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What The Rams Said Following Their Win Against The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Rams said following their meeting in Week 10 against the Seahawks.


(Opening Statement) "Great job by our guys finding a way to win. It's been a tough week, where there's a lot of things that are a lot bigger than football going on this week. I think our players have done a great job representing why they're special people with their ability to try to use this platform that they do have as a way of putting their arm around some people. Whether it's people going through some of the things with the fires, obviously, the shooting that occurred earlier in the week but that's what's real. To find a way to get a win against a tough division opponent is a big time job by our guys. But not pleased at all with the penalties, the self-inflicted wounds - it's not indicative of the type of football team that we want to be. I've got to do a better job of making sure that our standards, our expectations, are much higher with regards to how we respond to some of the things that don't go our way or if some things are being done to try to entice a response from us."

(On OLB Dante Fowler Jr. and the referee as he was leaving the field and if he was given an explanation of what the dialogue was and what happened) "Yeah, there was a dialogue that existed that (OLB) Dante (Fowler Jr.) knows he can't have. They wanted to get control of the game and we can't do those kind of things and there's a lot of examples of that. I've got to demonstrate better poise throughout the course of the game, and then it's got to carry over to everybody in our organization. Those are the kind of things that we can't do."

(On Fowler redeeming himself with the sack fumble and if that was him trying to make an answer and do good)  "It was a great play by him and very pleased with his ability to make that that play, and very thankful for Dante for doing that. But the things that we can control, and it's not just Dante. There are a lot of instances and this is a team thing this isn't an individual thing. But if we're going to do the things that we expect to do, if we're going to embody the types of traits and characteristics that we want to embody as a team, as an organization, we've got to be better moving forward. And I've got to do a better job, but the guys did find a way to win and that's a credit to their mental toughness to continue to compete. But there was a lot of instances that we have to avoid moving forward."

(On if he had any thoughts prior to the game that the team may not be as focused as he would like) "No, I thought they were focused. I thought they did a good job. I've been very pleased with the way that they've approached this week, the way they responded to some of the real adversity that you face in life. And they were ready to go. I'm more interested in how we handle some of the things that take place throughout the course of the game and our ability to control our responses that don't lead to beating yourself. Those are the things that good teams don't do. Fortunately, we got away with it today and we can learn without having to learn truly the hard way. But, that's just the reality, just being honest about it. And it bothers me. It really does." 

(On QB Jared Goff's performance)  "He was outstanding. Yeah, I mean you talk about a true leader that's doing all the little things the right way. Playing with poise and confidence, distributing the ball, commanding and getting in and out of the huddle. (QB) Jared (Goff) has been great. Really been pleased with his ability to take steps moving forward, make big time throws when he had to. I thought the long third down to (WR) Robert Woods for 35 yards was huge. Stepping up in the pocket, delivering a strike. Robert runs through the football like he's done all year. But a lot of guys stepped up and made some big time plays today. I don't want to, you know, I don't want to ever be misunderstood, taken for granted a tough win against a team that we have a lot of respect for. But the things that haven't been indicative of what we've done over the last couple of years are the things that that we have to be able to learn from." 

(On the tight ends involvement in the game and if that was something they saw coming into the game or if was Goff getting them involved) "I think they've done a good job the last couple weeks, being able to make plays, capitalize on their opportunities. Jared's delivering the ball with accuracy, anticipation and two big time touchdowns from that group today with (TE) Gerald (Everett) and with (TE) Tyler (Higbee) and we had to have them."

(On WR Robert Woods involvement)  "Yes, (WR) Robert (Woods) does a great job. We had a little inside counter where we pulled (T) Rob Havenstein around, kind a little misdirection where maybe they were leaning on a formation that we had shown earlier on. The one misdirection that you're talking about where we tossed it to him, that was something we had run earlier in the year against the Chargers. We actually got called back for a hold, but it was something that we like verse that defensive structure. He did a great job today. You talk about a guy that's just continued to demonstrate his value with his ability to make big time plays at the 'Z' position. Then unfortunately when (WR) Cooper (Kupp) goes out again, seamlessly transitioning to that 'F' spot, making big time blocks, competing with and without the ball, whether it's running it or making the catches. Robert's been special this year."

(On how challenging it was in hindsight preparing for this game with no practice on Friday and having to do everything Saturday and get everyone's minds right) "It was challenging because you wanted to make sure everybody is safe and sound. Hopefully the people that had to get evacuated from their houses that they were still were intact. That's the important thing. As far as just the modification of our preparation, I don't think that that affected our guys at all. I thought they did a great job adjusting and adapting. It was really very similar to how we had to approach the Vikings game when we played on Thursday. So our guys seamlessly adjust. I thought the coaches did a nice job with that. We weren't going to allow that to be an excuse for us not being ready to go. The guys rallied and did a nice job finding a way to win today."

