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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Panthers

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Carolina Panthers before the two teams meet in Week 12 in North Carolina.


(On what Norv Turner has brought to the Carolina Panthers offense) "Years of experience for sure, Norv has been through it all. He's a great ball coach. I know he's having an effect on the quarterback, as he always has. Norv and I go back a million years – just kind old family stuff and all that with his brother and all that, so I've been watching his career, he's been a great ball coach. He's been through a ton and done a lot of good stuff. They're bombing the ball down the field, they've got great balance, they're using everybody, they got a lot of receivers to use, the tight ends are good. He's got a great toy in Christian McCaffrey that they do all kinds of stuff with. It's a difficult offense always when Cam (Newton) is back there because he runs the ball so well."

(On if Norv Turner is using Cam Newton differently than in the past) "He's rushed for 350 something yards already, so he's involved with it as much as ever. I think that you can see that Norv is really watched the stuff they've done in the past and picked out the good things that they've done and done a nice job of blending it all together."

(On Christian McCaffrey's impact on the Panthers offense) "Yeah, he does everything. He's caught 60 passes already, so he's a real focal point in the offense and he's running the ball with good average and scoring both by the catches and from the ground. That's a real problem and you just give him another dimension with Cam (Newton), and it just makes it really hard."

(On if sacking Aaron Rodgers five times could carry over to rushing Cam Newton) "No, they're different. They're real different quarterbacks but the way we rushed the passer in the second half in particular, we had a number of sacks in the second half. It was everybody working together with great intensity and feeding off one another. It wasn't any one guy highlighted against a matchup or something like that. That was everybody pushing and the sacks were really a combination of guys' efforts. I'm hoping that that will be a part again because if you noticed, we broke the pocket down and that's important to do with Cam as well because he can get out and really scorch you too. Aaron's all by himself in the way he does this stuff and Cam is too, in his own way. They're really unique players I think. I don't see them at all the same. However, they do wind up running and they hurt you with their legs. It's a big challenge for us again."

(On the Panthers defense) "They're really stout. You guys will recognize the names, all those guys that you've been seeing for years. There's enough of those guys that you can feel their old ways. You can feel their experience. You can feel the playmaking ability. You can't fool these guys. They're really sharp and savvy and Thomas (Davis) is amazing and Luke (Kuechly) is an amazing player and Shaq (Thompson) is – their linebackers just jump out at you but they're really stout up front. (Mario) Addison's having a fantastic year, so it's really hard." 

(On what Mario Addison has done to become a big sack player for the Panthers) "I just think he's just grown in experience and he's on his game better than he's ever been just because he's learned. His quickness and his consistency and getting after the QB is really obvious and they have a really good push with the other big guys around him. He's a nice complement. He's exactly the kind of production that you're looking for. He's rushing kind of like Frank (Clark) and he's a problem for us."


(On what the 10 days off following playing on Thursday night allowed him and the Seahawks to do) "Well, I think first of all coming off a huge one against the Packers and to feel the energy of the stadium, to feel the energy of the team, the locker room, on the field, everything else. That was great to go home with, it's always good to lay your head down after a win. That little break for the weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, which is great to watch the games kind of refresh with the family, just kind of spend time with your friends and everything else and really kind of watch the film too of the game and also the past couple games and see where we can continue to improve and where we're doing really good things. So, that's always a great time, the bye week and when you have those few days off. So, those Thursday night games, they're tough because it's such a short week, such a short week game. You guys probably understand, but most of the world probably doesn't understand how much work goes into getting ready for a Thursday night game, so your body physically, first of all. Second of all, mentally, emotionally and everything else, you've got to turn around and be ready to play. You always want to win those games, that's for sure. To be able to come off the huge win against a great football team and that's really a positive thing for us, so that helped a lot."

(On how Carolina looks defensively) "Well this team, I mean Carolina looks really good. I mean guys like Luke (Kuechly) and Thomas Davis, they're flying all over the (place). (Julius) Peppers looks amazing, he's 38, 39 years old and he's still making plays all over the place. They've got so much talent. (Mario) Addison looks really good. The corners are making a lot of plays – they're physical, they're talented, they're smart. Eric Reid is a great player at safety, (Mike) Adams has played a long time – they got a lot of talent. It's going to be a tough, tough game for sure – it's going to be a battle. It's going to be a lot of great players on the field and a lot of great things are going to happen, but I also think that there's going to be some tough moments. You've got to be able to battle through and got to be resilient and keep your head down, stay steadfast, and just work on trying to find a way to win the game. We know these games against Carolina has always come down to the wire. We have a lot of respect for how they play the game, they play the game the right way, they play the game fast and physical, they play the game smart. They have great players on offense, defense, special teams and so we've got to be ready to bring our A-game."

