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What The Panthers Said Following Their 30-24 Loss To Seattle

Postgame quotes from the Carolina Panthers following their Week 15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Head Coach Perry Fewell Carolina Panthers

On the root of the problems today

We didn't play smart football in the first half, defensively. They got out to a fast start. We started slow. We picked it up in the second quarter and second half.

On conversations with Donte Jackson today

Just telling him where to take his eyes. He was looking for the ball. Russell [Wilson] is an accurate thrower. He doesn't have to look for the ball, the ball is going to be there. Go play your man. It was just coaching.

Are the takeaways of the first half the breaks the team needs to go their way?

Yeah, we needed every break. I thought today our fans came out and saw us. That was good, you know, supported us. We had some opportunities to get some turnovers. We capitalized on a couple turnovers but we just didn't make them pay for their mistakes. We made some mistakes and gave them opportunities to score early in the ball game. When you get behind early in the ball game against a good football team, a 10-3 football team, and you're a struggling football team, that's tough. That's really tough.

On Kyle Allen's performance

He tried to manage the game and he tried to do the things we ask him to do. Obviously, we don't want him to turn the football over. He was competing and trying to win a football game out there. I thought he stayed poised in the second half and came back and led us to several scores. I'll evaluate the tape when I look at the tape tonight and tomorrow. Then I can share more with you later.

Would you like to see Kyle Allen not force throws when pressured?

It's easy to say, 'hey, I would like to see that' or what have you. I'll just have to watch the tape and see the decision making process. I know that we talked about on the sidelines, one time he really got pressure in his face real fast and we may have turned somebody loose up front. Let me watch the tape and then I can come back and talk to you about that.

What were you trying to accomplish with not using traditional onside kicks on last two?

Field position. We felt like they would be ready for the onside kick. They saw that three or four times last week so we were trying to onside kick it using the field and then possibly trying to recover the ball if we surprised them with the deep onside kick.

On Scott Turner has gotten the playmakers involved early

Definitely. That was definitely our priority, trying to get more of our playmakers involved and Scott did that well today.

The use of Curtis Samuel today a correction on Scott Turner's part?

I would just say we were trying to get our playmakers the ball. Period. He is definitely one of our playmakers on our team and we were just trying to get him more involved in our game plan.

Did you consider replacing Donte Jackson today?

I considered it and he was a little frustrated at times out there and I know he was trying to play hard. He was trying to do the right things. He was just so hyped and excited about what he was doing out there that he just kind of lost his way a little bit. I just felt like if we could steer him in the right direction, he would play better.

On Donte Jackson receiving coaching from other players on sidelines

We all share in trying to take a moment with each other as players in trying to correct each other as far as the DB's are concerned. What you have to do is stay focused. You can't get out of control because back in the back row, things happen fast. Again, I was telling them that Russell [Wilson] is an accurate passer. We were just trying to get him coached up on what he should do versus what he was doing. We were just trying to manage the game at that point in time and he was trying to get himself together.

Is that a lesson for the rest of the team to have him keep playing instead of pulling him out?


On potential for Will Grier to come in during the remainder of the season

We will evaluate that this week. Obviously, after a ball game you want to look at the tape. After you look at the tape, you want to look at your roster and see what you can do. We will evaluate that and that will be forthcoming.

What did you see defensively on 3rd down and 11 late in the game?

We tried to play coverage against him, obviously. We thought if we could plaster up from a coverage standpoint and put our fast rushers in, we thought we could confuse them a little bit with some stunts and games up front. The play extended a little bit longer than what I wished it would have extended. They do an excellent job, we knew that during the course of the week, they do an excellent job of when he starts to scramble, them going deep and coming back short. The play just got extended longer than what we wanted it to.

On Christian McCaffrey and going over 2,000 yards

He means everything to our football team, especially offensively. He is productive. His attitude is absolutely awesome. His effort is outstanding and he prepares each week for a winning performance.

Does Christian McCaffrey remind you of any former players?

I've had the opportunity to be around some good football players. Initially I said he reminded me of the Marshall Faulk type guy because he can do it running, he can do it catching, he does it protection wise and he is outstanding on and off the field.

Overwhelmed with mistakes that keep preventing the win or take something from the comeback?

A little of both. We have to take something from this. We can compete with a 10-win team. We can compete with the next two opponents we have to play. We have to find a way to eliminate those mistakes and keep harping on not beating ourselves with these mistakes and putting ourselves in the hole.