(On having to bounce back from the New Orleans game and then having to win a tough game here, how does he feel going into a tough matchup against the Chiefs) "It's going to be a tough game. I haven't had a chance to dive into the film, but when you really look at it from afar they're clearly one of the most explosive teams in the league. (Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid) Coach Reid is an excellent leader and they've got playmakers on both sides of the football. So can't wait to get going on that preparation. There's some things that that we'll look at, cleanup from this tape and then we'll move forward accordingly."

(On if the penalties are more something that can burn the team down the road or is it something he just does not want on his team) "Yes. I just think, yeah it can definitely cost us. It could of cost us today and really frankly it probably should of. Those are the things that were upsetting. And again, I'm as responsible as anybody with regards to making sure that I'm demonstrating a consistent demeanor that is indicative of what we want in terms of how we handle a little bit of adversity. Where it truly is next play, next move on, don't allow a previous play to affect your ability to move forward and I didn't do that today. Then there were some instances where we didn't do that as a team and that's where I've got to be better for everybody."


(On how the team was able to come together to get the job done today despite the adversity in the community this past week) "First of all, want to definitely say how we're thinking about everyone involved in not only the fires, but the shooting that occurred and how close to home that hits for us. I didn't know anyone involved, but I know people that did. Just having it that close really makes it real and then the fires, obviously, have been something that a lot of people have dealt with – myself included. I evacuated, a lot of our teammates evacuated and a lot of our coaches evacuated, thousands of people evacuated outside of our organization. It's just been a tough week for the whole city, the whole area up there in the northern L.A. area. Hoping today provided a little bit of joy and regularity for those people."  

(On what that says about the team in terms of being able to handle a tough week and still come out and perform) "It says a lot. It says a lot about our veteran leadership and our coaches and everyone in the operations staff that just worked so hard to get us accommodated and get our families accommodated, get my family accommodated, everyone. Just get them in rooms and hotel rooms and working overnight. The equipment staff working through the night and moving stuff around. For us, they made it easy. Really, we just listen to where we're supposed to go and the coaches and operations and equipment did all the work."  

(On if he had a chance to speak with WR Cooper Kupp and the kind of loss it will be if Kupp's injury doesn't play out in a positive way) "Yeah, I guess I'll echo that. It doesn't look great. He's been a valuable piece of our team and a guy we'll miss. Like a lot of us, he's been through a lot this week. He's a tough guy and a tough family and I know he'll come out stronger through it all."

(On what it's like to win these close games) "Yeah, it's definitely always hard. Always hard against him (Seahawks QB Russell Wilson). I told him, you never really feel comfortable when he's out there with the ball and has a chance to win. As confident as we are in our defense, he's such a great player and can extend plays and use his feet and move people open and has done such a great job of that for so long. It was tough today. It was a very tough win and one that we grinded out and are lucky to come away with."

(On if today's penalties will be a learning experience that the team has to put behind them quickly) "No doubt. Something we talked about after the game. Something he addressed as far as stuff we can't do and that's not us and we've never displayed that ever. Really, don't want to make that a habit at all. I'm sure guys will respond the correct way. I have full confidence in everyone and we all know that, that wasn't who we are and what we want to put on the field. We'll be better because of it."

(On how he feels the team will handle being on the road for the upcoming week) "It'll be different, for sure, being away from L.A. for the week. But, just being with the guys will be nice. It'll be fun. It'll be kind of a training camp almost experience. Just living with each other and being in the same place the whole time. We did that in Jacksonville last year and it turned out as a super positive experience and a lot of fun. Got to spend a lot of time together, got to eat dinner together every night and really just spend some time together."  

(On getting the tight ends more involved in the passing game and their contributions as of late) "I think we just wanted to be a little bit more balanced in that area and continue to try to implement them in some of the stuff we're doing. They stepped up big. Like you said, they did a great job. Both guys I have a lot of confidence in and feel really comfortable with. Excited to see how that progresses." 


(On how he feels like they navigated through everything that happened this week as a team) "I feel like we did a good job. We weren't going to complain about not practicing. We got the day off. We did a great job coming in yesterday – did a bunch of walk-thrus. Came to the game and got the win."

(On how impressed he is to be 9-1) "It's very impressive. Once you look back at it, like I said, it doesn't matter how we win. Got the win. Five games up on the division. We'll take it."

