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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Broncos

Take a look at what the Seahawks are saying about the Denver Broncos before the two teams meet in Week 1 in Denver.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On the start of the 2018 season against Denver) "Well, here we go. We finally made it to the start. It's amazing how much time we spend just getting ready to get this thing kicked off. It's really an exciting time for us and around here, and I know for our fans and everybody. It's a great time of year (with) football starting. This happens to be a challenging matchup just because of the style of play and the way they run the ball, the way they play defense, the players that they have, the fact that Denver was able to get Case Keenum on their team – a guy that was on a team that won thirteen games last year. He's going to bring great stability and leadership and all that. We've worked through the preseason of it and checked it all out and know that there will be some surprises in the early part of this game, really, on both sides of the ball for both teams. We have to be ready to adjust and adapt. It's a pretty basic plan this week as we go into it, but one where we know we can make some adjustments if we have to, to tailor to what we need to do to get the game won. It's a great matchup. We're excited. This team has been pumped the whole time. The entire offseason, the energy and the juice of this group has been great. They're ready to roll."

(On how Von Miller compares to the great pass rushers in NFL history) "He's one of those guys. Right off the bat I thought of Chris Doleman, and what a great player he was over the years. Derrick Thomas, and those guys that were just the great speed rushers, Bruce Smith, those kinds of guys. He's got to finish his career doing it. Those guys did it over 10, 12 years or over 14 years. Always to compare a great player, you've got to wait, you got to wait and let him do his body of work. But, he's got a chance to be like those guys and he's had that kind of influence on the game when he's played. I didn't mean to throw him right in the all-time hall of fame here right off the bat, but he's worthy, he's on that kind of ascend. People always say, this guy's the next Jerry Rice, yeah let's wait until he plays 14 years and figure out what the numbers are. You got to just postpone those evaluations, but he's really, really talented. He's got a great knack, and they've played him well and he's got all the physicals that you need. More than that, he's got the right competitive mind to be a great one."

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

(On learning from facing Vance Joseph's Broncos while in Oakland last season) "Oh, yeah, no question. Vance Joseph, Bill Musgrave, been around them for a long time. We were teammates (and) played against each other in the Pac-10 in those days and teammates at Oakland as coordinators – and also at San Francisco, so we've been around each other a few times so we have a good understanding of one another. He's a really good coach and he really has his team ready so we're expecting a really good challenge."

Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer

(On how much he's looking forward to the start of the season) "We're excited. Obviously, another chance, but they count now. So, certainly going with your full assortment of tricks and things that you need, your full assortment of attack. (We're) going up against a really good defense, really good team. It will be fun to see our guys compete. Going into that environment, I've played there many times, and get after a really top-notch defense."

WR Brandon Marshall

(On his return to Denver) "Yeah, I haven't played in Denver since I've left. I've played against the Broncos down in Miami. That was pretty cool, going up against Champ Bailey pretty much beat me up that year. It's fun going back, that's where I started, and it's a first-class organization – it's a special place."

(On whether the altitude disrupts any timing with a quarterback) "Absolutely, it's not about the timing it's more so your wind. I mean, you guys are going to feel it, you guys that have been around, those who have been to Denver before, you get to your hotel and you walk up the steps, you're like, 'I'm out of breath!' We've been having conversations, but not making it a big deal. We're prepared, we're ready. It's just one of those things where when you go in with the mindset that it's there, you'll be able to conquer it."

(On whether he's played against the Broncos' Brandon Marshall before) "Never. Never, I met him for the first time at our charity event – we go back every year or so and raise money for the mental health there in Denver. This off-season, I think we raised like $150,000 and he was one of our guests and we did a jersey exchange and it was pretty cool."

QB Russell Wilson

(On how focused he is on Von Miller pre-snap) "Well, you always try to know where Von Miller is when you got a guy like that. He's pretty special. He's going to be a Hall of Fame guy. He's a guy that can make every play, can do everything, it's a tough matchup. You look forward to those moments where you get to play some of the best players in the game, that's what you put the uniform on (for), you get excited about those times. I was telling their (Denver Broncos) media, it's like having LeBron James or Steph (Stephen) Curry on the court, you got to know where he is. He's a great player for sure."

(On Bradley Chubb) "Well, I've been watching Chubb for years. A guy from NC State (North Carolina State), so watching the Wolfpack and watching him play, make plays and causing havoc, he's been doing that for years so that's why he was such a high draft pick and such a talented player. I've heard nothing but great things about him and who he is as a person, too, and everything else. I think that he definitely can make a lot of plays. Age can't be a factor. That's not a factor for him. When you turn on the film, he's playing a new position than he played in college, really. He's playing the SAM (linebacker) moreso, really that outside linebacker position. He really played defensive end mostly in college, but at the end of the day, it's football. They're trying to tackle the guy with the ball and he can do that. He's going to be a great player for years to come."

(On a difference in playing at altitudes) "I remember playing – I've been in Denver a few times for baseball and also when we played there in the preseason, my second game (rookie year). There is a little bit of difference in terms of altitude. When you're throwing the ball, the ball carries a little bit more, so you don't have to rip it as much. Other than that, I think that if you're running around, you've just got to get your oxygen and make sure you take your breaks, you know? It does make a difference, but at the same time, there's still white lines, it's still 100 yards, you just want to play football. You can't overthink it and we're ready and we're conditioned and we're ready to play some ball."