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What The Ravens Said Following Their 37-3 Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 9 loss to the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"First of all, like we said in the locker room, and I'll say it again – all glory to God. We are a humble group that works hard, and I'm really proud of those guys for the way they played. There's been a lot of things going on in terms of challenges to preparation – different travel, different things [and] injuries. Guys have done just a great job of fighting through that [and] keeping our eyes straight ahead. No turning to the left, no turning to the right and just doing the best that they can do, and it showed up today in a total team effort. That's what it was – [a] total team effort against a very good football team. [I'm] proud of that. We'll stand on that going forward and stack it, and then we'll get ready for, obviously, a huge game next Sunday against our division rival, the [Cleveland] Browns. What questions do you have?"

When you look up at the scoreboard and see that you are beating another division leader in the Seattle Seahawks by 34 points, what's going through your head?*_(Jamison Hensley)_* "I thought, 'Man, I like these a lot better. That's OK.' It's great, because as a coach, it's fulfilling because all the things you work on, and all the things that [the] guys work on, you see it transferred onto the field in a game. That's what you're excited about, because they have success. The guys have success doing the things that you want, but you also understand that it's one win. You don't get credit for more than one win, no matter what the score is. Our job is to stack wins, and our attention turns to the next game. [I'm] happy with the guys. They're going to enjoy it, and then Tuesday afternoon, they'll be working on the [Cleveland] Browns."

What makes this Ravens' defense so special and unique as compared to all of the team's dominant defenses throughout your time here? Is it the malleability?*_(Kyle Goon)_* "That's a good question. I think that's a great word for it, really, to be honest with you. That's excellent. I wouldn't have thought of that, but there's a lot of truth in that. I think we have the ability to morph the way we need to morph week to week, series to series. That's one thing. The other thing is the guys. The guys have been on point. The guys are doing what they're supposed to do as hard as they can every play. Now, it's not perfect all the time, but when you do as hard as you can and as well as you can every play, you get pretty close. I like it, but it's never as good [and] never as bad as you think it's going to be. We'll go to work. We'll get on the tape. I'm sure we'll find plenty of things to work on."

What did you think of the Ravens' defense forcing a fumble on QB Geno Smith late in the first half and having the sudden change of possession and kicking the field goal on that drive?*_(Luke Jones) _*"I think that's the turning point in the game. That'll probably be [who I give] the 'lion spike' when you talk about that. For that situation to turn out the way it did and the defense to get the stop and then get the next stop again, and we get the field goal because of that stop and just flip the whole thing around was massive. That probably just flipped the game in our direction momentum-wise."

What do you remember of RB Keaton Mitchell's arrival? When did you see you had something with him?*_(Bo Smolka)_* "Well, he's right here [in the media room]." (laughter) "He's a humble guy, which we appreciate.  He works really hard. We don't want to run that right now. He's been raised the right way. He's a football family-kid. He's a player's son [to former Ravens DB Anthony Mitchell], and he has an amazing family. He's been raised the right way. He's humble. He works hard. He knows how hard it is. [He] doesn't take anything for granted, and he doesn't get too frustrated with the injuries and things like that. He just fights through it every single day, and then [to] see it pay off for him is great. He knows the next challenge. Now, they know who he is, so it's going to be a new challenge next week. He's looking forward to that. Yes, [I'm] proud of him. [The] offensive line played great. I thought Lamar [Jackson] had an outstanding game. I thought our receivers … How about Rashod Bateman? [He made] two really tough catches – coming up with those catches [and] keeping drives alive. Isaiah Likely converting two big third downs for us – the one in four-minute [offense] that kept it going by breaking two or three tackles. You go on and on with those guys. I thought Mark [Andrews] had a big game. [He had] a couple big third downs and the one that got us to the fourth [down] and one [that] we got them to jump offsides. Those are the kind of things that get hidden in the game that you forget about that lead to the kind of outcome that we had today. [There's] just a lot of guys to talk about."

