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What The Rams Said Following Their Win Over The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Rams said following their meeting in Week 5 against the Seahawks. 


(Thoughts for Paul Allen…) "I want to start out by letting everyone know our organizations' thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Paul Allen. We wanted to do something out of respect and were just hopeful he makes a recovery with our pins. Those are things that give you a real perspective when you have something like that going on. We wish him nothing but the best and hopefully a good recovery."

(Opening statement…) "What a tough hard fought game. I thought guys continued to battle. Guys stepped up when we lost some big time players. They are a really tough football team. I have a whole lot of respect for Coach Carroll, a lot of their players and coaching staff. It took everything we had today. I know our players are exhausted. I'm certainly exhausted. But I cannot say enough about our players resolve and the way they continued to battle to get it done. Especially Jared right there at the end, getting enough push. There were a lot of good things. That was a good, hard fought game. It was good caliber, a good caliber game."

(What was the thought on going for it on fourth down late and how that helped your team…) "I just think the belief. We talk about attacking. You could see that our guys believed. They wanted to go for it. When you have your players that believe, you want to put the trust in them. It's a players game. Jared did a great job. He mixed up his cadence a little bit. It was a formation they (Seattle) were leaning pretty heavily on with some specific runs we had done. We found a way not to be denied. We got a good interior push right there. I thought Gurley was outstanding there. You talk about tough hard physical runs. We felt like he might have gotten the first down on a couple of those previous plays but we have to react and adjust accordingly. To be able to put the game in the offense's hands to deliver and close it out after the big stop the defense got. I love the way that Santos responded after the missed extra point to kick the game winning field goal. There are a lot of examples, the coaching staff did a good job of adjusting. That's what we talk about being mentally tough and certainly that was tested today."

(How did your defense limit Russell Wilson in the fourth quarter…) "You look at finding ways to win football games as a team. I thought our defense was at the best when they had to be. They got critical stops. The offense got a field goal and then to be able to run out the clock right there. You talk about the special teams plays. I wish we would have been able to score on the blocked punt earlier in the game. I have to start learning my lessons with some of the plays that I am selecting for us in the red zone. That's something I have to look critically at myself and be better for our football team going forward. If you look at the players stepping in, we lost two big time players who are so instrumental for us in Cooks and Kupp. Then to have those guys Hodge and Reynolds step up and make plays when they had their opportunities. I thought Robert Woods leadership from that group specifically and Eric Yarber was instrumental to help those guys. Jared did the same thing. They did a great job in stepping in."

(Was there a concerted effort to try and contain Russell Wilson more rather than let him leak out…) "Yes that was a point of emphasis anytime you go against a phenomenal player and his ability to extend plays with his athleticism. That's why Russell is such a great player because he can beat you in a variety of ways. You look at some of the plays he is able to make off schedule flipping things. He has a great feel for the game. I thought he threw the deep ball extremely accurate today when he had a chance. That's why you respect him and he is a great player."

(How big was this win going to 5-0…) "It was big because it was a division game. It gives us a chance to be 5-0. We need to find a way to get ourselves healthy and get ready for a tough Denver Broncos team going on the road again. The toughness and the resolve of this football team was certainly tested today and guys delivered in a big way. I can't say enough about our coaching staff ability to adjust and the players coming in, especially some of those guys who had to step up because of the injuries. It was really a great job by our team today."


(On if they thought Seattle was unprepared for the QB Sneak…) "It felt that way, maybe a little bit. Maybe they thought we were not going to run a play. We tried to present a similar formation to what we would normally run the ball out of, and it worked."

(On what it means to win on the road in Seattle…) "Tough. Tough, tough, tough win. In a game that we were really down and out of for most of it. They were doing their thing offensively and we were, as well. Any time you're going back and forth like that it can always end in any way. We got that stop right when we needed it with the sack late there. Forcing the punt for us to get the ball – defense stepped up when we needed them. Same thing as last week, same type of thing. Grind, and grind, and grind, and step up when we needed it. Those wins are tough – on the road, divisional game, at this field, which is always a tough place to play. I don't care how well you play, or how well they play, or how bad either team plays, it is always tough to win here."

(On how important going 5-0 and keeping Seattle to 2-3 is…) "It's huge. Especially since it's a divisional game. Especially since it was a division game on the road. Any time you win those they're huge. They are a good team and have been for a long time."

