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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Packers

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Packers before the two teams meet in Week 1 at Lambeau Field.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Packers before the two teams meet in Week 1 at Lambeau Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On with the Green Bay game coming up to start the regular season and if it's good to have a matchup against a team that is traditionally tough and has been such a good opponent to play right off the bat)  "We have so much respect for them and the way that they've played over the years Mike's [McCarthy] team and the whole makeup of their club and the success that they continue to show that it's a pretty darn-good matchup right off the shoots going to Green Bay, which is as difficult as any place you could play on the road. We haven't had any trouble being tuned in; we've been tuned in since I guess the schedule came out."

(On what he thinks it is about playing on the road at Green Bay that has resulted in them struggling in previous matchups) "Well, it's kind of historic that it's pretty darn hard to play there. They're great there and they fit very well with their crowd. Just everything about it makes it difficult, it's as hard as it gets in any sport to play in that venue. It's just kind of built into the fabric of the whole place.

(On how he feels about running back Eddie Lacy if he has to be given more of the load on Sunday in Green Bay) "Well first off, he's ready. He's had a great run with us getting to this point. He's done everything we have asked of him, for weeks and weeks now, he's made every practice, he's been able to do everything, and every rep that we have offered him. He's conditioned well and he's prepared to play. We've seen him for years; we know what kind of player he is, so he's had enough glimpses of the look in preseason that you can see him get to rumbling with the football. We're fired up about him playing and he's ready for a full load."

(On Green Bay's converted running back Ty Montgomery and how they game plan for a physical running back like that) "He's really a good player. We have tremendous respect for him and to see how he emerged so quickly in the running back role after coming in as a wide receiver, it gives us all of the problems; matchup wise, the multiplicity that they present in formations and things that they can do because he can run routes just like a receiver and then carry the football. [Randall] Cobb does some of that for them as well, so they're a very difficult group to zero in on."

CB Richard Sherman 

(On having a full secondary going into Green Bay) ""I guess we will see.  We will see. We've usually done well when we've had everybody.  We've never won in Lambeau with our group because we are always missing somebody.  I think we have all the pieces in place to go out there and give them a great fight and I look forward to it.  I think we are going to have an exciting game and excited to play the chess match with Aaron [Rodgers].  He is always a fun opponent and a great guy to play against and plays the game the right way.  He has some weapons in [Randall] Cobb and Jordy [Nelson] and Davante Adams and the way they are using Ty Montgomery and you can't forget about Martellus [Bennett], obviously Mike's brother.  It is going to be a great chess match that I am looking forward to."

(On margin of loss last game at Lambeau worth this time around) "Well I don't think they start with a 38-point lead in the next game so I don't think it is worth much.  A different game, a different team.  They are different, they got different players playing on defense and on offense, and it starts off 0-0, so I think it will have minimal impact on this game.  I would hope we don't turn the ball over six times and not get the ball anytime, so I don't think we have had many games where we have had a turnover margin that was that huge, but our discrepancy that was that huge, but I think we will be fine."

(On expecting that Aaron Rodgers will avoid you) "No, I go in with the opposite.  I think this is the time he is going to throw at me every play.  We will see what happens because I think this is the one.

RB Eddie Lacy

(On why Lambeau Field is such a tough place to play in especially for visiting teams)  "I mean, it's just a really historic place. The fans take pride in making it as loud and as uncomfortable as they can. For me, this is going to be my first time being on the opposite side of that, usually, I was there, so I'll get to see how it is from the other side."

(On what makes Packers QB Aaron Rodgers so good at home in Lambeau Field)  "Just his playmaking ability. He's a smart quarterback, he can make plays from the pocket, he can make plays scrambling to the right, throwing the ball across the field, which he's pretty much like one of the only few who can do stuff like that and probably allowed to do that. He's always calm, poised, commands everything there, makes sure his teammates are clam. He's a great quarterback."

(On how it was with Aaron Rodgers developing the quick-to-the-line-of scrimmage and how big was that for the kind of offense he ran with them when he was in Green Bay)  "It gave us an advantage; when you have all guys on the same page, we know when to catch him, he'll watch them coming off the field. Every time we run a play, he'll watch the guys that come on and off, and he pretty much gets a feel for who to try it on and who not to try it on. For the most part, he gets it a lot."

QB Russell Wilson

(On playing Packers so many times helping with preparation)"Yeah, it is definitely a plus.  We've been able to play against a great football team for five years going on six now, every year and they are a great football team.  They have a great quarterback obviously. They have a great defense. They have great coaches and great atmosphere.  So going there, it is going to be exciting obviously and it is going to be a challenge, but we are looking forward to it."

(On difficulty winning at Lambeau Field) "I think it is also difficult to win here.  Anytime you go on the road, it is always difficult. It's not supposed to be easy.  Then when you are playing a great football team with so much great tradition and their crowd is phenomenal, it is always a tough challenge. We obviously have played them in close battles, obviously last year they got the best of us, but it is a new year and we are looking forward to the opportunity."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

*(On the last time the Seahawks secondary known as the 'Legion of Boom' faced Aaron Rodgers without Earl Thomas III due to his season-ending leg injury and how big it is to have all of those guys back on defense fully healthy to face the Packers this time) *"It certainly makes a difference. We want to be whole, we want to be at our best, we want to have all of our best guys out there competing against one of the best who's ever done it. The past couple of times, we haven't been whole, but this time we should be. We're absolutely looking forward to the competition; we know what he brings to the table, and again, we know we're going to have to bring our best to the table, no doubt."

(On challenging in the battle of Packers OL vs Seahawks DL)"Well it's the protection they provide for the quarterback and his ability to scramble, be illusive, their athletic ability with their run game, their zone running game, and their stretch running game.  We just need to make sure that we are able to get off box, put consistent pressure on the quarterback and cover really tight.  After that, we need to understand the tendencies of when they are going to run the football or at least when they give the illusion that they are going to run, we have to be prepared to stop the run in those situations."

(On if he expects Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to not look to throw cornerback Shaquill Griffin's way in the game on Sunday or if Coach Richard thinks Rodgers will look to throw at the rookie cornerback for Seattle) "Sure. I mean, Aaron's [Rodgers] a quality quarterback, a veteran, he understands the game, and I think he understands who we are. We're going to put our guys out there and expect them to cover and expect them to be in the proper positions, and naturally, we have to expect that's he's [Aaron Rodgers] going to try to attack it."

WR Doug Baldwin

(On Lambeau being a tough place to play) "Why is Lambeau such a tough place to play? I don't know I think there is something about the environment that the players get very in tuned with.  I think it is very similar to what we have here in Seattle.  It is just a different environment, it is very hard for opposing teams to come in and feel the juice on their end of it or their side of it.  It is a very intimidating place if you allow it to be, again with a lot of tradition, a lot of history, that is probably the best way to describe it."

(On Dom Capers' defense playing into the difficulty) "Well Dom Capers is probably one of the more methodical defensive coordinators.  His attention to detail is very prevalent and very easy to see throughout. If you watch all games, you can see his attention to detail is spot on. That makes our jobs more challenging, but it's also more exciting right, because we know we are going to be tested and we enjoy that part of it.  His attention to detail and his knowledge of the game, I think he has been coaching for 45 years or something like that, it is unbelievable, so we've got our hands full, but again excited about the challenge."

Photos of the Seahawks playing the Packers throughout the years leading up to their Week 1 game at Lambeau Field.  

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