How is QB Lamar Jackson health-wise after appearing dinged up after his fourth down and two run in the third quarter?*_(Shawn Stepner)_* "He's OK. [I] wish it wouldn't have happened that way, but it's not bad. I don't want to ever see anything like that, but he seems like he's OK. [Are] you OK, Lamar [Jackson]?" Jackson: "Yes, I'm good." (laughter) "There you go."

Did RB Keaton Mitchell factor into the team's decision to not make a trade for a running back at the trade deadline?*_(Mike Preston)_* "That's a good question. That really never came into the conversation. [I'm] just being honest. I think we knew what we had with him, and we also have … I'm going to tell you, Melvin Gordon's a really good back, too. We have four guys that we really like, but I think you look at value and what it costs and opportunity. It just didn't work out, but yes, it's probably a pretty good point. It turned out OK, right?"

Was it nice to see a smile on WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s face after he scored his first touchdown of the season and have some nice catches throughout the game?*_(Childs Walker)_* "It was great. We had a word, and he's great. To see him come back – that's what you expect out of a player like that – a veteran player who has done it before. Lamar [Jackson] threw a great pass on that slant [route] – [a] catch and run slant. It might have been man [coverage] or [Cover] 3 Lock – one of the two. Then, to get the touchdown pass – another great throw. I think 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] threw that one touchdown pass, and it was a great call by [offensive coordinator] Todd [Monken]. Odell [Beckham Jr.] ran a great route [on] a double move back out to the corner. Yes, it was good to see."

The Seattle Seahawks' run defense was dominant even before they traded for DT Leonard Williams. For the way the offense was able to run the ball on them, what does it say about the group?*_ (Jonas Shaffer)_* "It says a lot about the O-line and the backs and Lamar [Jackson]. Lamar had a number of those runs, too, but also the threat of Lamar. The passing game is going, so they can't just gang up on the run too much. Then, the execution of the O-line and the backs and the tight ends. There's a lot of guys blocking, but Mark [Andrews]; We see him as a receiver, yet he's a really good blocker. All those things factor in."

Why is every position on defense clicking in the pass rush game so consistently and effectively this season?*_(Kyle Barber)_* "I'll tell you what. It's like a thousand things you work on, and everybody works on pass rush. Everybody works on timing the blitzes. Everybody works on the patterns. Everybody works on the [pass] coverage behind it. A big part of what you saw today with that was I think the complementary football between the coverage and the rush. The coverage got the quarterback [Geno Smith] to hold the ball, and then the rush got there a number of times. They're going to be frustrated on the ones they didn't get [Smith] down when he moved out of there [the pocket]. I thought our coverage was outstanding, and our rush got there. It works together."

We saw you encouraging the fans to get louder during the game. Was that because you saw that they were interfering with the Seattle Seahawks' play calling?*_(Kevin Richardson)_* "Yes, absolutely. When our fans go, it makes a huge difference. Sometimes, we had the lead there, and I felt like they were … We needed them to [say] 'Let's go! We want to get this stop, too,' and then they did. They did, and they make such a big difference for us when they're loud like that. They are. They always are. Did they notice? Did they get riled up when that happened? Did you notice the difference?"

QB Lamar Jackson

(on how he's feeling right now) "I feel great."

(on the key to the rushing attack doing well today) "Well, [let's] start with the offensive line [who] made great blocks, but the running backs were doing what they do – making explosive [plays]. Gus [Edwards] running for two touchdowns, Justice [Hill] doing his thing on the ground and then Keaton [Mitchell] is just flying past everyone. Great job by those guys and the offensive line."

(on how close this team is to hitting their peak and their stride)"If we're playing like that, we don't even need to hit [a] peak or stride, just keep staying locked in how we are and just playing every opponent the same way [with] physicality, being smart, and defending what's ours – our home turf." (Reporter: Do you feel like this team isn't close to reaching its peak?)"I wouldn't say we're far off or we're close, we just need to keep doing what we're doing. [We need to] keep stacking and keep getting better each and every week."

