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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The 49ers

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the 49ers leading up to the Week 2 game at CenturyLink Field.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the 49ers leading up to the Week 2 game at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On San Francisco being similar to the Seahawks defensively) "We are very similar, yeah.  You can see that the background and Coach [Robert] Saleh's time with us here and then with Gus [Bradley], there is a big connection there. They've got their own flavor to it.  They've got nuances and things that they do and of course their people are different, so things don't come out the same.  But there is a lot of similarities."

(On what stands out to him about the 49ers front seven) "They're really tall. They're really big and tall. They're as big and tall as they can get. [Arik] Armstead and those guys are enormous guys and they're young guys just coming along and they're going to be big factors. They look like they're going to be really good."

(On how anxious team is to get back on the field) "We can't wait. Yeah, we can't wait. We are champing at the bit. There is some concern with being over anxious and trying too hard, I don't want that to happen at all. I want us to go play like we are capable.  From this point, as we get closer and the excitement and the energy builds, I'm going to be working them to keep us real level and play the kind of football we are accustomed to playing and not overdo it. But we have high standards and we didn't meet it last week and our guys are determined to get back on track."

Assistant Head Coach/ Offensive Line Tom Cable

(On can the size of the 49ers defensive line cause problems for the o-line) "They are tall guys.  So you got the issue of them knocking down passes, things like that.  But other than that, they are kind of like everybody in this league. They are all big people."

(On if he will stick with the same five in the same spots on the offensive line for this weekend's game against the 49ers)  "I think so; we're just working, competing every day, but there's no sense to panic or do anything crazy like that."

(On if there are any certain plays to he has to call on Sunday to instill confidence in the guys on the offensive line)  "No no, it's just their ability to go put plays together. It's like, you do it right once, let that play have no bearing on the next one. It's the next most important thing, so whether it's good or bad, don't be on the rollercoaster."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On what he has learned about Brian Hoyer after watching film) "I think they are going to try and get the ball out of his hands pretty fast.  They are going to do a lot of intermediate shots.  They are going to have some shots down the field, but I think it is just going to test us being able to recognize the routes and rallying to everything that is in front of us and try to minimize all the yards after catches and things of that nature.  We just got to be real disciplined this game."

(On how does the defense account for and cover Carlos Hyde) "We just got to know how they like to get him.  They are going to try and attack us on the perimeter a little bit.  I feel like we just got to wrap him up and find him, which I feel like over the course of the season we started doing a better job of last year and this year, we are doing a good job.  I think we just have to find him and be aware of where they like to get him out.  I think looking at the plays from last year that [Kyle] Shanahan ran, they do the 'flood the zone' a lot, so we've got to be prepared for when they try to do that.  We just have to have our eyes right and make sure we know where he is at.  He is a talented back, but I think we will be fine."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On how Head Coach Mike Shanahan of the 49ers and what Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard saw form coach Shanahan last week in his debut as Head Coach of the 49ers and how similar he is to when he was coaching with the Atlanta Falcons last year)  "Yeah, there are similarities there. There have been similarities all the way back from when he was in Washington, to Cleveland, to Atlanta, and he holds his playbook tight to the vest. He has core principles that you can tell he believes in, they're successful, he has had success with his plays, and that's what we are preparing for. We're preparing for the things that he has had success with before in the past, so the playbook is open. It's only been one game, they've had a preseason, but as far as we imagine, there're many more plays that he has under his sleeve."

(On if it makes it harder to game plan for a team that has so much turnover in the 49ers)  "Well, yeah, early on. Really, all you have is the preseason games and then obviously, we have a history against them having played against them before in the past, and it's just trying to find a balance. The balance is imagining what he believes his team can do well and what is going to work against us. It's just trying to find that happy medium between the two."

(On what some of those hallmarks are of Kyle Shanahan has when it comes to the defensive side of the ball)  "Stretch outside zone. Outside, zone, trying to attack the C-gaps, trying to expose the C-gaps in some way shape or form, whether it's going to be punch-side or getting the halfback cutting back and trying to attack it that side."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

*(On how the team regains the mentality of running the ball) *"I think we had a tremendous preseason. When you think about the effort that everybody put into it, the high-powered offense that we had, the high-powered defense that we've played with, the special teams, it's not some mystical thing. It's just fitting up on your blocks better, just making sure that we're making the right cuts, just making sure that I'm making the right reads, or whatever it may be. It's little things that add up, and they add up in a positive way, or they add up in a negative way. We believe that we're going to make it into a positive, and so we believe that we're right where we need to be. Unfortunately, we're 0-1, we'd like to be 1-0, but the reality is that we have all of the right people. We have all of the right people that can win and capitalize on what we're trying to do. We just need to stay poised, we need to stay really focused on the execution part of it all, and from there, I think we'll do our job."

(On if Thomas Rawls is available this weekend to play and what he will bring to the offense)  "Well, he brings a certain amount of energy and excitement. He can do a lot of great things, and we're excited about Thomas [Rawls] potentially playing this week. He's looked great all week, so we'll see what happens. He's a guy that, when you think about when he first started playing, he helped change the game and really, every time he touched the ball, it was thrilling to see. That was always exciting. Thank you guys, go Hawks."

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