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What The Redskins Are Saying About The Seahawks

Check out what Redskins coaches and players are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 9 at CenturyLink Field.

Check out what Redskins coaches and players are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 9 at CenturyLink Field, via

Head Coach Jay Gruden

(On preparing for the noise..)"We've been through it. Kansas City on Monday night was really loud, and Philadelphia on Monday night was really loud so we've practiced it a lot. The problem is we practiced it with our other guys, and now we have to practice it again with our new guys. We'll do that Thursday and Friday. We'll go in the bubble on Friday, work the noise really well and the snap count."

(On the defense not disguising plays...) "They've changed a little bit. They play cover threes, different versions of cover three. There's a couple different versions they can play and then they have their man-to-mans that they're very successful with, their five man rushes, blitz six a couple times and they have their two deep Tampa two stuff that they play sometimes. They mix up their coverages quite a bit. Just when you think they're going to play man-to-man on third down they bust out a cover three, or a Tampa two. They do a good job, the defense coordinators are very good. They know exactly where they're supposed to be and how they play the covers, and what plays hurt those covers and they know how to guard against them. So a very well coached football team and they have a lot of talent on defense, a lot of speed."

(On what he thinks of the Seahawks so far this season from what he's watched...)"Well, you see a well-coached football team and they're really finding their way on offense. Without a doubt, Russell Wilson is playing at a very high level, and then defensively, they still have an excellent pass-rush and Richard Sherman and excellent linebacker play and safety play. They have an all-around sound football team; they can get after you on defense and hurt you on offense with the speed of their receivers and the athleticism of their quarterback, and tight end obviously, too."

(On the challenge of playing in Seattle…) "That'll be a challenge. You know you work in accounts and all that stuff. It's always a great place to play Seattle. Whether you have a 10-year veteran or a one-game player it's always going to be a challenge. We've just got to get them ready and Kirk's got to do a great job of communicating the snap count. We've got to handle the noise."

(On if the defense affects the game plan…)"A little bit. We've still got to be able to pass the ball and protect whoever is out there. So it'll be a good challenge obviously with Michael Bennett and Frank Clark and those guys who can rush the passer and they just added Dwight Freeney also but we're going to have to do it. We're going to have to get him some help, maybe some quick game but we're still going to drop back and wing it."

Quarterback Kirk Cousins

(On the noise in Seattle…) "We handle it the way we've handled every other away game. You have silent counts, you yell and scream, you make sure the huddle is tight, you prepare for it at practice and you do the best you can. You make sure you're on the details."

(On facing a safety like Earl Thomas…) "Earl is a tremendous talent, great competitor. Covers a lot of ground, sees the game so well. He has a great deal of experience playing that position and just about everything you can try he's seen. He's going to make plays. I think also, while they have many, many great individual players I think the sum of the eleven is also what makes them a very good defense where they all pick each other up, they all help each other out. Where yes, I've got to beat Earl Thomas to a spot on a throw but I've also got to throw it over K.J. Wright, and throw it before Richard Sherman falls in on it so it's really a group effort to make each pass challenged and difficult. They want to force you into a tight throw where their athletes and their playmakers can make you wrong."

(On Seattle's secondary…)"I think you have to still play out your reads honestly and not necessarily just eliminate a side of the field because of any one player. At the same time understand and trust your eyes that if they're covered well you have to progress. I'll trust my eyes, and trust what I see and make quick decisions. You know, if that leads me into a great player then so be it. Certainly they're great players and I'm sure that many times they'll force me to progress and I'll have to stay patient and take what they give me.

Offensive Lineman Arie Kouandjio

(On preparing for Seattle's environment…) "Well we have a lot of great guys on the O-line, and we have a great coach. We have a pretty good system, everybody's kind of bought in and I think we're going to do what we have to do. A lot of guys have played in a lot of big games before this and I think it'll be all right."

(On extra preparation for the noise in Seattle…) "Well yeah, extra prep I don't know. They have the music blares and stuff like that during practice is going. I mean it's a game, it's just another game, it's just another hurdle, it's just another obstacle. I mean Kirk after practice today talked about grit. It's going to be a challenge especially because we have a lot of new guys on the line, I mean I came in last week but gosh it's just another hurdle."

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Tight End Vernon Davis

(On Seattle's defense…) "For them defensively, they're good. They're good, they've been a pretty good defense for a while. We all know about Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, those guys. They play together. That's one thing they really do well, they play together, they're always communicating and they make plays. So we have to come out fast, and strong, and put it all out there. Lay it all on the line, and step up when it's time to step up and make plays to help this team win. We have to do that in order to stay in the race."

Linebacker Zach Brown

(On the noise in Seattle…) "On defense we should be able to hear a little bit but after the play it's going to get loud but you've just got to keep your calm because it's going to be loud, it's going to be very hostile environment we're going to go into. We've just got to keep our calm and execute the game plan."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

(On planning for the 3rd down strength Seattle has…) "I think you look at the film you come up with a defense. He's a great scrambling quarterback, he can get out of the pocket and make plays down the field so we're going to try to put our guys in the best situations to make plays and try to get after him at certain times. Other times maybe play back and sit a little bit in zone coverage and vice versa."

(On Russell Wilson…) "I think you try. You've got to be cautious of your pass lanes, and make sure you're in those pass lanes as a defensive lineman. From the back end you've got to blast those receivers because he does a great job of keeping his eyes up the field and letting the ball loose, and he's got a great arm to get the ball down the field so overall we've got to make sure we harass him in the pocket and make sure we cage him a little bit and then overall get plaster drills on the backside."

(On Doug Baldwin…) "He's just got great route running capability and he does a great job of getting back up the field when Russell breaks the pocket and he spots him and he does a great job of looking for him."

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