(on if he felt like he was going to commit to running the ball early this game) "I just thought that Coach [Todd Monken] was going to be a lot balanced and I believe he was today with play calling [like] just run the ball here, play action there, throwing the ball quick, throwing it down the field. He hit every aspect of the game today and it showed."

(on why he thinks the team is playing so well right now) "We have guys who are hungry on our team. [We] have young guys, veterans, and guys just want to win. Like I said earlier this season, we have something we're chasing. It takes us playing Ravens football each and every week, and we've been trying to do that, and we have been."

(on how big WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s first touchdown was and what he said to him after) "Oh, yes, and you know it's his [Odell Beckham Jr.'s] birthday today? I was definitely fired up and my brother [Tyler Huntley] threw the touchdown and it was great. He made a great pass and [Odell] made a great catch. I don't know what the celebration was, I was just pumped because he got his touchdown."

(on what he thought of RB Keaton Mithcell's performance today and if he anticipated this from him) "Absolutely. We've seen in the preseason where he was playing against the [Commanders]. We saw how explosive he was, and we see it in practice, but today the offensive line just gave him a little room and he did the rest. He was hitting the hole … Just making crazy runs [and] great cuts. It was great to see. Sometimes, I wasn't carrying out my fake, because I wanted to see what he was going to do with the ball."

(on if he's taking the time to enjoy this win more than he did the win against the Lions) "If anything it's for [Keaton Mitchell] having so much success today [and] 'OB' [Odell Beckham Jr.] getting his first touchdown. But we still had two turnovers. We're trying to finish games without turnovers, but having the performance we did and put points on the board as we did today. Like you said, there's still room for improvement and we still haven't hit our ceiling, I don't believe."

(on his 18-1 record against the NFC)"I still don't want to talk about it." (laughter)

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

(on his first touchdown today)"It just feels good. When the Super Bowl [injury] happened [in 2022], and I went down, there were contemplations on whether I wanted to come back and do this all over again, and I just said to myself for any other kid out there who is watching and was once inspired, 'What message would I send to give up?' Even if I came out here and had one catch in the NFL, I said I would be happy. I know I was probably lying [to] myself. I have a lot of high expectations. It feels good to finally to get that one [touchdown] off you. We've been playing great ball, but just like we talked about earlier from a personal standpoint, God has a sense of humor, and for it to come on [my] birthday, it couldn't be a better gift."

(on the play-by-play and the route of his first touchdown)"It was something that we had seen on tape. 'Monk' [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] said it was going to happen just like that. I've ran that route plenty of times, and it played out perfectly. [We] just drew it up, [and] we executed, and it feels great to get that one off you."

(on if his touchdown celebration dance was the Park Heights strut)"Yes. I had a different celebration in mind, but then it was just, there's so much I want to do for this team, organization and also the city of Baltimore. They've embraced me in the culture, and that's all I want to do is be able to put on for them, to make them proud and just see where we go from here."

(on what it means to him that his teammates cared so much about him getting his first touchdown) "It's everything. It's the same as how I felt when Zay Flowers scored [against Tennessee in London]. I was way across the field, and I'm running all the way over there when Keaton [Mitchell] scored [his first NFL touchdown]. I see everybody running down there. We're with each other every day more than you are with your family, and it's a brotherhood, and you're just so happy to see people succeed when you've seen all the hard work that they've put in. We're our brothers' keepers, and it was great to feel that and see everybody on the sideline and everybody else excited."

(on how it felt seeing QB Lamar Jackson be happy for him even though it was QB Tyler Huntley who threw the pass) "It was just a great moment. [Lamar Jackson] knows we've all put in hard work. It's been a long journey for me since February 22, 2022, all the way until now. It's been a very long, long journey. [It's been] tough days, dark days, hard days [and] some good in there. Just to see him smiling, he was excited. He's been saying it for weeks. 'When it rains, it pours.' He's like, 'It's going to happen. It's going to happen, and we're all going to get rolling.' And [it's] just another win. You just have to keep stacking them."

