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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The 49ers

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the 49ers leading up to the Week 12 game at Levi’s Stadium.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the 49ers leading up to the Week 12 game at Levi's Stadium.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening…) "Well coming back off the game this week, Monday night, we jump right back in and it's a division.  It was a hard game. It didn't go the way we wanted it to at all.  But we have already turned and we bounced already to get going.  49ers are coming off a big win.  They played likely their best game of the year and looked good and they are pretty darn healthy right now.  We know that we got to get ready and get right.  Their media tried to get me to talk about their quarterback situation which I have no clue and no idea what that is all about, who is going to play, and who is going to start and all that kind of stuff. There is nothing we can do about it.  We are just going to go show up and see what happens.  We are preparing for [C.J.] Beathard right now and we will see what happens.  Other than that, we are looking forward to getting back on track here.  We got to get back and I'm really disappointed that we didn't pull it off last week."

(On if the same issue that the team had in the week 2 match up against the 49ers still present, in terms of trying to get offensive production…) "Yeah, that was a game in itself.  We have had all kinds of games. There has been a bunch of them.  So it isn't the same as it was, is the way I am going to answer your question.  It isn't the same as it was."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

*(On how the offense has evolved from the last time they played the 49ers in Week 2…) *"Well, it's funny because I was talking about that today; I think that when you watch the 49ers on film, they've really evolved, first of all, I think that when you watch their defense, they played us pretty tight last game; it was a really tight game, we found a way to win, but they've really evolved and you can see that on film. They look great, they look like they're making plays and everything else, and then for us, I've talked about how we've been evolving from week one to week two, to week three, all the way to now, we've made a lot of great plays and we've done a lot of great things. Guys are really playing at a high level catching the ball and then I thought Mike [Davis] did a really good job running the ball last week. I think J.D. McKissic looks great doing everything, and there's some impressive things that we're doing, so we have to stay the course; like I was saying earlier going back to kind of the run-statement I made earlier, the key to evolving is just focusing on the moment. It's focusing on the next opportunity sometimes people get lost in the shuffle on that, and I think that's where we are. I think that's where we are in the sense of growth and that's what we've done before so many times and so many times so well. It's just focusing on the moments and continuing to evolve and continuing to progress, and continue to love the journey that you're on, so I think that's why our offense is doing really good right now; because we have a lot of guys who have played a lot of football, and guys who have been here for a while now, and guys who have done great things and understand that process and enjoy that process."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On what he has seen from C.J. Beathard of the 49ers in his last few starts…) "He's a young quarterback, he's moving around well in the pocket for them, and you can see that they're moving him around some with their boots and play-action and things of that nature, but he's trying to run the system to the best of his ability."

(On how he accounts for C.J. Beathard's mobility…) "We have to keep him contained. We have to keep him contained and we have to make sure that we do a really good job of taking away his first option."

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

*(On how the last few matchups have been tough defensive battles against the 49ers and what has changed about the offense now versus Week 2 when they last met…) *"Well, I look back at them as well as us, and I think that both teams are different teams. I think both teams have improved, they'll get a bunch of their defensive players back, but I think we have come a long way. We don't look anything like that team that was in week two or whatever it was that we played, and we've come a long way just in terms of our execution, overall execution, working together, and those kinds of things. We've changed in some ways as well; obviously, we're throwing the ball a little bit more and still trying to get that running game going, and we're never going to leave it totally, but that's something that we're still working on."

(On what is different about the 49ers defense since they last played them…) "Well, some personnel. Some personnel is different and just some of the thoughts that we had coming in about how they were playing has changed a little bit. They're doing a little bit different things on the backend."

The Seahawks and 49ers face off on Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023. Kickoff is set for 1:05 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the 49ers.

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