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What The Eagles Said Following Their 24-10 Loss To The Seahawks

Quotes and locker room sound from the Eagles following their 24-10 loss to the Seahawks in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field.

Quotes and locker room sound from the Eagles following their 24-10 loss to the Seahawks in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Doug Pederson

(Were the Philadelphia turnovers and penalties the deciding factors in today's game…)"Exactly. Exactly the message. You can't make those mistakes against good football teams on the road and expect to win. You can't do it and we did it again today."

(Why did you go for it on fourth down and two in the second quarter, right before the half…) "We were prepared, we had discussed going for it in that situation, there was like 18 seconds and a couple of timeouts and to possibly kick the field goal. It was just a decision that I made at that point because we were getting the ball to start the second half. I just didn't want to give them a short field, with 15 or 18 seconds with timeouts and they get three points instead of us."

(Even though the team lost, how can this be a learn point going forward…)"Everything matters, particularly here down the stretch. The beauty of the whole thing is that it is still in our control. Guys in that locker room are sick to their stomachs obviously for the loss. But at the same time we have a great opportunity against another playoff caliber football team next weekend. So we just have to regroup and learn from our mistakes and get ready for another great game this week."

(Thoughts on how Carson (Wentz) did today…)"I thought he did okay. He made two great plays in the second half obviously that kept us in the football game. I think if you asked him, there were a couple of football plays he left out there. He was under duress a little bit some of the night. You never want to get in a situation where you gotta throw, even though the run game was pretty successful early. We'll learn from it, make the corrections and bounce back next week."

(What were the Seahawks doing to take away Alshon (Jeffery) and Zack (Ertz) in the first half…)"They came out and pressed a little bit more in man coverage. I think to the noise can be a factor to some extent, getting off the ball, things of that nature. But it's a good defense. Again it comes down to execution, protection and everything on offense and we gotta do a better job."

Quarterback Carson Wentz

(On the struggle to get a rhythm going in the first half and what changed in the second half...)"Yeah, we did struggle.  We struggled to get into a rhythm running the ball – throwing the ball.  Came up short on a couple third downs and stuff like that.  We just kind of found it in the second half, came out right away and went with our no huddle drive.  That kind of got us a little boost.  We got it all the way down there and we just didn't finish."

(On how frustrating were the two turnovers...)"Yeah, it was the story of the game, really.  We turned the ball over.  They didn't.  On a road game like this, in this atmosphere against a great team like they are, it's tough to win when you do that."

(On how the team will react to this loss...)"We will be fine. The guys in this locker room are all mature.  We will all respond just fine.  We are all frustrated about this one, but we're not too worried.  I think we will be just fine."

(On if he thinks the way the team responds will show how good this team is and what it is all about...) "Yeah, I think, kind of going back to the earlier question, I'm not worried about how we will respond. I know we will come out right away Tuesday with our meetings and everything, Wednesday's practice, I know we will be running full speed.  I know we will be fine.  Again, we're frustrated about this loss.  Hats off to Seattle. That's a great, great football team.  They made more plays than us. I know we will respond just fine."

(On interaction with Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas after the game...)"Yeah, I have a lot of respect for both of those guys.  Russell is a heck of a competitor.  I've been a fan of his since I was a kid. I love competing against him and being across from him tonight was pretty cool. He is a heck of a player, heck of a competitor and I just wanted to wish him well.  Again, I can't say enough good things about Earl. He's all over the field. He is a ball hawk. He is a pretty impressive player.  Just a lot of respect for both of those guys." 

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Safety Corey Graham

(On the frustrating nature of Wilson's play…) "It's tough. Heck of a player. He does a lot with his legs. Buys time to make plays. He's a ballplayer, man!" He's scrambling, he's buying time, he's making guys miss, he's spinning. Guys had him in certain situations and he just found ways to make plays. When it's all said and done, he just made more plays than we did… We knew it going into it. You see it on the film. We had a good game plan against it, but sometimes its better in person than it is on film."

(On if losing this game was any more disappointing after the run they have been on…) "It's disappointing to lose any game. This is our second loss of the season. We never go into a game to lose. When it is all said and done, they just played better as a team than we did. We had too many mistakes. You can't come into an environment like this and win having that many mistakes."

Defensive End Brandon Graham

(On the feeling of coming out on the wrong side of the outcome tonight…)"They were the better team today. Seattle went out there and played their butt off and all credit goes to them."

(On how important it is to bounce back from a loss like this…)"It's big for us to go out there and bounce back and not point any fingers, just go out there and take care of our business. It's about us every week. We know what we have to clean up. Once we go watch that film and see everything that happened in that game, we are going to see the little stuff that we can clean up. But, it's on us to do and we are going to make sure we do that."

Defensive End Chris Long

(On how he will keep in perspective the 10-2 record after this loss…)"Right now it's disappointing when we've been winning for a while. We didn't play our best ball. If we had played our best and lost, that would be one thing. Hats off to them. I am sure we will see them down the line."

(On if losing in this kind of atmosphere can help the team heading towards the playoffs…)"We will learn something from it. I don't know if it's about the atmosphere, or whatnot, but at the end of the day it's about execution. We just made too many mistakes. We are a really good football team, they are a really good football team and when you go out and don't play your best ball, in really either half, it's not a good recipe."

Cornerback Jalen Mills

(On what he learned about his team in this loss…) "We were coming into a hostile stadium. A team who has been there before. They've been to the playoffs, been to the Super Bowl, they've won one of those. We just have to get back to being ourselves. I'm not saying we weren't, but at the same time we missed opportunities out there."

(On if there was a heightened sense of intensity for this game…)"No. All of these games have been the same. It has been a high, high level of energy against really good opponents. As far as the game goes, it was another Sunday in the NFL."

(On Russell Wilson and the challenge he poses…)"He's a good quarterback. With all the rules now, as far as defensive holding and all this, and you see the quarterback scrambling around, you just have to have good eyes and play with good technique."

Safety Malcolm Jenkins

(On what makes Russell Wilson so difficult to defend…)"He's a human joystick! He gets out of the back and the D-line can't get to him, you've got guys covering the back end and all of a sudden we're scrambling around, so even if he gets a holding call in the back end just because it's hard to stay with the receivers for that long. His ability to improvise is the biggest thing. As DBs we are taught to stay in coverage until he crosses the line of scrimmage, he crosses it and then option pitches it out. Those are things you can't really prepare for."

Game action photos from the Seahawks' 24-10 victory over the Eagles in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field. 

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