(on him showing a lot of emotion on his first down catches and if that was building up to his touchdown catch) "Yes. There's a part of me that just … I've come so far to where I was like a catch is just a catch. Let's get back to the huddle. There's this other part that I tried to battle within myself of being grateful for those moments because they're not promised – just like that anything can happen – and today was about having that joy. My favorite play of the game was when I saw Keaton [Mitchell] bouncing, get loose, and we all saw how fast he is. Just to watch him score, it just was a lot of fun. It was special to be able to play on your birthday in the National Football League, so I'm truly blessed."

(on if this team has the same culture of the 2021 Rams Super Bowl team that he was a part of)"One thousand percent. Winning a Super Bowl, I know what the atmosphere was like and the energy in the locker room and the day to day and the team and the players. The players are always going to be that. This is definitely that. At the end of the day, that's the goal. We don't have to speak about it all the time, but that's obviously the goal."

(on if he had a feeling a touchdown would happen today for him)"I did. Every time I've gone out there recently, I just try and reset the clock no matter what kind of game I had and be like, "Today's the day. Today's the day,' and it was definitely that today. 'Today's the day. Today's the day.' Even after the fumble, [I thought] 'Today's the day.' Even though I was down … My favorite line is, 'Ball don't lie,' and God had my back today. [As] soon as [the fumble] happens, three plays in a row, he was like, 'Listen. We know you're down, so we'll reverse this for you on my own terms.' So, that felt good. It's tough when you're in it [and] just finding ways to be with your mind. [I] just had to keep checking away and say, 'Today is going to be the day,' and God delivered a pretty nice birthday gift." 

(on picking up RB Keaton Mitchell's first touchdown ball)"I saw [Keaton Mitchell] dancing and everything, and I wanted to watch the dance, but I was like, that's a special ball. You have to make sure you have it. He ended up seeing it, but I just wanted to make sure he had that. It was a special moment for him. He's worked hard. He dealt with some nicks and bruises in camp and just to see him score, just to see him run all day, I actually owe him a touchdown. He ended up breaking away on a play that I never … It looked like he was down, and it was just something that we talk about where it's the backside effort, and it's championship effort. That's a play that me and my mom talk about, and I owe him a touchdown. So, I'll make sure that I try [and] block for him next week."

RB Gus Edwards

(on the momentum that this win brings)"We've got to build off of it. This is a good win – a win that definitely mattered. It was a great opponent that we faced, and we've got a big one coming up next week. We've just got to keep going."

(on relying more on the run)"I think the game just kind of flowed. It kind of flowed, and we kind of leaned on what was working and were able to get the results that we wanted."

(on RB Keaton Mitchell coming into his own today)"Man, I love it. I love it. [Keaton Mitchell] is a guy that's been working long and hard every day since he's been here. [He's] an undrafted free agent, [and] like I was saying, kind of went under the radar. Just to see him get in the end zone and make those types of runs – break tackles [and] show his speed – it's terrific. I'm really happy for him, but he's got a lot more to contribute."

C Tyler Linderbaum

(on gaining nearly 300 yards rushing versus the Seattle Seahawks)"They were giving us some challenges early in the game, but we just stuck with the run game. The running backs did a great job finding holes, and it was good to see Keaton's [Mitchell] coming out game. We knew what he could do, but that just adds to the good running backs we already have. To have him added to the mix makes it really hard for defenses to prepare for us. We just stayed at it. It's a four-quarter game, and we played them all."

(on how he would describe QB Lamar Jackson's play right now)"Awesome. He is the heart of our offense. Everything runs through him. We go as he goes, and he has been playing tremendously. He's got a great command of the offense, and we are going to keep pushing forward with him. We will have another tough challenge this Sunday [against Cleveland], so we will have to be ready."

