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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Lions

Take a look at what the Seahawks are saying about the Detroit Lions before the two teams meet in Week 8 in Detroit. 


(On the upcoming game) "Well, no surprise, we're going on the road again. We've been familiar with the road and we're going to try to make a good showing here in Detroit. I've been saying to you during the week that this is a nice football team. They're really coming around and playing good ball. Really played great last week and we're going to have to play really good football across the board to make sure that we have a chance so we have a lot of respect for what we're going up against."

(On the Detroit Lions addition of the run game) "Yeah, it just balances out their attack and just makes them that much more difficult (to defend). Matthew Stafford has always been a great football player. We've had great respect for his ability to throw the ball and he's been a guy that has, over the years, relied on big passing days, big passing games, big emphasis that way and coming off this game last week, where they just tore it up on the ground, it really makes it difficult to figure out what to do against them. He's playing really efficiently, he's really sharp, you can't sack him, his numbers are great, his completion numbers are up – he's doing everything well. It's a very difficult style to play against. We're going to crank it up and see if we can get it done."

(On the Detroit Lions defense struggling against the run) "You know, their numbers don't look great in their average (yards) per rush, but they're playing good defense and they're playing good, winning defense. It's kind of characteristic of how the Patriots have been over the years, not so much the specific numbers, but they never really ranked really highly over those years that they've done all the winning, but they've always been effective. They've controlled scores and played smart and have given teams problems. They're still doing that. We have a lot of regard for how they handle their business and how they play their football. They're unique. They have their own style and it's that Patriot way and obviously Matt (Patricia) has brought it with him to Detroit."

(On if he thinks the Detroit Lions will throw newly-acquired DT Damon Harrison right into the mix) "I would think so. I was talking to their writers earlier and they said 'how are you going to deal with him?' so I said 'I hope he gets their on Saturday and he drives to Detroit and takes some time getting there' because there's not much you can do with that guy. He's really a monster in there and the running game, yes, but he also causes problems in the pass game. He came on our radar when he was at the Jets and he was kind of in there where there was a chance (of acquiring him) but he had emerged too far too fast for us. We couldn't get to him and he wound up going to the Giants. We have a lot of respect for him."

(On the Detroit Lions pass rush) "Yeah, it's been a real problem. They're at 21 sacks right now and I think they're the highest rated team per pass, sack-wise. They're very active. It's really mixing their looks and it's a combination of things. It's not just the dominant guy coming off the edge. They've done it various ways. Devon (Kennard) has got five sacks and (Ziggy) Ansah only has one. He hasn't even been able to contribute yet and he's a highlighted player so I don't know if he's getting back or not, but it's a team kind of thing. It's a lot of coverage-oriented sacks as well. They do a lot of cool things with their coverage to make you hold the football and it's been just a combination of guys getting their pressure."

(On if there were regrets after Golden Tate's departure) "Yeah. Yeah, I liked him a lot and sometimes you just can't get it done and it doesn't fit. I don't mind saying that. I think Golden is a great player. I loved the way he played as a young guy coming in. He always had a knack. He was such a naturally competitive, kind of athletically artistic type of guy in his style. He could make you miss and break tackles and do things that a lot of guys didn't do and it just came so natural and easy to him. He was always fun to have on the club. He was a returner too, which he's doing now. Yeah, we just couldn't get it done at the time."

(On going against former players) "Well, I kind of let the moments happen. It's not designed, how we do it, but those three guys were really fantastic guys in this program and they're significant characters and personalities and contributors. Those guys, they feel like they're always kind of our guys because they started with us and grew up with us. It'll be fun to play against them. We're going to get after them hopefully and make it hard on them, just like they'll do to us. It should be real competitive and fun and all that, but if we get a chance, we'll visit with them, sure."

(On how the Detroit Lions are using Luke Willson) "He's doing the things that he's shown. He's motioning around, he's fitting different ways in the backfield and out of the backfield and he hasn't gotten a lot of passes. I think he's got nine balls so far, but he's a versatile player. He's well versed and can do a lot of stuff. They're utilizing that."