(On what it was like to have a successful performance as a team knowing all of the hardships they were dealing with throughout the week) "It was cool. I feel like we just do such a good job, as far as mental reps. That's why we play the way that we do. Everybody's just locked in, focused. We do a lot of walk-thrus throughout the week. We've got a lot of smart players, great players, guys that come in off the bench and step up as well. (QB Jared) Goff played a great game. Everybody played a great game today. It was just overcoming those last couple of minutes."


(On the Rams having a difficult week outside of football and how they were able to pull off the win today) "It's one of those things, you sit back, as a player and you think how fortunate we are with all the resources that we have to get us out of our homes, into a hotel. What you really think about are the families that's been affected by the tragedies, whether it's the shootings or the fires. Our thing today was to just go out and hopefully we can let a light shine to add hope for our community and show about sticking together. That's what it's all about. That's what we hope the outcome was for the people that was watching."

(On how much fun it was to come out and pull off a win after facing all of the tragedies throughout the community) "No. At the end of the day when you cross those lines, you've got to tune out everything else because the opponents don't care. So, you've just got to focus as much as you can and have that in the back of your mind."

(On what he hopes he can do for the community) "We have such a great leader in (T Andrew) Whitworth, who's been kind of rallying everything, whether it's donating, whether it's helping out, whether it's being in the community and just being out there personally. I think we've got some plans. Unfortunately, we'll be taking off to Colorado Springs, but we know we won't forget about it when we get back."



(On if the field was a place where he could get some refuge from everything that took place last week) "Like I said, anytime you have such a big tragedy like we've been having the past couple days, it's going to affect us some way somehow. We had to leave our own houses and flee. It hits home when it happens to you, too. There's a lot of things going on, so to be able to stick together, pull together, and come away with a win means a lot."

(On if the past few days have driven home what the Rams mean to this community) "Yeah, for sure. This is home now. When things like that happen, it affects us too because it's so close to home. You never want things like that to happen. So much hate and so much tragedy going on, so like I said, just to be able to stick together, pull together and come away a win means a lot."

(On what it means so set the record for single-season sacks for a defensive tackle) "It means a lot. Just going out there and doing my job. Playing the game of football and good things happen. I've got great teammates that help me achieve things like that. We're just getting started. Just have to keep getting better and just keep playing football."


(On what happened on his strip sack) "Yeah just playing throughout the whole game and getting a feel. I got a good jump off the snap. I just had to make a play. I knew I had to make a play for my team. It was a big-time moment in the game and I'm just happy I was able to do my craft and be able to get to the quarterback and get a sack-fumble."

(On what happened on the unsportsmanlike penalty) "Tempers were kind of flaring. I guess the referees, their tempers flared too. It's just the heat of the moment thing. At the end of the day, I just can't put the team in those types of situations in a close game like that. I told him that it felt like we were getting held a lot and we weren't getting the calls. I'm a respectful young man. I never called him by his name or anything. I told him, 'that was a terrible call.' 'Terrible' was the bad word. I got the flag thrown on me for it. That just when I knew I can't do that. I can't put my team in those positions or predicaments. The thing that I learned today, don't talk to the referees."

(On if it gave him a little bit more fuel to redeem himself) "Definitely, I knew I had to put the team on my back. I had to go out there and redeem myself and show the coaching staff that they can trust me to go out there and make big plays. I can stay composed and when I do make a mistake, I can go out there and redeem myself."


(On if the close game was fitting after a crazy week) "Yeah it was a tough week. Blessings to everybody who had to go through those things, ourselves included. Obviously, it affected our families and teammates and what not. First and foremost, thank you to everybody for their hard work, our first responders and everything of that nature. We're just lucky that we have the ability to connect with teammates and kind of forget about everything but understand that we still have things that we can help people with and recuperate from as the weeks come."

(On what it was like to have Dante Fowler Jr. coming off the edge) "(OLB) Dante (Fowler Jr.) is great. Obviously, we understood what he can do for us. We see it in practice and it showed up in bigtime situations. He's a first rounder for a reason and we expect those things from him and go on from there."

(On if he thought Fowler wanted to make up for a penalty) "I think he's a kid who wants to make plays all the time. He knows he has great talent. He's going to get opportunities. They're going to put him in positions to make plays and he had an opportunity and did that."

(On why the game was so chippy) "I think Seattle is a team that what's to come in and impose their will. We're a team that doesn't really allow those types of things. That's their opinion if they want to come in and play a little chippy and do those things. We're not going to react to those things. We're going to go out there, play our game, and win the football game."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 36-31 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 10 of the 2018 NFL season.