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What The Packers Are Saying About The Seahawks

Check out what Green Bay Packers players and coaches are saying about the Seattle Seahawks heading into their Week 1 matchup at Lambeau Field.


Check out what Green Bay Packers players and coaches are saying about the Seattle Seahawks heading into their Week 1 matchup at Lambeau Field, courtesy of

Head Coach Mike McCarthy

(On Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson…)"I think he looks really good. You have to look at the preseason video and you have to know what they've done on offense. They're obviously playing a lot faster, huddling two yards from the ball and trying to get as many plays as possible. The up-tempo and they're extremely productive in the preseason, so he looks good, I know he was a little bit banged up last year."

(On Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls…) "Heck of a back. His second and third effort is something that jumps out at you, so I think really the combination and the different running styles of the running back group is very good. They all have distinct way about how they play and so that's what we've really got to focus on, which running back's in the game?"

(On the Seahawks adding defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson…)"His preseason tape is very impressive. He's very athletic, he's got excellent length, their whole defense has excellent length. So he definitely makes them better. They needed a 3-technique and they got one, they got a really good one."

QB Aaron Rodgers

(On how Seattle's defense looks different with Earl Thomas on the field…)"He's a difference maker. He's been a Pro Bowl player in the past and he covers a lot of ground. They've got studs on the outside at corner, but Earl covers a ton of ground, sideline to sideline, makes a lot of plays on the ball, has very good ball skills and is a good tackler."

(On what it was like having Eddie Lacy as a teammate and now having to play against him…) "Eddie's a great teammate. He's a lot of fun to be around. He has that infectious smile. He's a tough dude. All those Alabama guys that have been here over the years and you see across the League, they're football players. They're tough, tough dudes, know how to play the game, play it the right way and Eddie was one of them. It'll be fun to line up against — I won't be lining up against him — but Eddie's one of those guys you always enjoy being around and I hope he's enjoying it up there."

(On facing Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman…) "He's one of the best, if not the best, corners in the League still. A ton of respect for him, don't like throwing him the ball — I'll try not to do that on Sunday."

(On this game potentially meaning something in 2017 playoff positioning down the road…) "Every game could be looked at in that way, but yeah, I mean I think our two teams know, when you start the season, training camp, I'm sure 32 teams are talking about winning the Super Bowl. That's not really the case though. There's not that many teams that have those squads that could do it. Us and Seattle are usually in the mix. They have been and we have been for a long time, so you know it's going to be two teams that expect to be there in the end."

WR Jordy Nelson

(On what he's learned facing the Seahawks over the years…)"I think it's multiple things, but I think you do learn game after game. It almost has become a division game just because of how often we've played and you get more comfortable going against them, you understand what worked, what didn't work. But obviously, they're doing the same thing, so it's making those adjustments in the game and the games we win we play better football than the games we lose."

(On how to match up with Seattle's secondary…) "Just taking what they give us to be honest with you. They play a lot of defense where they try to keep everything in front, they want to make you go the long way, make you make the mistake, so we've got to be patient. When we get the one-on-one battles we've got to win those, if they go into their zone we've got to find the holes and sit there. Just stay ahead of the chains, you can't get into third-and-long against them. You've got to continue to get yards on every play and stay in third-and-short and be efficient with it and just be patient."

CB Davon House

(On the biggest challenge Seattle's offense brings…)"The obvious one — trying to contain Russell [Wilson]. That, Doug Baldwin's a special receiver. Jimmy [Graham], Jimmy's Jimmy, very dangerous. They've got a lot of fast weapons out there."

(On what makes Russell Wilson such a dynamic quarterback…)"Most quarterbacks when they scramble are going to scramble to run the ball. He scrambles to throw the ball. Every time when there's pressure and what not he'll get out of the pocket and he's still looking down the field to make a throw down the field, which makes him dangerous."

