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What The Raiders Are Saying About The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Raiders are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 6 in London. 


(On preparing to travel to London) "Yeah, obviously this is out of my league a little bit. We had people in our organization research it carefully (about) teams that have made trips from California to London and we feel like we can get the vast majority our preparation done here in Oakland, get on the plane, give our players a chance to recover and rest up and acclimate to the time change and get ready to play. We've done our research and a lot of people deserve credit for it."

(On Marshawn Lynch) "No, nothing surprising regarding his age. He's as advertised. He's one heck of a player, he's a great teammate, I think he's misunderstood by a lot of people but he is a great down-to-down competitor still as talented as any runner, I believe, as there is in the league. He's become a leader on this football team, he's highly regarded in the Oakland area and I'm sure he's looking forward to seeing his old coaches and teammates and competing against the Seahawks and seeing the Seahawk fans."

(On Derek Carr) "We've had some really great individual play from Derek Carr. He's had three or four plays, obviously, that he's got to clean up and eliminate no question, but we've had a lot of moving parts. We've had three different right tackles, we've had two rookies start on the edge for us, we've had two different left guards, a lot of receivers have come and gone, we've struggled on defense. He's kept us in games. I think he's doing an excellent job. We've only been together five games. I'm excited about this guy, man. He's completing a lot of passes for a lot of yards and he's just getting warmed up, I believe. We have some things to tighten up. He knows that, I know that, but I've been very pleased with the progress he's made."

(On concern for the Seahawks arriving in London 24 hours before the Raiders) "No, not really. We've done our research. I'm sure they've done theirs. I've never done it. I'm just going to trust our preparation was the right thing and we'll go play them."

(On Sebastian Janikowski) "I remember like yesterday when we drafted him in the first round. Had some really fun times with the Polish Rifle. It'll be good to see him again, no doubt."


(On concern for the Seahawks arriving earlier) "Again, to me in my experience of doing it and seeing how other teams that we've played have done it. Every team is different. I think it was good for our players to be here and rehab and rest here and be in their own bed and have a chance to sleep. We started by having an early week. They actually are going to get an extra day of rest Friday on the travel day and tomorrow night so I think we will be fresh and ready to go. I like the way that they set it up, our trainers and our strength staff, and coach set it up this year."

(On the Seahawks defense) "This is a trending type league and really when I first got into the league Tampa 2 was a big defense a lot of teams tried to replicate and had success with. The Seattle Hawk 3 defense now you are seeing it obviously Gus Bradley in Los Angeles, when the Seahawks started it there, and you see the 49ers are running it now. A number of teams are running some form of that, so it's gone through the league. The more you see it certainly the more ways you have a chance at looking how to attack it. It's difficult to prepare for it. It's a good scheme and credit to those guys who have implemented it."


(On Russell Wilson) "He's a mobile guy. He can move around the pocket. He's got good arm strength. He can get in and out of plays. He's been a good player for a long time. it'll be a challenge for us, for sure. They ran the ball pretty good, 190 yards against the Rams. That was impressive. They can run and throw it."