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What The Rams Said Following Their 19-16 OT Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 18 at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Sean McVay

Injury wise, Russ Yeast had a pulmonary contusion. He's in stable condition. They're going to keep him overnight. We'll pray for him, but I think he's going to be okay. I've gotten good news on what we know is not something that you take lightly. Tough game today. I thought the guys battled. There was a lot of really good bright spots, a lot of chances for us to be able to come away with the result that we were hunting up, but we just came up short. Really grateful for the resilience of this group, the way they continued to battle. We lost a lot of guys in this game, again, on both sides, but guys that maybe have never been in positions they've been in before got opportunities to be able to play, and there's some things that you look at, and you can't help but be grateful. Congratulations to Coach Carroll and the Seahawks for finding a way to be able to get it done. We'll look back on this film and wish we had a couple of chances to be able to make some plays that I believe our guys are capable of, but we just came up short, and I'm very appreciative of this group.

Q. Will you be coaching the Rams next season?

SEAN McVAY: I'm not thinking about that right now. Nothing has changed from kind of where we left things off on Friday.

Q. Which would be what?

SEAN McVAY: That I'm right here, right now, and we'll deal with that stuff at a later time.

Q. What is it about this process that's making you unsure?

SEAN McVAY: Yeah, I'll talk about stuff as it relates to the game. Anything as it relates to what is going to happen with me, like I said, I'm not thinking about that right now. I'm appreciative of the way these guys finished up the season. Any question of that nature, I'm not going to answer.

Q. Did you have a particular message to this team being that it's the end of the season?

SEAN McVAY: Yeah, just appreciative of them. Grateful for the way that they continued to battle. It's one of those years that has been so many different challenges, unique experiences, but guys kept swinging, they kept battling, and wanted that for them to be able to finish up on the right note. But they can hold their heads high with the way they battled.

Q. Will Matthew Stafford and Aaron Donald be back with the Rams?

SEAN McVAY: Those are things we haven't had a chance -- we just finished up the season so we'll work through all that kind of stuff, and you'll have clarity on that sooner than later I'm sure.

Q. Was there a point where you thought your last play, last anything today?


Q. I want to check on Russ because that's a scary phrase. Are you aware of what happened --

SEAN McVAY: You want to be able to articulate -- I kind of just found out, but he's in stable condition. It's something that you don't take lightly. They'll keep him overnight, but the sense that I got from Reggie was that it's something you take very seriously, but he's going to be okay. I think it's probably just based on getting on a flight so quickly afterwards is why they want to just keep him here.

Q. What will you do now? I know you'll talk again tomorrow, but what's your process the next couple days?

SEAN McVAY: Really just kind of standard where we'll have our exit physicals tomorrow, talk to the players and the coaches and then keep it moving from there.

Q. Did Russ get hurt on a hit?

SEAN McVAY: I'm not sure. I'm not sure exactly what occurred there.

Q. Do you have any kind of timeline for your own decision on what you may --

SEAN McVAY: I don't. I don't right now. Okay? Thank you, guys.

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Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Q. What was McVay's message after the game?

BAKER MAYFIELD: Talked about just the battle overall throughout the season. Obviously I wasn't here for the majority of it, but with all the ups and downs, it's going to make you stronger. The game of football, everybody talks about it relates to life, so perspective is one thing that we can take away from this and all the ups and downs. Staying consistent to the ebbs and flows is one of the things we need to be able to take away from it.

Q. When he came in to see us, it's written all over his face all year kind of what this was, and I know you came in late in the year, but when you see and hear from him and your teammates, what was your perspective of the magnitude of what this team went through this season?

BAKER MAYFIELD: Injury-wise, just looking at the roster and how depleted it's been, it's unlike anything I've ever been a part of or seen. I can only imagine going from being on the top of the mountain and winning the Super Bowl to then going through a ton of struggles. None of that's very easy, but if you keep perspective, we can learn from this and it's going to make us stronger in the long run. A lot of things that happened this year were out of their control. Just control what you can and move forward.

Q. You're a starting quarterback, and you proved that here, obviously. What's your plan moving forward? What will you do?

BAKER MAYFIELD: To be honest with you, last month and a half has been so dang crazy for me. I miss my wife. I miss my puppy. Going to take some time just to decompress a little bit. Going to take some time away. I'm thankful for my time here. This place has been unbelievable for me. I think I'm going to look back and be really, really grateful for in short time period and the things I learned. We'll see what happens. I have no idea. Luckily I've got a few months for that, but I'm going to take some time just to decompress.

Q. We know they like you, you like them. You guys have enjoyed working together, but Matthew being QB1 here, have you thought about in terms of after you take time away, what your process is going to be, and will you be looking to be a starter somewhere?

