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What The Panthers Said Following Their Win Against The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Panthers said following their meeting in Week 12 against the Seahawks. 


RE: Message to team after the game

Basically just stick together. We still have five games left to go. We control it. Go out and play. You have to play to win. That's just the bottom line. One games series now from here on out.

RE: Pivotal aspects that led to today's loss

Big plays. Balls over the top. Missed opportunities to make plays. You got to make plays. Can't allow big plays over the top.

RE: Confidence level in Graham Gano

Confidence level is where it needs to be. If we get into another situation like that, he is our kicker. He is going to kick the ball.

RE: What did Seattle do to create the breakdowns in pass coverage?

Well, unfortunately he had a little bit of time a couple of times and that's what happened. I think a big part of what has to happen is we've got to make sure we are staying on top of the ball. We have a guy right there that has a chance to make a play and the ball comes down the chute. That happened twice. Again, it's about when you are in position to make a play, you've got to make a play.

RE: Message to cornerbacks

I think the whole thing is, it's a team game. You got to look at the aspect that we've got to get pressure in certain situations and we have to be able to make plays when we are out there on our own.

RE: Negative plays eclipsing offensive performances of Christian McCaffrey and Cam Newton

Yes, they were. That's disappointing. We got guys who have to step up and make plays. If we don't, that's the unfortunate part.

RE: Did coaching staff expect so much of offense to run through Christian McCaffrey when drafting him?

We look at the guys we have. We try to give our quarterback weapons by what we have done the last couple of drafts. I'd say we have done that. I wouldn't just say it runs through Cam (Newton) and Christian (McCaffrey) but you look at all the guys who are contributing. These are the guys we need to make plays and they are making plays. Again, unfortunately we had opportunities to make plays in other areas of the game and we didn't. Because of that, that's what happened. You lose the game.

RE: Donte Jackson injury impact

We had three corners that were left up. We did the best we could. We ended up playing a little bit more of our big nickel package to try and take some of the pressure off those guys, but unfortunately you get down to crunch time and you want to do certain things, you've got to leave them out there. Hopefully, they can do their best and try to make something happen.

RE: 4th down run in red zone on first drive

Exactly what I thought. I thought he picked it up. I was as bewildered as anyone watching that play. So we will see what happened.

RE: Development of DJ Moore

I think he is right where you would hope he would be, contributing the way he has. He has made a lot of plays for us. He is showing he is an explosive player, he is a dynamic player and a player like that gives us a chance to win football games. We have to take advantage of those skill sets.

RE: How tough is it to lose when Cam Newton completes 85% of his passes and Christian McCaffrey has the type of game he has?

Losing makes it sting. I don't think you qualify it by certain things because you could have a game where

everybody else does what they are supposed to and somebody else doesn't. That's just the nature of the game. Losing hurts. That's just the way that is.


RE: Effect of today's outcome on future games

I hope we learn from it. I feel like every game, win or loss, you just have to keep getting better each and every week. That's what I hope. I feel as if, personally, some things that I've got to sure up and get better. That's the only thing that I can really control. I've got to try to be my best self and put the best product out there to help my team win.

RE: Today's loss versus other losses

We play to win. No matter what the turnout is, the most important statistic in all of sports is winning and losing. We fell short today. We've just got to look ourselves in the mirror, understand what we aren't, and fix it. That's the truth be told. We lack a lot of things, but we're great at a lot of other things too. Whether that's offensively, at the quarterback position, whether that's special teams or even defensively. We can't fool ourselves. This is our third loss. At the end of the day, there's no need to panic, but we need to seize the moment better than we are.

RE: What Panthers need to do better

We have to play better complimentary football. That's the difference between good teams and great teams. When the defense gets stops, we have to score points. When we come up short, we have to succeed on special teams. That's where we are right now. Nobody is to blame. This is a team loss. We have to understand that we have to be a better team.

RE: Importance of recognizing who the Panthers are as a team

Absolutely. Knowing is the first step. We did a lot of good things today, but it wasn't good enough. We show a lot of flashes, but at the same time we miss a lot of layups. We just have to sure it up and when we click, it's a thing of beauty. Having nine guys understand what they're supposed to do, having 10 guys knowing what they're supposed to do, and one mishap. We understand that the perfect game is still out there. For what it is, we still can play within our means. We have great players on this team that can make a big impact.

RE: Red zone 4th down run and interception

I felt as if I got the first down, but I didn't get it. So therefor I didn't get it. A good play by the defensive back and the interception. Things happen. You can't squeeze your cheeks in anticipation to beat a team like this. You understand that you have to fight fire with fire. This is an aggressive, talented defense and we know when the opportunity is there you have to cash in on it. You win some, you lose some. For us, we just have to keep getting better.

RE: Panthers' final drive

There are a lot of things that we wish we would have done, had, wished, hoped, and whatever. Guys still have to do their job, you still have to move the football, and you still need stops at the end of the day. I take it personal that here we are. Three weeks ago, if someone would have said that this is what was going to happen, I would have slapped them, but things happen and nobody is going to feel sorry for us. We're just opening up a lot of hope for other teams that we can't bear to allow happen. For us, we just have to turn the page and get ready for our next opponent.

RE: Jarius Wright's comment about Panthers potential to win 5 consecutive games

We need one win. Let's just start with one win. Everybody who is looking at the calendar and saying, "We can beat this team. We can beat that team. We play them at home". We need one win and we can start with that. We have a lot of capabilities and a lot of potential, but I've said it before, potential has never did us nothing.


RE: How you turn things around going forward

We've just got to keep going. Next game, come out and play and just leave this one in the past. Watch film, correct what we can correct and just keep it going.

RE: What he noticed about Seattle's offense upon entering the game for Donte Jackson

Just what we watched on film. We watched film on them all week, so it was everything that we'd seen.

