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What The Lions Said Following Their 48-45 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Week 4 in Detroit.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Dan Campbell

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Opening Statement:"Not a real good performance, which falls on me. That was a – we weren't real sharp, it wasn't real clean, we had penalties, we had turnovers, one of those was for seven points which was the difference in the game. And then, defensively, man, we weren't good. Special teams made some plays, but then there were a couple we gave up too. So, it was just – it wasn't clean and that's on me."

On how he can challenge the team defensively to be better and improve: "Well, I think we – right now, the answer is to – look, we've got to clean – obviously clean up there. And I look at everything with (Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn) AG. We'll look at everything we need to. To the scheme, to our personnel, and we'll find the best fit and whatever we feel like's going to give us the best chance and the best chance in three or four weeks too. If that's a young player, it's a young player. But – and then, we've got to outscore them. Honestly, there again, is – as messy as some of it was early, offensively we can't – you can't be that way when you get in this type of game. The offense is – that's where this game went, it was high scoring, and so we have to outscore them. If you make a mistake, it can't be for seven points."

On how to avoid the finger-pointing and putting the blame on the defense:"Well, I think the easiest way is what I just said is – the offense, we spotted them seven. So, you take that away, we win this game."

On what he will look at from the defensive performance today:"Yeah, we're going to look at everything. We're going to look at it all, top to bottom."

On why he thinks the defense has not been getting better: "Well, I know this, we lack confidence. That's very clear to see, that's one element to it. We lack a lot of confidence, and so certainly to do that you have to – you have to have production in games and have success and stop your opponents, get some stops, things of that nature. So, we're lacking some confidence in areas, and then there again we're still making errors that falls into our boat as coaches. That's on us."

On if evaluating everything includes looking at specific coaches: "I'm going to look at everything."

On how lacking confidence manifests itself in the defense: "I just don't feel our swagger. I mean, we knew if we could get this team in second-and-long they would go a long way and then, we would – you would need to produce because it's been an area where that team has not been as good. And boy, we didn't make the most of it. Now look, they got us in a couple of third downs there late, third-and-longs that we have not been exposed to yet. And they gutted us. They got us good. And it was good designs by them, good play designs and in critical moments, they – it was good. It was real good by them."

On the emotions that take place in a high-scoring game like today: "Yeah, just keeping your head. Just staying in it and just knowing where you've got to go. Keeping it within a score if you can, and if you can't and if you're within 10 or two scores, then how do we get back to within one score and save these timeouts? So, you just stay in the moment, you never give up, and you look for a stop, you get an onside kick. And then, we get that onside kick, I feel like we win that game. So, I thought we could get a stop there at the end, third-and-5, even though you go that whole game, and it doesn't work out. I still feel like we were going to get that stop and it didn't work out."

On if he is going to increase his autonomy in every unit this coming week: "I don't know about that. I just know this, I will – I'm going to sit down with (Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn) AG. Look, AG's a damn good coach, alright? And this is – here's what – this is the same thing I told the team, the worst thing we can do is start pointing fingers at each other and, 'You did this. We didn't do this. We put up the –.' We can't do that, man, we can't let anybody pull us apart because as dismal as it is right now, we're not as far away as it feels. But until we do something about it, quit talking about it, doesn't matter. We can rob ourselves and we can say we're going to be better, but until we actually do it and make a commitment. And we've got to coach better, and they've got to take it on their shoulders, man. They need some accountability, and they need – our captains and our vets – and they need to say, 'Hey, enough is enough.' And what are they going to do about it? Like, what are we going to do about it as well? So, I mean we're all in the same boat together and we've got to clean it up. But I know this, we can't go in panic mode because it's the worst thing you can do."

On if he could hear the whistle from the officials that blew the third-down play dead before allowing the Seahawks a second chance to convert:"No, I couldn't. I thought that it had been the play had snapped before he – I didn't even hear. He said that and I'm like, 'Well, if you did there's -.' I did not. So, I'm not blaming it on them, they didn't do that, we lost this game."

On what the defense was trying to accomplish on the third-and-15 play after the whistle was blown leading to a Seahawks touchdown:"We were trying to pressure him."

On if he thought the Seahawks would punt the ball to make a shorter field:"No, they hadn't shown that."

On if he was surprised with the offense performance despite injuries compared to the defense which was mostly healthy:"I'm not shocked. I mean, it's – I've been a part of so many games where you think it's going to go one way and it goes the complete opposite. I mean, but I did – I'm not shocked, but I thought this was going to be – our defense was – it was going to be more defensive, and it would be more conservative-type game and it certainly wasn't that."