BAKER MAYFIELD: Yeah. I mean, it's got to be the best opportunity. I'm not going to go chase a check to go start and play. After seeing a place that makes me have fun playing football again, it's going to be hard to try something else new, but obviously it's going to be a big-time decision, so there's going to be a lot of thought put into it, and there's going to be a lot of changes offseason all around the league. There's nothing I can say right now that I think would be the true thing. We're just going to see what happens and roll with the punches.

Q. Do you think you played well enough to be a starter here?

BAKER MAYFIELD: I know I'm good enough to be a starting quarterback. I have no doubt about that. Today I'm not real happy with how I played. I'm going to kick myself over and over for not putting the ball on the sideline for Van on that last play, but I know I'm a starting quarterback, I'm confident in that, and we'll just see what happens.

Q. Besides that enjoyed you mentioned, what else did you get or take away from this past month and experience and what did you get out of it personally? What do you feel like you gained?

BAKER MAYFIELD: Yeah, I think stepping into a new situation with a team that had been kind of low for a little bit, just realizing that the best version of me is somebody that comes in and just elevates everybody else, and just to bring that same energy every day and try and lead everybody as best I can and control that. That's what I'm very good at. I know that. That's what's gotten me this far. It's brought the back to square one mentality for me, and I'm very happy and thankful for that.

Q. You met Sean a long time ago, but you learned him now, through this period. As a person, what can you tell us about who he is?

BAKER MAYFIELD: I mean, he is so truly invested in everything he has into this game, everything he thinks about is about football. That's why you see the toll that it takes on him. I've had so much joy being around him and his staff that's been around him for a little bit longer than me, obviously, and just to see how they operate, the detail that goes it and how Sean leads and brings the best out of people, it's really special. There's no doubt about why they've had success here since he's been here and his leadership qualities.

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Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On the emotions that he's feeling) "It's fun playing in this stadium. We had a lot of great years. I'm grateful for the fans and the love that they showed. I'm grateful."

(On being so close to winning today) "It's hard. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win, but they made more plays."

(On the uncertainty with Sean McVay and if he'll be back next year) "It's no different, you have to control what you can control. Obviously, there's a lot of things that he has to figure out and things of that nature. I'm not in his shoes so you just control what you can control and react to whatever happens."

(On what he's learned from Sean McVay) "So much. Just the way you treat people, the way you go about business, the way you handle adversity. I've learned so much from him throughout this time we've had. Countless conversations, not only about football, but as men. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to play for him, grateful for all the conversations that we've had. He has an eternal friend in me regardless of what happens."

(On if he thinks about seeing this team together without all the injuries they've had this year) "That's not in my control. There's lots of people that have business decisions that they have to figure out, not just coaches. I think everybody should do what's best for them. We'll figure it out and see what happens."

(On what he learned this year in his first season with the Rams) "Adversity, coming into a new place trying to be a leader. I feel like I've grown in that area. There's a lot of doubters, a lot of people that wrote me off before this year. I think I silenced some of those. But I think the biggest thing for me was getting hurt last year on this field. I didn't want that to be my last play on this field. God is good. I'm blessed to be able to come out and finish all these games. I'm thankful for everybody that helped me get to this point. I'm grateful and I'm excited. I'm healthy and I'm ready to do it again."

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Safety Quentin Lake

(On the final overtime drive) "I ended up looking back and lost track of the ball and ended up losing it. You've got to make those plays. But all in all, they trust me enough to put me in there and I was able to make some plays, make some tackles, and just try and help the team win. That's the biggest thing at the end of the day. But I felt comfortable for the most part. Coming from where I did, not playing half the season, not really getting any reps, eventually getting more and more playing time over the course of the season has been good. I know I can play this game. So whenever I get that opportunity I've just got to capitalize on it."

(On how Russ Yeast's injury affected him) "At first I didn't know. I saw him walking, so I thought, 'Oh, he's going to be alright.' Even before the game I was really happy for him because it was his first career start. That's really big-time. I thought he was going to come back, and then they said he's down. So my time's up. I've still got to be ready. I've still got to do everything I can to help the team. Was it sad? Yes. Did I want to see him out there? Of course. A young guy getting his first career start, anybody wishes that for anybody."

(On what he'll take away from his rookie season) "I think we had a great team. We had great guys on all three phases. Unfortunately we had a lot of injuries, so there was a lot of changing and moving, but I think it was a good thing because it showed how deep we are as a team. The leadership was great, guys like Bobby Wagner and Jalen Ramsey on the defensive side. Being a young guy and looking up to them and seeing what they have to do and seeing it done the right way, it kind of inspired me to show there's still a bright future for the Rams. Obviously we didn't have the year we wanted. You always have another year."

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