(On facing former Packers teammate Eddie Lacy…) "It should be fun to be out there with him. Hopefully not too many times he's coming at me full speed ahead. But I'm up for the challenge, it should be fun. I can see him laughing after every tackle and what not. But it should be fun out there."

WR Davante Adams

(On what is the most challenging aspect of the Seattle defense…)"I'd probably say how active they are. They have a lot of guys flying around all over the place, full speed and they play with just such a high urgency it's kind of difficult to match out there. But I think you get used to it. They're kind of a familiar opponent at this point, so you've got to match that and exceed it like we've done in the past. We've just got to be consistent with that and we'll be good."

(On how he views Seattle's secondary in particular…)"A lot of what I just said is based on their secondary. You've got Earl back there, he's a monster controlling sideline to sideline. Obviously Kam is the centerpiece of their defense I feel like. Richard is a tremendous man corner, zone corner who does really well in their scheme. It'll be interesting to see how their new piece outside, I'm not exactly sure what they're going to come with out there. But a lot of experience, a lot of years in that defense in the secondary specifically."

(On what it will be like seeing Eddie Lacy in another uniform…) "Well I'm just glad I don't have to see him on the other side of the ball. I know he's looking good, he's feeling good right now and I'm excited for him. It'll be good to see him, but I'm hoping he'll take it easy on us as much as possible."

Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers

(On the challenge Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham presents…) "He's a rare guy in terms of his size and ability to catch the ball and he really does a good job of going vertical because he can run for a guy his size and has the athletic ability to make all the catches. So yes, he's one of those matchup guys as a tight end. They split him out a lot and he'll be in a wide receiver position a lot and move him around, so guys like that create a challenge."

Running Backs Coach Ben Sirmans

(On Seattle's safety group playing against the run…) "Their core, even from way back in 2012 and 2013, is pretty much the same people. It's tough. One of the things, not just the safeties, I mean it's even just breaking through the line of scrimmage because they've got so much quickness up front and then you throw in their linebackers and how they scrape and read. The one thing about it is with a defense like this you can't waste time. It's get up field right now, run with great pad level, because with their speed and how they play angles you won't go anywhere if you don't go into it with that type of attitude."

Offensive Coordinator Edgar Bennett

(On his team's familiarity with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman…)"Without a doubt one of the best players at that position. A fierce competitor. Our guys are excited for the challenge."

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WR Randall Cobb

(On if Seattle feels more like a divisional game…)"I think so just because of how familiar we are with them, playing them as often as we have over the last few seasons. I think it gives us a better indication of what to expect and be able to go out there and play a little faster understanding what they're trying to accomplish."

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

(On facing the Seahawks...)"I know them well. Seattle was my first opening game ever as a rookie and I got criticized bad for my play as a rookie from the media. It's just an opponent that I've always got a chip on my shoulder for when playing against them, a team that I have a ton of respect for and I look forward to playing."

S Morgan Burnett

(On the matchup with Seattle…) "I figure the mindset when you're going against a really good football team like that, a really good quarterback, it's going to take a collective effort. It's going to take every guy in this locker room to play together, to be in sync as one, trust the guy next to you, trust your technique and hold each other accountable, and I think that's what we're going to have to do going into this game."

LB Clay Matthews

(On what they've done well against Seattle that they need to do again this week…) "Their entire team, specifically their offense is run around Russell Wilson and he makes that thing go. Keeping him in the pocket has been instrumental as far as forcing him to use his arm to beat us because when he escapes the pocket, much like Aaron [Rodgers], that's when he's most dangerous when those receivers become uncovered. We've done a good job of forcing turnovers against him and the same goes, we're going to have to get after him but at the same time be smart about our rush lanes and not let him tuck the ball and run or let his receivers become uncovered. They've got a number of big-time players over there, so we'll have our hands full but we're looking forward to it."

Photos of the Seahawks playing the Packers throughout the years leading up to their Week 1 game at Lambeau Field.  

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