(On using the bye week to fix problems and game plan) "Well, we tried to get ahead on Detroit, do a little bit of work on them. We looked back at the first couple of games compared to the last four games. That was good to just kind of see the progress that we've made, starting with third downs, run game protection – I'm proud of this group. I'm proud of the players. I think it starts with them. The first couple of games, there were things that we were not doing well. We've kind of addressed it, we've emphasized it and they've done a terrific job the last, really the last couple of weeks. It didn't just come together. There are things that we're doing well. Obviously, now the challenge is you come off the bye, get a little bit of time to come back, you've got to get the timing back, things like that. Today was a really, really good practice. I felt very good about it, but that's the biggest thing is kind of getting them back thinking football, even getting myself thinking football. It's good to get away for a while, but we're excited about this challenge. It will be a challenge, playing the Lions. They're playing really, really well right now and it'll be a great contest on Sunday."

(On the Detroit Lions pass rush) "Obviously, they're a really good group. They're big, they're strong, (and) they're physical. They play hard. If they get Ziggy Ansah back, that will be something that makes them even more potent but they play hard. It's a good scheme. Matt Patricia, Paul Pasqualoni do a good job of getting those guys (in position) to create one-on-one matchup situations. They run a lot of games and stuff inside so that makes it hard for people. If you can stay out of those passing situations, that helps."

(On if the run-defense ranking is deceptive) "I think the statistics are misleading. If you watch this film, you would not think that, that's not what you see on film. I think there's been a couple big runs that maybe have gotten out that maybe tilt the stats, but this is a really good run defense. They've obviously added the 'Snacks' young man (Damon Harrison) from the Giants. When you watch this film, they're a really good run defense I think. Matt Patricia (Detroit Lions Head Coach) is a heck of a coach, Paul Pasqualoni (Detroit Lions Defensive Line Coach). It's a really good scheme having played the Patriots for all those years when I was with the Jets, they do a good job. They try to find single blocks and things like that. I am surprised that the number is what is, but I think that stats can be misleading – and in this case, I think that they are."

(On if Matt Patricia tries to run a defensive game plan the same way Bill Belichick would to try to take away a specific aspect) "I think Matt and the staff do a good job of looking at what you do well, they want to try to take that away early. They want to try and confuse you early, they have multiple things that they do. They do a lot of different things, so you have to prepare for different fronts, different coverages, things like that. They try to get into your brain if you will. We just have to trust our rules, know that there's going to be things that maybe we haven't seen or that aren't as specific for us and we'll adjust to those on the run. They do a great job. I think if you look at the way they're starting games, it's 45 to 13 or something like that. They're getting off to good starts and I think that's because they've frustrated their opponents. We think that they'll have something in store for us based on knowing that we run the football and things like that, that we'll have to adjust to."


(On playing against former Seahawks) "That's the thing about the NFL, you get to play against a lot of guys you played with and experienced a lot of wins and some tough losses with and everything else. You always want to see those guys play great and everything else throughout their career. To me, it's always good to see those guys."

(On if he thinks the Seahawks will be able to exploit the Lions run defense) "I think the Lions have a great defense. I think they got a lot of great players. Then obviously, adding (Damon) Harrison – he's a big-time player who can do a lot of things. We've got to be physical at the point of attack. I think that our offensive line is doing a tremendous job. They've done a great job, really all year of facing some very, very tough defenses and tough defensive lines and linebackers and everything else. They've really stepped up to the challenge. I think Duane (Brown) has been a rock star all year, his whole career he has been. Thinking about (J.R) Sweezy, and the addition of Sweezy, bringing him back. It was a big, big move for us and he's a championship player, Super Bowl champ and everything else. To think about Justin Britt, he's just continued to develop. The relationship that Britt and I have too, is so strong. Just to be able to be around him, his physicality and how he leads. D.J. Fluker being 360 (pounds), moving people around. (Germain) Ifedi, being right next to being right next to the D.J, and how good that he's playing right now too. I think the key for us is continuing what we're doing in being able to be physical in the run game, to play with great leverage, play with great tempo and then ultimately the passing game, be explosive in everything we do. I think that we're excited about taking on that challenge, it's going to be a good challenge. They got a good team, they're playing really, really well right now too. We have a lot of respect for them."