(on the offense as a unit) "We are a tight-knit group. We feed off each other, we push each other hard, and it is a credit to the vets in the room – Kevin [Zeitler], Morgan [Moses], Ronnie [Stanley], and then just go down the line, Patrick [Mekari]. They have been with the Ravens for five to six years, and they know what is expected of us and how the Ravens' offensive line should be playing. We know that there were guys that came before us, Hall of Famers, All-Pros, and we just want to keep that tradition going."

(on how it feels to beat two NFC division leaders – the Lions and Seahawks – by 30-plus points in this league) "It's still early, we have a lot of season to go, and I know it is cliché taking it one game at a time and doing our job. We just have to keep it going."

DT Justin Madubuike

(on containing RB Kenneth Walker III) "We wanted to make him uncomfortable early. We have a lot of respect for him and their quarterback [Geno Smith]. He's a dynamic quarterback, and when he comes to our house, we want to make him uncomfortable early. We wanted to send a message early. I thought we schemed well and that put us in a position to be successful."

(on the play of RB Keaton Mitchell) "Keaton is a young guy, willing to work, and today he showed the world what he can do. Great athlete, great guy, and the sky is the limit for him. [He's] a great teammate."

(on pressuring Seahawks QB Geno Smith and how that impacted the game) "It definitely affected the dynamics of the game. Again, just wanted to make him uncomfortable early and that has an effect as the game goes on. Getting sacks is great, but the constant pressure affects the game."

(on outside linebackers coach Chuck Smith's influence on the pass rush) "Chuck Smith is a guy who has played in the NFL and rushed the passer effectively for years. Whatever he tells us comes from experience. He has played in the Super Bowl; he's rushed John Elway. I have much respect for Chuck, and he has definitely shown us ways to get to the quarterback better and faster. In terms of technique and steps, footwork, hands, and definitely helping us to sack the quarterback. Everybody on the defense tunes in and listens to him. We're asking questions, taking notes, dialing in to film study after practice. He gives us the little things that add up to big things, and that adds to our success rushing the passer."

RB Keaton Mitchell

(on what it means to him to have the game he did today as an undrafted rookie)"It means a lot. My dad was undrafted. He came here [to Baltimore]. He told me everything I needed to know. [He said] just stay humble, keep doing what you do, keep thanking God, and your time will come. And today, it came, so [I'll] just keep going."

(on if his father was here to watch the game today)"No. He missed this one. He missed it. He was deciding [between] Thanksgiving and Christmas games [or] the next two games, but no. It's many more games like this to come, so it will be alright."

(on if he comes in with the mentality that he can be a change of pace that maybe the defense isn't ready for)"Yes. Coming in, I just … When I'm on the sideline, I'm just looking at everybody else [and] seeing them play. Seeing the O-Line was just giving us the holes that we needed and the opportunities ... When I came in, I just took advantage of what the offensive line was giving me, and then it happened."

(on if he thinks his size makes it tough for linebackers to find him)"Of course." (laughter)"Of course." 

(on what was going through his head as he was nearing the end zone and his excitement)"When I break, and I know I'm [going to] score, I'm just thinking of my celebration. I know in the running back room, Gus [Edwards] and Justice Hill … We told them next time they get in the end zone, they have to do a dance or something, but no, me and 'Mel' [Melvin Gordon III] were just dancing at practice and just having fun with it. And you [saw], I just did a little something, but no, it was great."

(on how much more at ease he feels once he gets more carries and finds success throughout the game) "As the game was going on, the O-Line, like I said, the O-Line was just giving me opportunities like every time. So, I was just staying patient, reading my reads and just doing what I had to do after the line just [did] what they did."

(on his mentality when he didn't get drafted, if there were other teams calling him, and if his dad playing here was a factor in coming to Baltimore)"Yes, there were other teams [calling me], but I just did my research and felt like this was the best fit. Of course, my dad came here. I really wasn't thinking about it until they called my phone, and I was like, 'Might as well.' [Being] undrafted, [I] just have to stay humble and stay hungry."

