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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Giants

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Giants leading up to the Week 7 game at MetLife Stadium.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Giants leading up to the Week 7 game at MetLife Stadium.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On if it's nice having familiarity with the stadium like you do with MetLife Stadium...) "Always.  Yeah, always it helps that we have been there. We know the lay of the land a little bit and it's a great place to play and a great crowd and all that. It will be a great challenge for us."

(On how much can you trust what the Giants did on Sunday given the fact that they were just kind of feeling their way through...)"Well they looked great. They played a terrific football game against an excellent team in one of the most difficult situations you can play in. We saw them at the height of their year right now, which is great for us to see them at their best. I thought the way they handled the injuries they had last week and all that went on was incredibly well handled by their coaching staff, their players and their leadership, all of the that. And double that because of the team that they played against. Denver has been playing great football and they had given up next to nothing on the ground and they came out and ran the football down the field pretty well. There was a lot to be gained from that and very positive for them."

(On what the Giants run game was able to do especially against a good Broncos defense...)"Yeah, they schemed well and they popped a couple runs on kind of game plan plays that worked really well for them. Both of their running backs are good football players and it gives them a variety of stuff that they can do. Orleans [Darkwa] has jumped out of there.  He had a couple big time plays in the game and got them going, so that is a real positive.  Everybody loves to see that running game go to affect all of your offense and it really helped them out."

(On the Giants leaning on their tight ends with injuries to the receivers...)"Yeah, well [Evan] Engram is a fantastic prospect and he is leading them in receiving already.  They have already trusted in him and he does a lot of stuff. There is a variety of things to do. Rhett Ellison is a terrific football player.  We have always admired Rhett's play because he is tough and does everything: blocks and runs and catches and all that.  So they got a good group and they are loaded."

(On what challenges do the Giants defense create pass rush wise...)"Yeah, they came out of the shoots pretty fast and furious the other night and we have to get ready.  Because it is not just their front four.  It is the scheme that they use and the people that they bring off the edges and all that stuff that add to it. They were particularly on fire the other night."

*(On what some of the challenges are of playing on the road at the Giants in New York in that atmosphere...) *"Yeah, it's a great place to play. The fans are awesome and historic and all of that, and the way that they can elevate and make it really difficult is always a hard place to play. We respect the heck out of it and we're going to try to go out there and play the kind of football that we want to play, even under the circumstances. It looks like we're going to have good weather, so we're fortunate in that regard, and we'll try to make the most of it."

Cornerback Richard Sherman

(On how much he trusts of what he saw from the New York Giants Sunday night in their win over the Denver Broncos...)  "How much can I trust it? I don't know. I mean, they have another week to adjust, they have another week to install plays, so who knows. It's the NFL; every week, some teams are totally different in their personnel and the way they attack defenses from week-to-week, so they could go from being a majority 12-personel team against Denver, to all 11. I think [Sterling] Shepard is back this week, so I'm sure they'll integrate him in some way or another. I'm sure they'll get the running backs more involved because they're all healthy. Things change from week-to-week, but we'll study it all."

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

(Opening...) "It's good to be back this week. Had a good week last week and coming back, it's great to see the guys out here, practicing. Practicing hard, getting back to our tempo.  Getting back to just playing football again.  Again, another big test this week. We got a really aggressive style defense. Spags [Steve Spagnuolo] is known for being fast, physical and the pressure schemes that he brings. Probably, again, has the chance to be one of the most challenging in terms of the pressures that they bring. He is not afraid to bring backers, safeties, corners, so that is something that we are going to have to really deal with this week."

(On what did the Giants do differently to shut down Denver's running game on Sunday...) "I thought they just played a really nice hard-nosed game. They still did the similar stuff. They did their pressures, but they played well. They came ready to play.  From my understanding, just listening to some of telecast, they were ready to go. They had talked about it all week.  They played that way."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On the challenges of going against the Giants defense...) "Well they have a very good defense. They have a lot of great players. They have a lot of star players on their defense and they can do a lot of special things. The key for us is getting the ball out, is being efficient, capitalizing on big plays when we can and just being toughminded.  It's going to be a battle.  This team—their record doesn't show how good they are, in my opinion. They are 1-5 I believe it is, but the reality is, all their games have been super close against some tough teams, against some really good players too. They have been right in pretty much every game and unfortunately for them, they have lost a couple tight ones. We know they are going to be ready to roll and they just came off a big win.  I think it was a Sunday Night Football, so we know they will be ready."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On how much different is the Giants offense now with the running back and tight end scheme compared to what it was before the receivers' injuries...) "We will see if they are going to carry over with that.  Again, that is obvious. There is no doubt about that. But it is a championship organization. You couldn't imagine them to do anything but respond in the nature that they did. They have a championship quarterback and again, he knows how to get things done out there. As far as the tempo, they really slowed down the tempo.  I think they allowed the quarterback to come out and manage it and then they relied on their running backs. When they needed guys to stand up and make plays for them, they were efficient in that manner. That's where the tight end showed up.  They looked to feature him and he is a quality player."

(On if the speed of the Giants tight end create a tough match up...) "Yeah, it is and again, we have had history with it.  We had a guy in our division for a long time who was as fast if not faster that we had guys that we matched up against him with. It is familiar territory, but he is a quality wide receiver, definitely."

The Seahawks and Giants face off for Monday Night Football on Oct. 2, 2023. Kickoff is set for 5:15 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Giants.

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