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What The Rams Are Saying About The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Rams are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 10 in Los Angeles.


(On if he's noticed a difference in focus from the team coming off a loss) "I think it's pretty consistent. That's what you appreciate so much about our players is that they truly just focus on, all right, coming in on Monday let's clean up the game whether you win or whether you lose; look at ourselves critically and then we move forward and do the best job that we can preparing for the Seattle Seahawks I think that naturally you want to be consistent in all that you do, and say that you have the same focus and concentration every single week. I know personally there is an element of you get woken up a little bit and humbled if you will, when you don't get the result that you want. I think that naturally, human nature, that creates a sense of urgency, but we try to be consistent. I think our players approach has been that and I think that is consistent throughout the building as a result of our players and our coaching staff and that's what we want. Certainly, coming off that loss, getting a feel for what that feels like does create a sense of urgency that gets you excited about preparing moving forward and hopefully trying to get a big time win against a tough division opponent this weekend."


(Opening remarks) "I'd first like to say something about the horrible tragedy that we just had here. Our thoughts and prayers, obviously, are with the people that it happened to, but it affects everybody. Our team was talking about it, our players, staff, everybody here. It's a sad, sad deal and we feel for the people involved, that it happened to. It doesn't just affect those people. It affects everybody. And our players are genuinely and greatly concerned about it, as we all are. So, that's where we are there."

"As far as the football game, Seattle we know has – and they've said it – they've gained their identity. They can run the football. They've run the football the last five games at least 30 times a game. They've got a quarterback that can make big plays. They've got a running game, they've got a big play quarterback that can create. Those are obviously two big problems for us. As far as last game is concerned, we played horrible the first half. That's my fault, obviously. I thought we – I've never been around a team that came back from 21 points. Now, we ran out of gas at the end, but it just shows you what kind of effort. Our guys did turn it around second half, I thought we played really well. The last play I know everybody is going to say (CB) Marcus Peters but I'm putting that on me. Any time that it's third-and-seven, it's the end of the game and you've got one-on-one with no help with their best player, then that's on the coaches. That's on me. But, we'll bounce back from that. We've had games throughout the year, 'Well, we gave up too much rushing. We gave up too much passing.' We keep working on those things. We keep trying to get better and I think we will."

(On what he has seen from the Seahawks that has allowed them to be more successful running the ball) "Well, I said it before we played them the first game, I think their offensive line has done a really good job. They're a powerful group up front and they've got really good running backs and their coach, who everybody knows here, has always been committed to the running game. (Seahawks Offensive Line Coach) Mike Solari does a great job – the offensive line coach they've got this year – I think he's done a good job with them too. So, it's a combination of all those things."

(On if there was anything he identified from their first game against the Seahawks that they need to correct ahead of Sunday's game) "Each game is its own entity, like I've said. They had a big game rushing that last game. We're going to try to stop them from doing that. We've had games where people have had good yardage rushing and they've had none. So, we've got to get them down to the none. That's where we are."

(On what has made DT Aaron Donald so successful against Seahawks QB Russell Wilson) "(DT) Aaron (Donald) is the best player in the league. That's why, he has success against anybody. The best defensive lineman in the league. He's just hard to stop. He got pressure on Drew Brees. Drew Brees threw it fast, but he got pressure on him. I think anybody that looked at the film would say, 'Hey, that guy had a good game.' Even though we lost, he's going to have a good game almost every game against anybody. He's a force. Like I always said, he's better than the rest of them."


(On if there's anything he learned from the first game against the Seahawks that he can apply into this game) "No. (LB) KJ Wright's back, so that's going to be a good thing for them. Obviously, played a lot of jam against us last game. Not sure if that was the case because (LB) K.J. Wright was out and (OLB Barkevious) Mingo was at 'backer. I know when K.J. Wright's in there, him and (LB) Bobby Wagner are a pretty good duo at linebacker. The defense kind of runs through those guys."

(On if there is any different approach that the team is taking going into the game against the Seahawks) "It's the same approach. Obviously, we got the loss, but haven't really been thinking about that since Monday. So, same approach for us, just keep getting better, show up to work, focus on us and let those things take care of itself on Sunday."

The Seahawks and Rams face off for the first game of the regular season on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023. Kickoff is set for 1:25 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Rams.