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What The Panthers Are Saying About The Seahawks

Check out what the Carolina Panthers are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 12 in North Carolina. 


(On if this game against the Seahawks feels like a divisional matchup) "Yup, honestly it does. I think it kind of speaks to a degree, the continuity we both have had on our sides of the coast."

(On if the Seahawks offense looks different from past years) "Yes, it does. I think they're doing some different things with their offense. I think the different use of the different personnel groups (and) which groups they're favoring, the different plays that they're running, I think they're helping the quarterback out a lot more even though he still makes his plays. Dude's a great player, but it just looks like they're trying to help him a lot and their commitment to the run has just been tremendous."

(On what a good run game does for an offense) "It protects your quarterback, first of all. It takes a lot of the pressure off him to have to make plays all the time. What it also does for you team is that it controls the clock, the pace and tempo of the game, and it keeps your defense fresher. It keeps your defense off the field and it keeps your opponent's offense off the field as well. There's a huge positive effect when you're running the ball successfully and I will say this too, because of their ability if they get behind – with their quarterback's ability and those receivers and tight ends that they have, the playmakers they have on the offense – they can most certainly come back."

(On using quarterbacks in the run game) "You've got to pay attention to him. He hands that ball off, you just don't know if he really truly handed it off, or is he keeping it. Just that hesitation is enough sometimes to create that natural crease for your runner, or if you go crashing down hard and he pulls it like he did in the Rams game, he can make some big plays."

(On if it's too early to start thinking about playoff ramifications) "Well, I'll tell you this much. If you don't win, it doesn't matter what the ramifications are. You've got to go out and take care of your business before you can do anything else."


(On what Seattle is doing well…) They're running the ball, they're big up front, they're physical, they've got backs who are doing well in this system. They're big, they're physical, they've got good lateral movement. All three are similar, but also very different at the same time. Obviously Russell Wilson is a stud, Baldwin's been really good, same with Tyler Lockett. They're big up front, they run the ball, those three backs are doing a great job. Russell is always a guy who creates problems, to create plays inside and outside the pockets. It's a great challenge for us.

(On what sets Seattle apart from other teams…) They all possess great quickness, great size, and they're all powerful. For the most part, they all mimic each other. They're great for what Seattle has historically done with their running backs. Guys who are downhill guys who can get yards after contact. They have pride in what they do, and it shows.

(On his takeaways from playing against Seattle in the past…) I think they're very similar to us in the fact that they play defense, run the ball, have quarterbacks that are known for being athletic but are really good in the pocket. Russell can extend plays, Cam can extend plays. It's always a physical game, it's always a game where have fun playing against them.


(On playing Seattle…) It's important for us to come out and set the tone, and do it early. Seattle is a team where on both sides of the ball – offensively and defensively - they play pretty well. We got a chance to watch them play the other night, and that's a team you can see that they're playing with a different kind of swagger, different kind of attitude. We have to make sure that we're ready to go.

(On his takeaways from playing against Seattle…) The defense that plays the best wins the game. That's how it's always kind of been. We understand what's at stake, and we understand what the challenge is all about. We have to make sure that we come out as a defense and set the tone.

The Seahawks and Panthers face off on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2023. Kickoff is set for 1:05 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Panthers.