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What The Raiders Said Following Their Preseason Loss vs The Seahawks

Postgame quotes and locker room reaction from the Oakland Raiders in their 17-15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth week of the 2019 NFL preseason.


Opening statement:

"I hate to see the preseason end. I'm excited about the regular season. What we have in-store with these cuts is going to be very, very hard. I get attached to these guys, I really, really like this team. We have some tough decisions to make. I'm really proud of the guys, the way they finished. Coming from behind in Canada on an 80 yard field, coming up here with a limited roster and playing until the end tonight, that's what football is all about."

On his teams progress:

"In Arizona I thought you saw the starters a little bit. Getting out of the preseason healthy is a big goal we had. We got a lot accomplished on the practice field, we had a good few days against the Rams. And we saw the emergence of some good players. Our draft picks and several players that weren't drafted have a chance to make this team. We might have 12, 13, 14 rookies wearing the silver and black this year. We have to develop young players. I compliment our coaches and our young players for working hard to make that happen."

On his decisions on who the backup quarterback will be:

"No I haven't. I'm really pleased though. Tonight our red zone execution wasn't very good for a lot of reasons. We didn't practice extremely hard for this game on it. I didn't have a vast amount of plays to choose from. Moving the ball and doing some good things, the quarterbacks moved the rock and put our team in position to score. And we took care of the ball."

On the defensive line players trying to make the team:

"We aren't just evaluating our players, we are evaluating players around the league. Corey Liuget is here, working, we're trying to get him ready to play. We have some tough calls, no doubt. We have a couple of good defensive tackles who are pretty good players who have not played. It's a very difficult situation indeed."

On the fullback battle:

"We saw a lot of (Alec) Ingold throughout training camp. We saw a lot of him in the first two preseason games. We saw a lot of Keith Smith in the last two. Once again it will be a tough call for us. I'm not going to speculate here at the podium. We have to look at the tape. We have to sit down as a staff. Mike (Mayock) and I will do that on the way home and go from there."

On Josh Mauro:

"He hasn't played and he is a good player. We need to get him on the field and get him some rhythm and get him in playing shape. He is a very hard working guy. He made some plays tonight and I'm excited about that."


On his case for the backup job:

"I think so. That's what the coaches wanted to do, so I stayed out there as long as they wanted me to. I think overall, through four preseason games, I played well. The first game, I'd like to have a couple of plays back, but we moved the ball well tonight. I think Nate played really well, too, so we're all pulling for each other here. We're all in this together."

On his confidence:

"A lot of that goes back to coach Gruden and Howie and the offense. For as many plays as we have, I feel very comfortable with it. I think he prepares us well to go through our progressions. The bottom line is I feel comfortable out there like I'm in command. I think that's a big credit to the coaches."

On the depth at receiver:

"I don't know if I've ever been with a group as deep as this. Unfortunately, they can't keep everyone but I think there are a lot of guys in that wide receiver room that are going to end up on NFL rosters. I like them all. I'm not envious of the decisions they have to make. I really like our receivers, and all of them have showed up throughout the course of the preseason. I could go down the list and literally every single guy has shown up at some time during the preseason. I hope they all get an opportunity."


On his performance:

"I think there's always something you can get better at, but it was pretty good. Actually, I would have loved to win and get the two-point conversion at the end. But I'll just go on from here."

On how he will approach the next 36 hours:

"I'm really excited my wife just got into town, so I'll probably go spend some time with her, and just focus on the moment being with family and see what happens."


On how it felt to get an ample number of reps:

"I felt great. I missed the last couple of games, and I appreciate the training staff and the coaches giving me a little time to come back. It felt good to get back in a groove and get some game reps, get some live tackling against another team. You can't really simulate that, so if was really good. It felt good, and I'm ready to go in Week 1."

On the D line's preseason growth:

"I think we've done well as far as technique, being flexible, able to play different positions, we've got a few guys across the line that have gotten better as far as that. I think the effort is kind of the price of admission, so If you don't have that, you can't play. I think collectively, just understanding the scheme and really being able to play fast is where we've grown the most."


On his performance:

I played pretty good. Got in my groove. Feel like I started off slow, been off the ball for years. I feel like I ran hard. The O-line was blocking so I just took it past out the O-line.

On his future:

 I don't dictate it. I just keep it in God's hands. Whatever God brings me, whatever God takes me, that's all that matters to me.

On if he thinks he put enough tape out there:

People know I played. It's my fifth year so my main thing is, last year I got injured. I want people to know that I am back healthy, I am back running. I put enough tape out there.


On his sack:

It's preseason, but it's always good to get to the quarterback whether you're in preseason or not. It's always a good feeling to get to the quarterback.

On his preseason performance:

Well, I wish I would've had a couple more sacks. I would say solid. I think it's a good performance going into the regular season.

On his future with Raiders:

I'd say there's about three folks that would know that. Gruden, Mike Maynard. To be honest, I hope it is, but I know it's a business. As long as I'm playing in a game next Thursday, Friday, Sunday or Monday, I'm not mad. It's another opportunity given. There's going to be another time to make the most of it but at this point, that's all you could hope for.

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' final preseason game of 2019 against the Oakland Raiders at CenturyLink Field.

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