On Team's identity and culture in locker room

I think we have good culture. I know the effort, the attitude, the preparation that goes in during the week. That has been very good.

Did you consider putting Will Grier in today?

No, not today. No.

Did Kyle Allen bring the team back to within one score validate the decision to not put Grier in?

We were trying to win the football game and we felt like he gave us the best opportunity to win the football game.

Quarterback Kyle Allen Carolina Panthers

On Self-assessment

I put us in some bad positions today. Didn't play the way I needed to play to help us win the game. Stuff at the end doesn't really matter because I just put us in bad positions. Turned the ball over too much. Just not helping this team win.

On taking a sack over turnover

Always. I'd much rather take a sack than an interception. It's just decision making. Got to get better.

On Insight into process throughout the season

Just watch the tape and learn from it. Come to a play with a plan. Every interception is different. Every play is different. There's different stuff going on, but at the end of the day, I have to put us in a position to help win the game and turning the ball over is not doing that.

What are you doing different now from when you became the starter?

The only thing that's different is I'm just turning the ball over more. Decision making hasn't been as good, I guess. It's just like I said I need to start putting us in a position to help win the game because what I'm doing now is not helping us win the game.

On play under pressure

Do you know what play you're talking about specifically?

On his third interception today

We had a naked call. Faking the run to the left, come off to the right. Linebacker came off the edge. He's unblocked so I have to deal with him and he guessed right and guessed that we were doing a naked and he was up on me. I turned around and he was right in my face. I tried to throw the ball away and it sailed on me just a little and hit the linebacker right in the chest. I mean at that point I'm just trying to get the ball out of my hands and throw it away. Have an incompletion and get to the next play, but instead I turned it over inside our own 20, which is terrible.

On the stiff arm play

It didn't really matter. I don't really care.

On Christian McCaffrey contribution

He's incredible. Our offense runs through him. He's the leader on our team. He's the hidden gem in all of this failure that we've had lately. He's the epitome of consistency. I look up to a guy like that because I want to be consistent and help this team win and he does that every single week. I've learned a lot from him. When you look at a guy like that he's the guy you want to build a team around.

On his mindset at 30-10

Go score touchdowns. It's not my job to think about that.

Wide Receiver Chris Hogan Carolina Panthers

On returning to the team

This team hasn't given up all year. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to be a part of it for the last nine weeks. But I was really anxious to get back out there with the guys and no matter what was going on we all believe in each other and believe in our abilities. We just have to keep fighting. And you know, we are going to keep fighting until the end of the season. That's what is great about this locker room.

On finishing out the season

It's a blessing and an opportunity that can be taken away from you quickly. I learned that this year. One play and I'm down for nine weeks and all I have been doing is trying to get back, so that I can be a part of this team. No matter what the outcome. No matter what the future holds for us, we still have two NFL football games to play. We're lucky to be able to put on that jersey on Sunday, to come to work every single week. And that's just something I try to do. I try to come to work with a good attitude. Work as hard as possible. We only have two weeks left and then it's going to be a long offseason. We're not going to play football until April. So, you've got to put everything you have into it while you can. Never take this game for granted.

On His future with the Panthers

I love it here. I love this locker room. I love the guys on this team. Up and down the roster these guys want to win. They want to work. And we have been putting in the work, but unfortunately it's tough to win football games in the NFL and it didn't work in our favor this year ... I obviously don't make those decisions, but if I was to come back here I would be pretty happy about it and I would love to work with these guys.

Cornerback Ross Cockrell Carolina Panthers

On stopping the run

The last few weeks have definitely been tough for us in that area. Whether it's been perimeter run game, inside run game and, you know, even at the end of the game today we just couldn't get that one big [tackle for loss] at the end of the game to kind of put them behind the sticks. Even when they were already behind the sticks. We

couldn't get that one big TFL to keep them back there and give our offense another chance. At the end of the day we got a good group of guys here and our guys have the will to win. We'll go back to work tomorrow we'll continue to build on what we've done good and correct the things we've done negatively.

On DK Metcalf

I didn't get to see much of him. I was mostly in the slot. I saw a little bit of [Tyler] Lockett and [Josh] Gordon, but [DK] Metcalf, he's definitely a giant out there. He runs well. He blocks well. And, you know, he made a couple of big plays on us today.

