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What The Raiders Said Following Their Loss To The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Raiders said following their meeting in Week 6 against the Seahawks. 


(Opening…) I'd like to thank everybody here in London for their hospitality. Although the game was obviously lopsided, it was a great experience. I'll be happy to answer any questions I can. Obviously, Seattle took it to us today, and we got a lot of men injured in this football game, but I'll update you the best I can. Derek's going to be okay. Jon Feliciano, being examined for some ribs. He was our backup left guard. We lost him. I believe fourth or fifth play of the game. Amari Cooper, evaluated for a concussion. That's the best I can do right now.

(On the offense…) Wanted to stay and play. I made the decision if we did get the ball back, we go to McCarron. There's too much fire today. Too much fire around the quarterback. Credit the Seahawks, and we've got to do a lot better obviously.

(On running the ball…) We had a couple chances to get off the field. They ran the ball. They converted some third downs, a big one down in the red zone. I don't know if we were lined up properly. They are a good football team. They have a quarterback that is such a threat if he keeps it. You don't know if he's handing it or keeping it. He neutralizes the back side. He's done it for a long time. I think Duane Brown, I think their offensive line showed some good stuff today. Justin Britt is a fine football player and Carson is a good back and Rashaad Penny is a good back. They have some things going for them. They scored 30 points and ran it well last week on a film I saw.

(On the offensive plan coming in…) We were trying to score points. We were trying to move the ball. We got the ball. We wanted to run three consecutive times. We wanted to get Marshawn going. We ran three different types of runs and all three of them were rejected. We wanted to get him in the game. We wanted to get him established. That was the beginning of the game, and then after that, we were trying to make a first down and survive. It wasn't pretty.

(On the QB sacks…) Well, it really wasn't close today. You know, we didn't get an opportunity to step up in the pocket and go through progressions. It was closing in quick. You know, Derek was on the run a lot and he got hit too much. We can't allow that to happen. We just can't do it.


(On the O-line…) They did a good job, obviously. They had a good plan for us and they were able to get to me a little bit, and once they got the lead, obviously that defense, we've probably talked a hundred times. Playing that kind of defense, they get really soft and they will not let you throw the ball down the field. There were times I thought our O-line did a great job. I think they fought their tails off, and I was able to look for things downfield. They were just playing so deep, abnormally that, we had to check it down a lot, and that makes it tough on the O-Line. I think there were a lot of circumstances that made it tough on them, but I'm not worried about them at all. It was a rough day. It was hard.

(On going into the bye week…) I hope not, you know what I mean. This is my fifth year. I don't -- we don't like it, you know. I feel like we've done that a little bit, right. Nobody likes to do that. But at the same time, I'm going to lead the heck out of this team, all the way. There's no game I ever go into thinking that we're out-manned or can't win or things like that. You know that. This being my fifth year, you want it now. You want everything now. I know our fans want it now. Our players, our team, our coaches want it now and trust me, we are trying to do it now. But we've got to take this bye week, look at what we can do to play better right off of this bye week. What can we do to win that game and that's where our mindset has to be.

(On wanting to go back into the game…) I think I wanted to, you know. You know, I think that's the right word; I wanted to go back in. Coach said, "Absolutely not." After he saw that, he -- he just wouldn't let me. You know, it was more him, and I begged him, for a solid five minutes, you know, just because -- and more so, it happened last year in New England. I think it was in Mexico. Hurt my ankle or something. It's just like, we're getting beat, and it's like, man, I want to finish with my team. Like that's the worst is not being able to finish with your team, you know, I think. Losses happen. Bad things happen. But not being able to finish a game with your team, especially when you're losing, man, that will rip your heart out. No matter how I feel, I wanted to finish. But Coach, it's his job. He wanted to protect me, that's all.

(On his teammates getting banged up…) Those guys, they literally work out, get up early, put their bodies through what they go through to protect me. I promise you, they didn't go out there and want to screw things up or a mistake or have a mental on purpose. I promise you that they didn't want to get physically beat up on a play and get me hit and things like that. I know that, and I love those guys. I will never complain. You can hit me a thousand times, and I'm never going to complain about those guys, because their whole job is they want to keep me up right. They are sick right now, you know, when we're in there getting dressed, you know, "I'm sorry." Don't tell me sorry. We're good, man. I'll never be mad at my offensive line. I think the thing is, we had a couple young guys that saw some things, they saw a physical level of play today that the NFL is like and has leaders and as veterans, me, Rodney, Gabe, K.O. when he's back, all those things, we're going to help those guys, so much and we're going to be all right. But you know, never -- I'm sure they don't feel good, right, but it's our job as leaders to encourage them and let them know, hey, we need you, right. Whoever had -- like I said earlier, whoever has the pads on, it's next man up and we're going to need whoever that is.