On how careful he has to be to not overreact to the defensive performance and potential changes going forward:"Yeah, I mean that's certainly part of it. I mean, you've got to – it's hard to go look at it in 15 minutes. Like you've got to walk away, and then really have a clear head about it and look at it, take it for what it is. And look, we had – we had some young players in there playing and one of them had his first start and let's see how he did. And – because some of these guys, they'll be better in four weeks than they are now. But we'll see. I've got to watch the tape, I really – I don't have an answer for you right now as to everything that went on. Certainly, wasn't good enough."

On Lions TE T.J. Hockenson's performance today:"Yeah, it was really good. We knew we needed him to step up for us, he was going to be more of a focal point today. And he did that. He certainly did that, he stepped up and had a monster game for us, so he gave us a chance there. And look man, so did (Lions WR Josh) Reynolds, really came alive for us and (Lions WR Kalif Raymond) Leaf stepped in there, (Lions WR Tom Kennedy) TK. Those guys – because once we lost (Lions WR Quintez) Cephus, I mean that was our crew. So, I thought (Lions RB) Jamaal (Williams) ran hard. O-line blocked well, (Lions QB Jared) Goff, I thought had another good game minus the one, obviously interception. But we did some really good things, but there again we were – for as good as we've been – forget the injuries, what frustrated me was the penalties. Here comes the penalties, and then we had the turnovers, and it's like, man, it just wasn't clean, and you can't play that way. Not against the way they were playing and without your – some of your guys."

On if there is an injury update on Lions WR Quintez Cephus, Lions CB Amani Oruwariye, and Lions LB Malcolm Rodriguez:"Well, Amani came back and Rodrigo. We'll see tomorrow how they were. But that's usually a good sign they were able to come back. And Cephus, I'm not sure. He could be a little longer, but I don't know what that is. I don't know how bad that is yet."

On how frustrating it is when some of the defensive issues are persistent:"Yeah, listen it's frustrating. It's frustrating and I have nobody to blame but myself. So, I'll – that's on me to handle that and can't keep saying that, can't keep writing that, can't keep – so, there again I'll look at everything. It is frustrating."

On if he feels like he needs to have a bigger hand in the defense going forward:"Yeah, I mean look I don't know about that because, there again I go back to – man, I've got a lot of faith in (Lions Defensive Coordinator) Aaron Glenn. I've got a ton of faith in those assistants, and I think it's just – I think we sit down, and I think we look at everything together. And – because really, I think more than anything maybe it's time for a deep dive, a real deep dive into it. Players, everything that we're doing, but I also trust what he's doing. And there's a reason why I hired him, and so I want to let him do his job. But certainly, I'm going – I mean, I've got to look a lot deeper than I have."

On the fans booing after the game and if that discourages him this early in the season:"No, listen, I get it. I get it. I mean, listen I get it. And no, it's not discouraging to me, I understand what this is and look, you don't win you'll get run out of town and that's the way life is. I mean, I'm here to win games and you get in close games like this, you've got to win them."

On how deflating was it that Lions K Dominik Eberle missed two extra points early in the game and if that contributed to the loss:"Yeah, I mean it's – it is what it is."

QB Jared Goff

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On coming close to winning but falling short: "Yeah, I mean we had our chances you know, throughout the game. We just need to score more points. We were there and maybe we get that onside kick there and get another shot there at the end. Kicking myself at that interception – that might've been the difference. Other than that, just need to score more points."

On how to pick up the defense after this game against the Seahawks: "Keep supporting them. Keep supporting them. Because I've been on the inverse of that and it's tough. Keep supporting them and it will come around. We trust those guys, we trust those coaches, we trust those players. I'll tell you one thing if you don't support them, it goes downhill really quickly. So, if we want to stay in this fight and have any chance it's stick together and remain a team."

On the interception that was returned for a Seahawks touchdown: "Just bad decision. Late, late bad decision. Can't do it. Dumb."

