dante) Fowler was a good move for them, another really good player. You don't adjust, we try to do what we do. We certainly respect them and know where they're going to be, but they're going to make their plays. Both of those guys are really, really good players. It's a good defense all around and I have a ton of respect for Wade Phillips."

(On what Dante Fowler adds to the Rams defense) "Great first step, really good edge rusher. I've played against him a few times in (Indianapolis) when he was in Jacksonville. Just a really good pass rusher, all-around good football player. He made an impact last week against New Orleans, so it was a good addition for them."


(On controlling the line of scrimmage against the Rams in October) "It did a lot. We did what we set out to do, which was establish the line of scrimmage (and) win that battle in the run game, which led to us being pretty good in pass protection, which is something that they kind of pride themselves as a pass rush. I think we had a really good balanced attack. We were just a couple of yards away from kicking a field goal to win at the end so it was a tough one but as an offensive line, I think we just continue to establish our identity of being a physical group and running the ball."

(On the Rams' addition of Dante Fowler) "He's a pretty good edge presence, rushing the passer. It gives them another added element in that pass rush. We have some experience against him. I played against him a lot when he was in Jacksonville. He's a good, talented athlete so as before, our guys were so conscious of the inside and stopping the inside. Now you have to really focus on that edge as well. Definitely an upgrade on the edge for them."

(On how often the first Rams game is used as a point of reference) "Quite often. It's always good when you face a team twice a year and kind of knowing what they will present as a defense. Different alignments, knowing the personnel and what you're up against, what their tendencies are, things that worked against them, things that we know they'll make a point of emphasis to stop – it helps a lot. We watch it quite a bit."


(On what was the key to running the ball successfully in the Week 5 matchup with the L.A. Rams) "I think we were playing physical at the point of attack the whole game. We were able to run the ball really well, we were able to execute our plays. Everything always comes down to execution, it's really that simple. It's kind of the boring answer, but it is. We were able to fit up on our blocks, guys were being able to move guys around and get first downs. It's a very, very good defensive line too, it's not very easy to do. We have a lot of respect for who these guys are and how they play the game. We were able to get some first downs and make some things happen."

(On the key to winning in Week 10 against the L.A. Rams) "Well, we were right there (in Week 5), we had a chance to win the game. I think for us, we had a few mishaps there at the end of the game – a couple penalties there really kind of just got us out of the field goal range to give (Sebastian) Janikowski a chance to win the game for us. I think that's what it really comes down to is just execution. You're playing another championship caliber team and they got a lot of great players. You've got to execute, and you've got to be right all the time, not just some of the time, we've got to be right all the time. We're looking forward to that opportunity and playing a great football team."

(On how he prepares to go against elite pass rushers) "Aaron Donald's one of the best football players I've ever played against. He's got great quickness, great understanding of the game, plays the game the right way, he's tough. Obviously, he can make all the plays and stuff like that. When you're going up against guys like Aaron, you really appreciate the game just because I love playing against some of the best players in the world. I've been able to play some great players – guys like Aaron Donald, Von Miller. There's a lot of other guys I've been fortunate to play against and Aaron's definitely one of the guys you think about, maybe a Hall of Fame player for sure. He's got great talent, can do all the things. Now, I don't like when he's going after me, but he's a special player. You've got to slow him down, you're not going to stop him. You've got to slow him down as much as you can and make the smart decisions when he's around you and getting the ball out of your hand – just making the smart plays."


(On what he took away from the first matchup with the L.A. Rams) "Well, they're really good. I thought we felt like we could play with them. I think that was one of those games that was really fun to play – it was a lot of intensity, a lot of competitive plays going on. I think we once we finished that game, the guys couldn't wait to see them again because the Rams have got out to such a fast start and to be able to matchup with them the way that we did. Obviously, we felt like anytime you give up that many points, it's way too much. We felt like the team that they play the next time is going to be different."

(On the main thing the Seahawks will look to do better this time around against the Rams) "A lot of things. We just have to be more detailed. I think we have to be more fundamentally sound. You can't expect to win games giving up that many points. It's a lot of things we need to tighten up."


(On what he learned from the Week 5 matchup with the L.A. Rams) "That we can't allow them to score as many points as they put up. We feel like we did a really good job against the run for the most part outside of if you take away that one fly sweep for like 50 something yards – puts them under 100 (yards). So, we have to find a way to do that, make them one-dimensional, make sure Todd (Gurley) doesn't get into the endzone as many times as he did. We know we have the recipe to do that, but we have to do it. We can talk about it all we want, but if we don't do it on Sunday, then it doesn't mean anything."

(On how vital K.J. Wright is for the defense against the L.A. Rams) "He's going to be huge for us, especially having him back. His mind, his energy, the way he sees the game, the knowledge that he's able to communicate across the board. It's definitely going to be cool to have him back for this game."

(On defending the jet sweep against the L.A. Rams) "See it, move when you see it and then hit it. I think a lot times you have to see it, it's a recognizable play. You've just got have your eyes on your keys. You've got to make sure you're watching enough film to understand what does it look like when they hand it off to him, what does it look like when they don't. It's a play that we've got to stop. Obviously, it got to us a couple of times and we started playing it a lot better in the second half, but any smart team is going to try to incorporate that into their offense. Especially seeing how they were able to get it. I think a lot of it is just recognizing the play and doing your job."

(On if the L.A. Rams do the jet sweep more than any team) "I think so. I think they probably do it the most. They have a lot of the most type of plays with it, like it's not always giving it to them – they have runs, they have play-action, they have screens, they have all types of looks off of that that kind of fly. They have the biggest offense. I feel like (Los Angeles Chargers) probably got that from that first Rams game, so we've just got to be ready for it."

The Seahawks and Rams face off for the first game of the regular season on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023. Kickoff is set for 1:25 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Rams.