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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Bears

Take a look at what the Seahawks are saying about the Bears before the two teams meet in Week 2 in Chicago.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On the upcoming game in Chicago) "Okay. We're ready to take off. We're going on an early trip, like we do when we get across the country. Looking forward to taking the guys for the first time on that (two-day trip) formula and introduce it to the guys that haven't done it before and see if we can, as we have in the past, really maximize our opportunity to get on the road, play well, do a good job and get ourselves a win."

(On Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky) "He's really athletic. He ran the ball seven times in the game, so he was out and going. Took off on a couple scrambles, they utilized him, they can run the ball with him, he's got good suddenness to him, you know? He can make people miss a little bit. That part stood out. He has a really strong arm. He threw some great balls in the game. I mean, he had a nice night completion percentage wise. 23-for-35 is a big night. He looked good and they've got a nice running game to complement a young quarterback, which is just how you like to do it. He complemented well."

(On Mark Helfrich's up-tempo offense) "They've got the ability to do all that. I mean, you can see this all over the league. Teams are messing with tempo and all that. Nothing new for us, but we know that their background, with Mark in the college game out at Oregon as well as – Matt (Nagy) is a big-time coordinator coming from Andy (Reid)'s system and all that. These guys, they have a lot of ideas and a lot of good ideas that make it hard."

(On Khalil Mack in comparison to Von Miller) "They're different style athletes, but they're both extremely effective and really difficult. Khalil is just a stronger looking guy. He plays in a more at you (style and) brings the attack to you. Von's all over the place. He's so, so athletic and so quick. They're just different style guys but their effect is very similar."

Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer

(On the Bears defense) "Obviously, everyone wants to talk about Khalil (Mack). A great player, you see that. I guess we had our choice to play him Monday night or in London (against the Raiders), so we were going to see him one way or the other, but he's a great player. Adds a different dimension to them. I was around Leonard Floyd and Roquan Smith, the rookie linebacker and the other outside backer, at Georgia. Terrific players, both great athletes. Roquan is extremely instinctive. The two guys inside (on the defensive line) can be dominant against the run, really powerful, (in Akiem) Hicks and (Eddie) Goldman. Really good front seven, good secondary and have all the respect in the world for Vic Fangio and his staff. They do a great job. Guys are well prepared. I've played against them quite a bit so again, it'll be another great challenge for us, going in there Monday night, but we're excited about playing. We know last week wasn't good enough. We expect better and we expect it to happen this weekend."

(On the biggest challenge that a Vic Fangio defense presents) "Well, I think he's going to try to take things away that you do well. He's going to try to make you one-dimensional. He does a good job with that. They try to find players and take certain players away so he's going to pick a guy and try to find a way to double him. They play hard for him. They just, they rally to the ball, it's just a good scheme fit, there's a lot of the quarters coverage and stuff where they're trying to make you throw the ball underneath and limit the big plays. They're a well-coached team. They play very hard and then they have some good scheme stuff that create problems for you."

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

(On Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky) "Good athlete, very mobile. Really has a good feel for the game. Finds the open man. If the play is not working, he can get it back with his legs. You see the growth in him from the first year to the second year. We have a challenge ahead of us."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On what he remembers about playing against Chicago in his rookie season) "That game back in Chicago my rookie year feels like yesterday. It's exciting to go back to Soldier Field in one of the best cities in America. They love football and it's a great environment. It doesn't get much better than Chicago and Soldier Field. They have a really good football team right now, they really look good on film. It's going to be a great game. We're enthusiastic about going there and having a tough, tough battle and seeing what happens. I remember just going there and playing guys like (Brian) Urlacher and (Charles) Tillman and those type of players. That's really when you realize man I'm in the National Football League and this is real. To be able to find a way to win in overtime, I remember Sidney Rice making an unbelievable play. It was just a fantastic game, back and forth. I remember Brandon (Marshall) having a great game that game actually, it was fun to watch him play. Those are great memories. Hopefully, we can make another one this week."

(On what the 2012 win in Chicago did for team morale after not having much success on the road prior) "I think it gave us clarity on who we could be, I think that was the first thing. I think the second was that it taught us how to really go on the road and really be prepared at the highest level and all the details that it takes to be prepared. Just the whole team collectively playing together. That was a really good football team. I think their record was really good at the time. It was a tough environment. To be able to go into one of the best environments in the National Football League and come out with a win in overtime and go back and forth. I remember the ball was on the one or two-yard line, we had 98 yards to go with like two minutes to go. Just being resilient in our thought process and how we need to get things done. Our backs were against the wall a little bit in terms of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. People weren't expecting much I don't think at the time. I think that we showed that we can play with some of the best players in the National Football League and make some things happen. That's what showed up and hopefully, we can do that come this week."

(On facing pass rushers in consecutive weeks going against Khalil Mack) "I think that's what we expect. We expect to play great players every week. We have a very tough schedule. We get to play some of the best teams and we're looking forward to it. We never back down from a challenge. I think that Khalil (Mack), we didn't expect him to be on our schedule early on like this, but he's a tremendous player. I have a lot of respect for him and how he plays the game, he's as tough as it gets. Watching the film, we didn't get to see it on the way back, but watching the film from their Green Bay game and how he was really causing a storm was pretty impressive. You don't really get to see that many defensive ends making the kind of plays he's making and the things he's doing. I got a lot of respect for him and how he plays the game. I've gotten to know him over the past few years. He's fun to watch and hopefully he won't do too much in this game."

(On playing against Vic Fangio's defenses) "Well, Coach Fangio, he's tremendous in the sense that he has so many different looks and he just knows how to call the game. He's tough to go up against. We've had some great battles over the years in terms of great situational football. He always coaches up his defense in terms of technique and fundamentals. They really know what they're doing and where to be and you can tell that on film with the Bears. They're always in the right spot at the right time. It'll be a great challenge and I'm looking forward to it, to go on the road and play in Soldier Field again."

Strong Safety Bradley McDougald

(On what he's seen from Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky on film) "I think the first thing that stuck out to me was his athleticism. He does a great job, a lot like Russ (Russell Wilson) in ways. He extends plays. Guys are going to have to cover a lot longer this week. He runs, but he runs with his eyes downfield so he's still trying to make a play. I think that's a big heads up about him."

Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall

(On what it's going to be like going back to Chicago) "You know what, Chicago's a great place. Here, we talk a lot about every game is just another game. That's something I've bought in to. In the past I may have gone into a game like this, and may have been a little bit more hype, but it's just another game. I still got friends on that team, still have a lot of friends and even our foundation is headquartered out of Chicago. So, a lot of ties in Chicago, it was a dream job for me. It was sad to go, but now I'm here and I'm going to take advantage of the opportunity."