On today's rhythm without Lions WR DJ Chark, WR Amon-Ra St. Brown and RB D'Andre Swift: "I think a lot of things in the pass game have settled in for us and (Lions Offensive Coordinator) Ben's (Johnson) doing a hell of a job getting us ready every week. And I know we had the receivers we had today. I felt really good with those guys – (Lions WR Quintez Cephus) Q, (Lions WR Tom Kennedy) T.K., and (Lions WR) Kalif (Raymond) I've had a lot of reps with them. So, it wasn't – maybe from the outside it looked like we had a bunch of backups in there, but to me personally I had a lot of guys I had a lot of reps with. So, we were able to roll a little bit offensively."

On Lions TE T.J. Hockenson stepping up against the Seahawks: "Yeah, I think you could see him kind of catch a rhythm. He started breaking some tackles, started being extremely decisive on his routes, extremely separating well, and doing a lot of good things. And that's just who he is, it's just kind of – he's a rhythm player, getting him in that rhythm is important for us. We needed to do that and you can see how dangerous he is catching a shallow and taking it 80 yards. But, yeah he is a hell of a player and we need to keep him involved."

On Lions Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson's gameplanning without a few starters: "Yeah, like I said I think (Lions Offensive Coordinator) Ben (Johnson) is doing a great job getting us ready every week. There's really no flinch with who's in there and who's not in there. It truly is no flinch. We've had a good plan and had a good plan today. You know we had the two turnovers and ultimately that's typically the difference."

On the benefits of last year's injuries when it comes to playing through injuries: "No, yeah, no. I think it's an unfortunate benefit because of some of the stuff last year, right. We had a lot of guys who had to play because of injuries or whatever. So (Lions WR Tom Kennedy) T.K. has reps, I have reps with him, (Lions WR Quintez) Cephus the same thing. (Lions T Dan) Skipper's been in the League a long time, he has a bunch of reps. There's less drop-off because of the amount of reps and live situation that some of those guys who typically wouldn't have, have had."

On his trust with Lions WR Josh Reynolds: "Yeah, I trust him. I trust him a lot and we're on the same page and our communication is great and he's playing as confident as I've ever seen him, strong, he's physical. He can win versus anybody right now and he's a guy that we trust a lot."

On how pivotal it is to stay together and to not get caught up in the record: "Well, that's our only option, right? Because you know what happens if we don't, it goes downhill quickly. And we've got a lot of games ahead of us, it's not the start we want and it's hard to sit here at 1-3 and say anything positive. But there is a lot of game ahead of us, a lot of season to be played and if we don't take it into gear quickly here, it won't favor us, so we have to find a way to win these games, the close game, these high scoring games, whatever you have. Have to find a way to win them and there will be no more excuses if we do."

LB Alex Anzalone

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On the Seahawks beating the zero blitz with run plays: "It's a zero beater obviously. So, it's kind of what they got us in and kind of (expletive) out of luck when they run it. It's just good situational football by them."

On why the defense is still struggling in its second year with the same personnel: "You know, I think it just comes down to being your piece of the puzzle. Stuff's going to happen within a game. It's the NFL. Someone's going to make a play. You know if you're singled up on (Seahawks WR) DK Metcalf, he's going to make a play. It's the mental errors, the undisciplined football, the rat ball that gets you in trouble. To be honest, that's kind of where we are at as a defense right now. And, everyone just needs to be a piece of the puzzle every day. That's why you get into these type of situations."

On if there is a lack of confidence on the defense: "Well, no I haven't necessarily noticed that. I feel like I've always had this confidence, comes from demonstrated ability. So unless you're doing it and you know you can do it – I don't know, from my end I don't know if I see it from me personally, but I can't really speak on others."

DL Charles Harris

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On how the pass rushers feel after the defensive performance today: "I don't really know. I can't really say it is a certain mood, or anything like that. We are all teammates, so we have to get back to the drawing board and see what can learn and see where we can get better."

On how the defense feels after the offense scored 45 points: "Yeah, I mean that's the game. As a defensive player, situational and football-wise, you ask for that kind of situation and that's one of the ones where we have to make sure we're on our details and every little thing counts. Every play matters, and that's what (Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn) AG told us before, 'Treat every single play like it's basically the last.' That's what you have to do as a unit."

On if he sees any progression or improvement within the defense: "Oh, without a doubt. Without a doubt. Every week we go back to work. If you're not getting better in the X's and O's, then you're definitely getting better mentally, and chemistry-wise, and things like that. Like I told them earlier, as a defensive vet, you have a choice and I think everybody on this team has to have a choice. As a man you have a choice. That's the most powerful thing you have, is to be able to make a choice. You can decide to keep your head down, or you can pick it up. You decide to stop working, or you can work harder, you can decide to go back and learn from it, or you can let it be a loss, and that's what we have to do when we come in on Monday."