(On if he felt like they left some points on the board early on…) "Yeah, that was frustrating. I think we left 14 out there early on. The interception just sucks. It was a good play by the defender and he made a good play on the ball. We got to take care of the ball. They made a good play but we would like to do that a little bit differently. I think we kicked a field goal down there the next time. That's the stuff that we've been working on, stuff that we want to continue to do is finish drives and I thought today we did a good job towards the end of the day improving on that."

(On the kicker Santos missing a PAT early but coming through with the FG later…) "That was impressive. For a guy that's been on our team for one week to not flinch, not blink. Missing the PAT and to come back and kick what ends up to be the game-winner is huge."


(On how much a role emotion played in this game…) "Oh, man, there was a lot of emotions. You knew this was just one of those games that was going to come down to the wire, and I just tried to give my team some energy. The defense was upset, but just tell them we got their back. We all in this together. It's not going to be a blowout win or whatever. It was just one of those fun games."

(On how the decision to go for it on fourth down came about…) "We didn't get it. I didn't do a good enough job. We put the ball in Goff's hands. He got it, first down, win the game. Coach made the decision and we just rolled with it. We knew we was going to get it. We should have got it the previous two plays, but that's why we play ball."

(On what it's like to pull out a close win on the road…) "You need these. It's very hard to win in this league. You need to know when these games do come around that, can you finish? That's what we did today. Tough environment. Doesn't matter which team it is. You've just got to be able to close out those close games."


(On the balance playing against Russell [Wilson]) "Definitely got to have great assignment on your end because it's like we have to squeeze a box on him. I said it before you have to kind of collapse on him and if you don't collapse on him you leave that open and he'll take advantage of it. His guys do a great job of doing the scramble drill and you know, getting open when he gets to moving around. It's definitely a strategic way to rush Russell Wilson."

(On the feeling when they made the final stop) "It felt great because we got back to the basics. Everybody trusted each other, everybody played their gap, ran their gap and when it came to the perimeter runs the secondary stepped up and closed it off. We just did a really good job of taking it to the basics with everyone winning their gap."

(On what the defense thought when the offense goes for it on fourth and short) "Man, that offense has balls and we are riding behind them. We are riding behind them. When we saw it, the offense was ready to go if we needed to. We had confidence in the O, we know that they'd get the job done. The big emphasis today was that we know our offense is great. We know that they're great. As a defense we have to put the ball in their hands more so it doesn't have to be a hard fought game like this. We are a better team than what we showed today even though we did win. We'll be better next time."


(On today's win) "It's a great win on the road in the division. I think we're all just really happy about it right now but I think we're going to see that when we go back and watch the film, there's going to be a lot of things that we can clean up like any week, but being that this was a divisional game, it's super important. We're going to go and get back to work on Monday and start moving forward."

(On going for it on fourth-and-1 late) "We wanted to go for it. The body language is just, as the punt team came off and something was going on with the whistles or something, and we just kind of started moseying on back out to the field like 'alright, let's do this, we're going to go ahead and get this.' It was a lot of confidence that Coach (Sean McVay) put on us and we were very happy to get the yard and clinch the game."

(On the Seahawks defense on fourth-and-1) "Go for it, not go for it, try to draw them offsides, it's kind of a risky game there so you've got to be kind of on your toes from a defensive standpoint but not overcommitting. Maybe they felt we were going to draw them offsides. Maybe it's what the textbook would tell you to do but I think Jared (Goff) is a crafty guy and we ended up getting the first down."


(On the challenge of defending against Russell Wilson…) "You've just got to know who you're playing against and know what he's capable of. You've got to understand he's not just stumbling around. He's trying to get the ball downfield, just waiting for his receivers to get open. So you know you've got to cover for four to six seconds, which is hard, but we were able to come away with a win, so we'll take it."

(On facing adversity…) "I think it's good, because we came out on the right side of it. I feel like that's good for us. It's going to happen in the season. It could happen any week, so you could lose any week, so you're going to have to face some adversity in a season."


(On winning multiple games in Seattle…) "I think this just continues the rivalry. A lot of these guys weren't here, but I remember the days when Golden Tate used to taunt us before he got to the end zone. I remember the close games in the Edward Jones Dome. You could say that sways my decision about what I think about this team, but at the end of the day we knew it was going to be a tough, physical game. We had to overcome a lot of adversity, but that speaks volumes about our team."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 33-31 loss at home in Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.