(on if he got out of this game healthy)"Yes, I'm good. I'm good."

(on how it felt to see his teammates reacting to his first career touchdown)"It was a blessing, man. The guys keep my head up every day. They believe in me, and it's just like a family in that locker room, so I just appreciate everybody in there [for] believing in me, trusting me and just being proud of the game I had. So, I really appreciate that."

ILB Patrick Queen

(on what today's dominating performance means to him)"It means a lot. We got that taste out of our mouth from last week. We all know we didn't play up to our standards on defense last week, and as soon as the game [ended], not one person smiled; I think Kyle Van Noy was the only guy smiling. These games aren't promised; the wins aren't promised. But it's just a standard that we uphold here, and we were really upset that we didn't uphold that [last week]. So, we just knew, coming into our house this week that we had to put a statement out there."

(on the key to shutting down Seattle's offense)"They've definitely got some good players, but it comes down to us. It's always on the defense – just all of us being locked in, all of us being on one accord [and] all of us just doing our job to the best of our ability. As long as we communicate … Like I said, the biggest thing for us is communication. When we communicate, [when] we're lined up and ready, I don't think anybody can take us."

(on RB Keaton Mitchell arriving)"[Keaton Mitchell] definitely did [arrive]. He definitely did. That's what we were expecting. We were actually talking about it right before he did break the touchdown; we were like, 'It's one person [who] keeps stopping him, and if that one person is not there, he's gone. Sure enough, [on] the next play, he outruns them all."

(on WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s TD grab)"It definitely was special. We know that guy; we know how [Odell Beckham Jr.] is; we know the confidence that he has. And we've just got to get him going. We got him going today – you can see – [with] catch after catch. And obviously, people are holding him in the end zone; that's why he's so frustrated. He's just getting held, and [people are] taking opportunities away from him. But we know that guy; we know he's a baller. Everybody knows he's a superstar. We've just got to get him the ball and let him be him."

(on playing at home)"It definitely was sweet. All these road trips … But you get to bond with your teammates more, so I don't hate the road trips. But it's definitely a different feeling being home."

S Geno Stone

(on what making the big stop after a giveaway says about being ready even when the game changes)"You just have to go out there and put the fire out. [The] offense is going to make mistakes, we're going to make mistakes, and special teams, same thing. You have to go out there and have your brothers' backs, so really just having our brothers' backs, going out there, put the fire out, and getting in situations you can succeed in."

(on what's the toughest thing about stopping RB Keaton Mitchell) "That boy [has] speed. [Keaton Michell] has speed, and he's starting to show it now. He showed glimpses in the preseason, but I'm happy for him. [He's a] rookie getting his opportunity and making the most of it."

(on if RB Keaton Mitchell has shown that breaking tackle ability) "That's my first time actually seeing it. That was my first time, because in the preseason, [Keaton Mitchell] really … He had the speed and was getting going, but him breaking tackles, especially with some of the guys out there that are known for tackling, that's pretty crazy. But I'm happy for him though."

(on what the team can take from holding two Top 10 offenses to a total of nine points)"I just feel like we have to play better each week. I felt like last week, people weren't talking about what type of offense we [were], and then we played a good offense and turned it on. I feel like we always have to keep the switch on all the time. I feel like we showed how dominant we could really be in this league. I feel like we have to show that each week, and never really let up [no matter] who the opponent is."

(on wearing an Ed Reed hoodie and if he's looking to break his interception record with 9 in one season)"I'm not putting any number on it any more. I'm just going to go out there, playing my job and doing what I have to do. If the ball comes to me and I get that, I'll be thankful and happy, but I'm just paying respect to the 'GOAT.' He's the greatest safety of all time, to me."

