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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Raiders

Take a look at what the Seahawks are saying about the Oakland Raiders before the two teams meet in Week 6 in London. 


(On the challenges Jon Gruden may face in returning to the pro game) "More than the challenge, I think it's about perspective. You see things differently when you come back. When you go to some place and you go away, then you come back – just like how we were talking about with Ken (Norton Jr.) – I think it enriches your appreciation and enlightenment about, really, how things are. Sometimes you get stuck in seeing things in one manner and the change is good for you. In Jon's case, you'd have to talk to Jon. I can't speak for him. But he has had such a big experience outside of football with so many players and outlooks and perspectives and things, I would think that he sees things differently now. I don't know that, but that's what I would think he would. Like I said before, I think that broadens your scope and I think it makes you more aware in different ways than maybe you ever thought you would be. I think it brings insights that you couldn't get otherwise. I'm not speaking for him because I don't know, but I would think that would likely be the case for Jon, too. He's a great football coach, a great football guy in general and has always been so close to the game and never wavered from that connection to the game. In time, as they put this new program together, that will all show up. He's a fantastic football coach." 

(On the challenge of facing Marshawn Lynch) "I think Marshawn's got a great chance to be a factor in this game. Really, I've been really impressed by Marshawn's return to the game. I couldn't have known that he would be able to come back so fit and just to pick up where he left off. I commented to him when we saw him in preseason a couple of years ago that you could see it so clearly and we know him so well, that you could see the level that he had returned to the game and I think that is with great respect to the opportunity. The ultimate opportunity for him is once in a lifetime and growing up and contributing so much and being so connected to the community, it was such a – it's just a likely, lovable kind of matchup. It's just something that you could never find any other way. He will influence that community forever, even more so than ever because of that. The cool thing is that he really embraces his chance of coming back and did the hard work and the tough stuff to make him available to play like he's playing. We see him like he's loaded up and ready to go so we're going to do the same and it'll be fun playing against him."

(On preparing for the Jon Gruden offense) "Yeah, well we've known Jon for a long time and his style and his background, his history and all that but really it's what's going on now with the staff they have and the quarterback they have and the line and the runners and all that, and the receivers they have that we've been evaluating more earnestly. We played them in the preseason too. I know everybody was real basic in that game but it's still important to us so we feel good about knowing where we're going with our game plan but Jon has always been an extraordinary coach and he's been a great offensive coach and a great offensive mind so we are aware that we may have to adjust in all kinds of ways in this game from what they've shown us in the past. The fact that we've played them might not give us any indication of how he wants to play us this time so we have to be wide open for that. We come into this game with a great respect and we'll see if we can put together a good game plan and if we have to make some big adjustments at halftime, we're prepared to do that."

(On the Raiders offense) "They're throwing the football really well. The quarterback is terrific. Derek Carr is a good player with all the ability you need. He's got a great group to throw to. His receivers are fantastic. They've got a whole array of guys, different styles, big guys, speed guys – Amari Cooper is as talented as you can get but what he's really done is Jared Cook has really turned out to be their leading receiver and their go-to guy right now, which just makes those other guys even more difficult to cover. Marshawn (Lynch) in the back behind it all to run the football, it's a really good looking offense with really highlighted players across the board." 

(On Marshawn Lynch's different style) "He's always been a unique football player. There's nobody that tries to run harder than he does. He finishes great. He's got a unique style. His makeup of his body and the way he comes at you has got a uniqueness to it. They're doing the right things with him to feature his style of play. He's catching the football for them as well, so he's a load. He's tough. Fortunately, we do know him though and we understand what he's like so hopefully we can help our guys understand how they've got to go about tackling him. It's a big chore."

(On the Raiders so far this season) "They've been ahead and had chances to play well in every game. Their games, they've struggled to get the finish. They've got a lot of fire power, they've got a lot of offense. It's a star-studded offensive group that they have there. Their quarterback (Derek Carr) is completing over 70 percent of his passes to a bunch of receivers that can make things happen. The tight end has been on fire, Jared Cook's been great. Jordy (Nelson), Amari Cooper, Martavis (Bryant), that's a good group, and Marshawn (Lynch) is back there to hand it to him. They have caught our attention by just the playmaking ability that they have and they've got great coaching. Unfortunately for somebody, and hopefully not us, it's just a matter of time. These guys are going to get going and get ripping and be close enough to win all of their games."

(On if Marshawn Lynch still looks the same as he did when he played for the Seahawks) "He looks good, he looks really good. He looks healthy and aggressive. He wants the ball more, you can tell that. His running style and everything about him looks good. He's caught some balls already. It's a well-rounded offense for him with Tom Cable there as well knowing how to bring out his strengths. They've got a nice running game and he looks great. I gave him a hard time a couple of years ago when he first came back that he had gotten back into great shape and how come we didn't see any of that. He was in great condition, he was trim and fast and all that. He looks as good as ever."


(On facing Marshawn Lynch) "I expect him to talk a lot of trash. When we were playing with each other, he was always talking about (how) he was going to run me over but we never got a chance to go against each other. This will be his opportunity. I'm definitely going to try to catch him slipping a couple of times. He thinks we're going to go low. I'm not going to go low. I'm going to go high on him, maybe give him a forearm. It might be a flag, though."


(On facing the Raiders and Marshawn Lynch) "We've got to be ready for anything. We know the type of guy Marshawn Lynch is and we know how he is once he gets started so we've just got to continue to just work on the things that we've got to be ready for and our technique and understand what type of guys they've got, what type of personnel that (they have). They've got some great guys over there so we're not taking out from that and we know we're going to be in a battle and we've got to be ready to compete. We take that as every game. Every game is a championship game for us and we know the type of guys and personnel they do have. We know how Marshawn Lynch plays and we know we're still going to use everything to our advantage and understand that we've got to get to him early."


(On the challenge that the Raiders defense presents) "I think obviously, they do a number of things from a pressure standpoint, especially on third down. Coach (Paul) Guenther comes from Bengals, Vikings, (Mike) Zimmer background so they do a lot of (stuff) up in the A-gaps and things like that. They do a nice job with their blitz packages. That's part of it. Again, they're a team that – they're going to challenge you on the outside and they're going to try to get their safeties down in front. A guy like Bruce Irvin is a really good football player. Obviously, everybody here knows him. It's pro football and they've been in some really close game against some good teams and we're expecting a really tough challenge on Sunday."


(On seeing Marshawn Lynch again) "Yeah, Marshawn is a tremendous football player. He was a great teammate. He's a guy who made a lot of plays and just – he has real grit. He really can find ways to make plays. One of the coolest things about Marshawn is when you hand the ball off to him, you get to watch him run. Some of the moves that he makes, he's one of a kind in terms of that ability. I have a lot of respect and love for him."