TE T.J Hockenson

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On stepping up while the Lions' wide receivers struggle with injuries: "Yeah, no doubt. Going into the week I knew it was going to be a fun one. I knew that I was going to have to do a lot. I mean (Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown) Saint was out, (Lions RB D'Andre) Swift was out. We have a lot of guys that are hurting – (Lions WR) D.J (Chark) – and so we knew somebody was going to have to put the team on, and make sure the ball was moving. So that was kind of my goal just coming into this game – keep the ball moving, make plays when they're called. I was able to do that for sure."

On what he saw on his 81-yard reception and how it felt: "I mean, I loved it. I love getting out, getting loose. Got the ball in some space and was able to make something happen. It was nice to see. I come around that corner and eight (Lions WR Josh Reynolds) was right there, made one miss and then I see my guy's downfield blocking. So, then I go around the wideout and (Seahawks ILB) Cody (Barton)'s unengaged. So, I was able to put a stiff arm on him and then it's green grass from there. Then I see (Lions RB) Jamaal (Williams) coming up and making a block. So that was a fun one for sure."

On Lions QB Jared Goff managing the offense against the Seahawks: "Yeah, Jared, just having him in the huddle, having a guy that can play the game and put the ball in the right spot is big for an offense. To score 45 points as a quarterback and – like, we've scored upwards of 30, 35 every game. To have him in that huddle, it just gives us a boost of confidence. Like I said, we've got a lot of weapons on this offense. We have a lot to look forward to. I don't want anybody to get down from this game, I really don't, because we have so many pieces, so many weapons. We just need to tilt the turns. I mean, there's nothing – close isn't a thing anymore. We don't want to be close. We don't want to do any of that. We want to win. It's hard. It really is. It's hard to come out of a game like this and not win. That's just what –we're going to go back to work, we're going to grind and win. That's really what we need to do."

DL Aidan Hutchinson

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On how difficult it is to lose a close game: "Yeah, you know that was a poor defensive performance. We

have to do better. Your offense scores 45, I think, we have to win that game."

On comparing the offensive and defensive performances when losing close games: "I mean a little bit. Obviously we start pointing fingers and stuff, everything goes downhill, so we're not doing that. We know defensively we have to be better. Props to the offense, you know when you put up 45, we have to win that game."

On maintaining confidence after losing close games: "Just keep trucking along. It's a long season. Obviously not the ideal start, but this is the first quarter of the season done now, so we're going to move onto the next quarter and keep pushing."

S Kerby Joesph

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On if the result today was because of the Seahawks' approach or the Lions' own mistakes: "I just feel like as a unit we need to just – got to come stronger. We need to get off the field as a defense. Offense scores that many points, we've got to come up with a stop."

On the ups and downs of today's game and ultimately losing: "Always supposed to keep confidence in yourself. Even though things happen, that's football. It happens. We've got to learn how to forget that play and get onto the next one."

On debuting as a starting safety today: "It was amazing to go out there with my team. You know I know those boys play their heart out. It's just my job to give them my all too."

DL Alim Mcneill

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On how they can prepare for the next game after today's loss: "Just go back to work. That's the message every time I clear every game. But you have to go back to work, focus on the little details. It's something little, it's always something little, and we're just going to focus on the details next week and get back to work."

On how much defense struggled today: "I would say we struggled a lot, but we're going back into work. There's the little things that we are going to fix. (Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn) AG is going to have the game plan for us next week. We're ready to go, for sure."

On what made Seattle's offense so tough to stop: "I wouldn't say it was anything special or anything tough. They were just executing their plays and we were not executing on the defensive side. Like I said, there's little details and stuff that we can fix that is going to help us throughout the season."

CB Jeff Okudah

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On the challenge of going against Seahawks WR DK Metcalf today and if it was a back-and-forth battle: "I don't necessarily know if there was a back-and-forth. That's obviously one of the top receivers in the League. And me being a competitor, obviously, you want to win the one-on-ones when those opportunities present themselves."

On if it is more difficult to lose a close game than losing by a wide margin: "I think anytime you lose, it's a (expletive) feeling. Especially when you know that we have the ability to win these games, we just need to execute at a higher level. That's what the name of the game is, execution."

The Seahawks face the Lions in Detroit for Week 4 of the season at Ford Field on October 2, 2022. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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