On the locker room

I've been saying this all year and I'll continue to say it, that we have a really good group of guys. Guys that really care about each other. Guys that really care about football. Guys that really care about winning. At the end of the day we've come up short the last few weeks, but when you see that will and that character it perseveres and it's deeper than football for us.

Safety Eric Reid Carolina Panthers

What went wrong on defense today?

They made the big plays when they needed it. Russell (Wilson) does a good job of keeping the play alive, getting out of the pocket, and making something out of nothing.

How much of a factor was Russell Wilson's ability to make plays outside the pocket?

Going back to my rookie year playing him twice a year, he's pretty consistent at doing that. As long as he's making those plays, they win games.

On the current mentality of the team and how they turn it around for Indianapolis

We've just got to get wins. We've worked too hard to do anything other than that. So, we got to go back, prepare this week, go on the road and get a 'W'.

Running Back Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers

On earning 2,000 yards from scrimmage

It's a cool accomplishment. Obviously you want to win, but it's cool.

On the offense overall

Honestly it was a lot of spurts and droughts. We just have to eliminate the self-inflicted wounds and do a better job of capitalizing on opportunities that the defense gives us.

On coming to terms with individual success even after losses

I don't leave that up to me. Once again, I just try to keep my mindset simple and control what I can control and do whatever I can to help the team win. It's a constant process. Obviously we want some plays back there, but

at the end of the day everyone wants to win and football is winning and losing. All the stats and other stuff doesn't really matter unless you win.

On Kyle Allen's praise about him

It means a lot. It definitely means a lot. I think Kyle [Allen] is a guy that has done such a good job of keeping his head. I think he's a heck of a player. He's a great leader. He's a great teammate. At the end of the day we're all going to fight for him as much as we can.

On keeping his head

It's the NFL. At the end of the day you've got to step back and realize it's a blessing just to play on Sundays. You can't take things for granted. Every time you step out onto that football field I don't care if you're 16-0 or 0-16, you're playing in the National Football League and that's got to be your priority and that's the way I like to approach it. I know there's a lot of guys on the team that want to do the same thing and at the end of the day we want to win.

On the turnovers during the losing streak

Turnovers suck. It's part of the game though. You never know when they're going to happen or when they're not going to happen, but it's our job to respond in a positive manner and capitalize on their mistakes, too. They are not going to play a perfect football game either. The team that stays poised and makes the least amount of mistakes is the team that's going to win.

Linebacker Luke Kuechly Carolina Panthers

On his level of frustration today

We just want to win, and we played so hard. Guys fought the whole game. We play the game to win, and it should matter to you, and it should hurt when you lose. We just haven't done enough, and you're searching for what that enough is, but what I do know is guys worked extremely hard during the week, guys played extremely hard during the game. We just got to clean up some things, and it sounds like a broken record, but that's what it is. One thing I will say is guys fought. We're down, and some people might think the game was already over, but guys fought. We had an opportunity to get a stop on defense and get off the field. So, regardless of what the score is, what our record is, the guys in this locker room, these coaches have done an extremely good job of fighting through and persevering through the tough times, and nothing is going to change moving forward. We're going to have another good week at practice, we're going to put our best foot forward, and we're going to prepare and make sure that we're ready to go for this next game.

*How deflating is it to get a turnover to then have it taken away by a penalty or when a player is ruled down? *That's just a part of the game. You got to make the plays. Sometimes stuff happens, but we were there when we had an opportunity. We just got to make the play.

On his recollection of the last third-and-11 defensive stand the Seahawks extended for a first down

We just got to cover guys up and make plays. It's one of those things that 'Russ' (Russell Wilson) made a big play on that, and we just have to be the guys on the play moving forward to make it.

Wide Receiver Curtis Samuel Carolina Panthers

How tough it is to overcome turnovers when you're mounting a drive?

It's tough – we don't want to hurt ourselves by turning the ball over, but I feel like we have to do a better job of that, especially if we're on our side of the field. That's all of us, that's just not on the quarterback or whoever is throwing the ball. That's on every one of us to go out there and take care of the ball, and try to put up point.

On the new wrinkles in Scott Turner's offense

We're just trying to do different things, give defenses different looks, putting me in different spots to get open. Each week we come in and try to put a game plan together that's going to help us win on Sunday, and that's what we're going to do. We're going to come back Wednesday, ready to practice, and try to find a way to win.

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 15 matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

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