RE: If he felt the Seahawks started to attack him more

I dont know. He (Wilson) threw it my way a few times, so I guess you could say that.

RE: Touchdown to Moore

We were in man‐to‐man coverage. I felt like I was in good coverage, I've just got to turn around and make a play on the ball. Russell Wilson threw a perfect ball, so I've just got to turn around and make a play on it.


RE: The 52‐yard field goal miss

There is nothing to take you through. I just missed it.

RE: How tough it is to lose a game like this

It's super tough. We should have won. It's frustrating. It's frustrating for me, having a perfect game up until one 50‐plus yard kick. It's really frustrating.

RE: How he hit the 52‐yard miss

I felt like I hit it really well, it just didn't go in.

RE: Confidence level in himself right now

It's super high, that's why this is frustrating. You know, I hit 42 in a row at home (entering Sunday) and then miss a 52‐yarder like that, it's really really frustrating. I've got the leg to make those kicks, that's what's really… a tough one to swallow. They've got the faith in me to kick them from far, so I've got to go out there and make them. I've hit a bunch of those this year from 50‐plus and this one just didn't go in.


RE: How you turn things around going forward

We've just got to play better and make more plays, and I think that's what it comes down to. In a game, whoever makes the most plays is the team that comes out on top. We made some big plays during the game, unfortunately we just didn't make enough.

RE: Support for Graham

Graham's done a really good job for us over the years. He's made a lot of kicks to win games. He'll be alright. Graham does a great job, he takes it really seriously. He's going to be just fine.

RE: Thoughts on the last drive

He's been in situations like that before, it's nothing new to him. He's a good player, they're a good team, and unfortunately we just didn't make a play there when we needed to.


RE: Inability to capitalize in the red zone

I mean we'll have to go back and look at the tape and figure it out. It's a tough loss for us. The only thing to do is move forward and try to get a win next week.

RE: Shortcomings on first two drives

I mean you can look at a whole bunch of plays and say that that was the difference, but it's a team loss. You win as a team, you lose as a team and one of those things, like I said before, we've just got to get back to the drawing board and try to win next week.

RE: Offense continuing to take shape

I think we have playmakers all over the field and a lot of guys did an awesome job today. It's just a matter of finding a way to finish. We played fast and we stayed focused and at the end of the game, we've got to find a way to win. That's what the great teams do. We can do it, it's not a matter of if we can or can't. If we got blown out, it's one thing, but we're in a position where we control our destiny. That makes it more frustrating, but it's good to remind us that we can win.


RE: Feelings after the loss

Oh yeah, this one hurt. This one hurt for a minute, but we can't cry over spoiled milk; just got to see how we can get out of this funk and move on.

RE: Message going into the last drive

Trying to force the three‐and‐out. We knew they would probably play for the field goal. Try to force them into a three‐and‐out, get off the field and get the offense back the ball.

RE: Losing Donte Jackson

It was very tough, very tough. Losing your starting corner first play of the game, you know, you had guys who haven't been out there for a while, so they had to step up. That's nothing but the game, though. It's got to be next man up. We just fell short.

RE: Change in dynamic of the secondary after losing Donte

I'm a firm believer, you know, you just can't say just losing one guy will change the whole secondary. We all get paid a lot of money to play this game that we love so we got to step up and we got to make plays.

On his role specifically changing: Oh yeah, I had to play a little outside. Haven't played there in a long time. It changed a lot, but like I said, that ain't no excuse. We still got to go out there, make plays and do our job.


RE: Biggest frustrations with the loss

Just a brutal way to end the game. The red zone stuff killed us throughout course of the game. Against those kind of teams, those are all the red zone trips that come back to kill you. I don't know what else to say.

RE: Getting back on track for the final month of the season

We don't have a choice. We've got a lot of shit to figure out before we worry about winning five games. I told you guys last week we have to worry about one game, and we haven't won one game in three weeks. Forget about five, we've got to win one.

RE: "Are you so frustrated because you feel like all of the pieces are there for you guys to be winning more than you are now?"

That right there sums it up. It was like a track meet up and down the court. We don't worry about defense, we worry about what we can control and that's playing offense. Did we punt? We didn't punt. We lost the game when we didn't punt. It's tough. Our red zone stuff killed us. Against good teams, those extra three points, the difference of four points, 7 vs 3 or… obviously on the first one we got stopped a little short. I thought it was a great call to go for it, we just came up short, they made a good play. They come back to kill you.

RE: Concerns moving forward

6‐5 is not great. You're 6‐2 and now you're 6‐5. I don't know if that's how anybody saw it going.

RE: Ron's message to the team

Five games left. Just have to try and go get one.

RE: Struggles in the red zone

We haven't had any struggles in the red zone. We've been one of the best red zone teams in the league until today. I don't know. Obviously good defense. We missed a few, we got stopped a couple run plays early, and they did a good job. We need to be better.


RE: Emotions after the game

That one hurts, just to be so close at the end and not get the job done. I tell everybody every week, we expect to get the job done. It's the NFL. We expect to be in situations like that and we expect to get the job done in the game. The past two weeks, we haven't gotten it done.

RE: On the game's finish

We got down late. It's nobody's fault, but we have to control the pressure up the middle. Like I say, it's nobody's fault, it's just how it is. They're in the NFL and they have great players also. We have to control penetration, stop plays, and we have to score in those situations.

RE: On the result despite offensive production

That's what happened. We're unselfish guys. You can go for every stat in the world, but if you don't get the win at the end of the day then all of those stats don't mean a thing. We're all about winning. This team is all about winning and that's number one.

Fan photos from the Seattle Seahawks' road game against the Carolina Panthers in Week 12 of the 2018 NFL season.