(On the Detroit Lions run game) "It's really good. They have a bunch of good running backs and all the guys bring something new to the table with (Legarrette) Blount and #33 (Kerryon) Johnson, so the run game is good. We've just got to make sure that we fit up really well (with) what they do just to make sure that we tackle really well in the open space. We understood that. They're going to try to come out and run the ball because they had success last week so we've got to stop that early."

(On the Detroit Lions pass game) "Yeah, so when (Legarrette) Blount comes in, Blount does his thing. He's a downhill runner, and then they bring in 25 (Theo Riddick) and 33 (Kerryon Johnson) and those guys get on the play action. Those guys get on the perimeter and that sets up the play action. We've just got to make sure we stop that early and just make Matt Stafford one dimensional."

(On covering Luke Willson) "I'm going to mess Luke up – no, I'm just playing. I do hope I cover Luke. I want to tackle Golden (Tate) as well. I talked to (DeShawn) Shead earlier this week and I told him I've got to exchange jerseys with him so it feels good seeing those guys."

(On what makes Kerryon Johnson effective) "He's just fast. He's a fast guy and the schemes that they run with him as well, they've got him on the perimeter plays, they've got him running traps which is a hard run play to stop. They have a good scheme to get him going."


(On what he's seen from Detroit's offense this season) "Detroit has been really special in the running game. I think once they get the running game started, you see the whole offense really light up. They've been very effective, and it really turns a lot of things on as far as the offense really helps the quarterback. It's exciting to see for them that the running game is something that we certainly have to pay a lot of attention to. When they run the ball, they're successful. When we stop the run, we're really successful. So, it's their strength versus our strength, so it should be a really good challenge."

(On what the defense has to do to get pressure on Matthew Stafford) "We have to play well. It comes down to us and how we show up. There's leverage, there's tackling – I mean Stafford doesn't do it by himself, he has to use his weapons around him. He's got some pretty good receivers, he's got some pretty good runners. We have to take away the running game, put him in obvious situations and then we have to cover their receivers, who are really good. We know what Golden Tate does, so we have our issues and our challenges with him. It's a team game. Stafford is a good quarterback – he's been around, he's seen a lot of things. He does a great job of getting rid of the ball really fast. They do a great job of protecting him, so we have a challenge ahead of him. At the same time, he has some really good weapons around him."

(On why Detroit hasn't been throwing the ball as much) "It's hard to say why. If they're not turning the ball over, that means it must be high value to them. At the same time, getting the ball is high value to us, so it should be a clash of two important philosophy's as far as protecting the ball and taking it away. So, it should be interesting how that turns out."

(On if the Lions allowing so few quarterback pressures is a result of the offensive line or the quarterback getting ball out quickly) "It's a combination of things. They do a great job of protecting their quarterback – he's really good, so he can see a lot of things coming before it comes. You have to give him that edge, but he's good, they're good and just like us, they've gotten better each and every week. They're at a certain point in the season, we're at a certain point in the season, so it should be a really good matchup."


(On why the defensive mentality and the secondary's growth together is so important when going against a quarterback like Matthew Stafford) "Because he's a really good quarterback and he gets the ball out very, very quick. A lot of the good quarterbacks, they test your discipline and so he's going to see. We know the spots they were supposed to be in and he's going to try to influence this and make us get out of those spots. We have to trust the guy next to us and be very disciplined. I think that's when the communication and the trust of the person that you are playing with comes into factor because I don't have to look to my right to know that K.J. (Wright) or (Barkevious) Mingo or (Austin) Calitro are going to be in their position, I know that. I'm with them every single day, seeing them do the work and seeing them put in the studies and things of that nature. That's why I think you have the confidence."

(On the keys to stopping Kerryon Johnson) "Like any other back man, just hit him, I think it's really that simple. He's done a really good job in hitting the holes and finishing off the runs really well. That's what excites you to play somebody like that knowing that you're going to have to bring your game. He can do it outside, inside and they kind of look at him a little bit as far as passing too. It's cool when you have a back that they kind of rely on like that to do those things and he's done a good job. I feel like if you hit him, we'll be fine."

The Seahawks and Lions face off on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023 at Ford Field. Kickoff is set for 10:00 a.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Lions.