(on if he's ever had four-consecutive games with an interception)"Yes. [At] my high school, I had 10 picks in one year, and we had like 10 games or whatever it was, but I had a few games that I had three [interceptions] in, so that kind of helped me out. That's why I'm really not surprised. I know I can do it. It's just an opportunity for me to go do it, so that's what I'm happy for."

(on what it says about the team when S Kyle Hamilton says something to him after dropping an interception)"I blame him because I put my hands up and said, 'Here, take my hands,' and I forgot to give them back, so I kind of dropped one, too. (laughter)I kind of took his hands, so it's alright."

(on if this is a preview of what S Kyle Hamilton can do moving around in different spots)"I feel like [Kyle Hamilton] showed it last year. He kind of played that position all last year, and he showed his versatility against the [Colts]. He had three sacks in one half; it was unbelievable, but Kyle, he can do a lot for us. He can play outside if he really wants to, inside, nickel, and he can play safety. He's the type of guy that's a generational talent, and he's showing what he can do now."

(on what OLB Kyle Van Noy has added to this defense)"He added that veteran presence and a guy that knows ball. Guys can make plays. He's definitely a huge help for us. We have a bunch of guys up there, like [Justin] Madubuike is balling right now, 'Broddy' [Broderick Washington], 'J.D.' [Jadeveon Clowney] – plenty of guys right now up there playing ball well, and they're playing well together, so that's a great thing to have. They're a bunch of veterans helping younger guys, and we don't really have many young guys right now. We're all experienced. I feel like we're playing well together right now."

(on what's the reason for the supportive culture that the Ravens' defense has)"We're just not being selfish. We're unselfish guys here. We want everyone to succeed in this league. You don't want to pray on anyone's downfall, especially right now, [because] we know what team we have [and] where we can go. You want to be happy for everyone's success, and when everyone plays well, everything happens well for everybody else, so I feel like we have the group right now to do what we have to do, and we have to continue to do it."

(on how he would characterize defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald and how much of the success is his influence)"It's a lot on [defensive coordinator] Mike [Macdonald]. It's his game plan he puts together each week. We just go out and show what we can do with it. He puts us in the right spots, the right positions to make plays, and it's really all him. He has a great staff that he put together right now, and we have great players to go out there and make plays that he put together."

(on how he would describe the defense's confidence)"We're a team that … Like you said, shoot, you give up 10 yards on us, we're going to be upset, no matter what it is. [If it's a] big play, we're going to be upset. We're probably going to have plays that we look [at] on film, and we're like, 'We can be way better.' It's great. You want a defense like that because you never want to be satisfied. Like I said, I'm not satisfied. I dropped a pick today, [or] whatever it is, but I feel like, like you said, we're a bunch of – excuse my French – we're a bunch of [expletives] out there. It is what it is, and we want to be the best defense we can be."

OLB Kyle Van Noy

(on what has allowed the defense to play at this level) "That's a really good question. I think it's … First, it starts with the standard, and then secondly, as a group, all 11 of us and some that aren't starters, buying into that standard and trying to elevate each other, take the coaching and just produce that onto the football field. We have a lot of guys on this team that have chips on their shoulders or come from different backgrounds, whatever you want to call it, that are buying into each other, that believe in each other, and it shows on the football field. I just believe that, offensively, defensively and [on] special teams, this is a great group of guys that are really close. Like I think you guys come into the locker room every day, [and] you guys see that. We're a tight knit group, we hang out with each other, and it's been fun."

(on if there's a spirit on this defense that you want to own every minute of the game)"Yes. We talk about dominating, and that's kind of something that we really lean on each other for, and we mean it. We don't just go out there to win; we want to dominate and show we're … We try to be the best defense in the country. We can't say the world because you know that went crazy this summer." (laughter)

(on if they took it personally that the Arizona Cardinals had a strong run game on them last week) "Hell, yes."

(on if there is a sense of pride with him and OLB Jadeveon Clowney because they didn't start the year on the team but are proving to be productive players)"Who needs training camp?" (laughter)

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 9 at the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on November 5, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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