(On Ed Dickson and the chemistry that they've built) It's been exciting to have Ed Dickson just make such a big difference for us. I was able to work with them some of the off season, then he got dinged up a little bit, so he was out for that time period. Thinking back to the off season, he was so into learning and so into wanting to be great. He's a vet, nine, 10 years, I believe, in the league and he's done so many great things. He's coming from a culture of winning, obviously, in Carolina. He played for the Ravens too, so he's been around some great teams. He's really brought a lot to us in the sense of his leadership and his work ethic and extra, extra work after practice, his attention to detail. He's a great human being, a great football player, a great teammate, so we're glad that he's on our team. He's made some clutch plays for us so far – think back to the Lions game, think about the last game against the Packers. He's done some special, special things in the past few weeks that he's been able to play. I know going back to Carolina, it's going to be a great site for him. He's developed a lot of relationships and friendships there, teammates and everything else, so hopefully he can play great there too."

(On if playing the Panthers so frequently is weird considering their distance away) "Growing up, I was in Virginia and then going to NC State, I was always around North Carolina and everything else, Charlotte area. Coming out here, I didn't think I was going to be back that much just because you're all out on the west coast and up here in the Pacific Northwest. I've played Carolina just as much as I feel like I've played the 49ers it feels like. It's always a long trip, it's a trip that we look forward to. We get to leave on Friday to get ready to roll, but it's going to be a tough challenge. It's a championship performance, a championship matchup, championship game. We have a lot of respect, like I said. Playing these guys over the years, there's been some great games – some of the most entertaining, most crazy games you can imagine have happened in Carolina or here (in Seattle) for us."

(On what makes Luke Kuechly so dangerous) "Well, I think the thing that makes Kuechly so dangerous – I've been able to play him since college actually. I played him at Boston College, NC State and Boston College and he was always a star, always flying around the field. He's a sure tackler, you're not going to miss any tackles, that's for sure. He's got great hands, he's got great instincts. I was able to train with him at IMG too as well. We spent a lot of time together coming up and coming out of college and everything else. A lot of lifts, a lot of running together, running against each other, just having a lot of fun with it and just getting ready for the National Football League. I think the one thing that stands out about Luke, one, the first thing I would say is his study habits. You can tell he studies the game you and understands how to play the game, how to play the game the right way. He sees things like nobody else sees them. I think the second thing that stands out is he's willing to be in the gym, he's willing to stay extra, he's willing to do anything that most people aren't. I think the great players, he needs to be a Hall of Fame. Great players like that, they come in with intentionality, they come in ready to roll. I think Bobby Wagner is just like that too as well, a guy on our team. Both of those guys are star linebackers that can change the game. Even Thomas Davis too, he's a great player as well, he can fly around, make a lot of plays. (Between) those three linebackers, you're going to see some guys on the field on Sunday that are once in a lifetime type players to be honest with you. I think that, specifically to your question, I think that Luke is one of the most intelligent, most instinctive, most hardworking guys that I know."


(On what's the biggest key to slowing down Cam Newton) "You definitely got to tackle him – he's a big dude. You don't want to get him going. You don't want to misread something, let him get 10, 15 yards and make a good pass because he seems to feed off of good plays. Once he has a good play and has energy, that kind of seems to ignite the team too. You've got to limit his big plays as much as you can. I think a lot of that from the past playing him is recognizing the runs, recognizing when he's going to keep the ball, when he's going to give the ball. It's a little bit different now because they're kind of relying more so on one running back. Back then, they kind of had a lot of options. You just got to key in on those two guys, the running back and the quarterback."

(On how big of a challenge Christian McCaffrey is to face) "The offense alone is a big challenge just because of read-zone option. You've got to respect Cam (Newton) as a runner. You got a lot of pulling and then you add him to it, he's able to hit the hole downhill, he's able to get outside. They move around him a lot as a receiver, as a fly guy, so we have to just do a good job of knowing where he's at and know what he likes to run in the certain spots that he's at. It'll be a good challenge."

(On if facing a mobile quarterback like Russell Wilson in practice helps him when facing other mobile quarterbacks) "Yeah, definitely. Going against Russ definitely helps the zone-read stuff, but you can't simulate a 6'5, 240 (pound) guy who likes to fall forward. That's a lot of weight going forward."

The Seahawks and Panthers face off on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2023. Kickoff is set for 1:05 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Panthers.