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What The Eagles Are Saying About The Seahawks

Check out what the Eagles are saying about the Seahawks leading up to the Week 13 game at CenturyLink Field.

Check out what the Eagles are saying about the Seahawks leading up to the Week 13 game at CenturyLink Field, via

Head Coach Doug Pederson

(On growing up a Seahawks fan and coming back to Seattle this weekend…) "Obviously, grew up in 1976, I believe, the franchise was awarded, the Seahawks played and my parents got season tickets.  We had four tickets each Sunday and I tell you it was a lot of fun for me growing up as a kid and it was a chance to experience the Kingdome and Jim Zorn, Steve Largent, Kenny Easley, all those guys playing back in the day, Curt Warner, the runner, I mean it was just amazing to watch them play and sort of childhood heroes, obviously.  Then I moved away and I remember going back when I was a member of the Miami Dolphins, we played up there and the Green Bay Packers played up there and now, obviously, as the head coach and coming back.  It's a lot of fun and brings back a lot of great memories.  Back then when you are a kid, you don't think you are going to be on the sideline coaching an NFL team back in Seattle, but it will be a chance to see some family, some friends and sort of reminisce about those early days."

(On what challenges the Seahawks present…) "For us looking at them, the Seahawks' offense.  Everything runs through Russell right now.  This kid, he is unbelievable.  I loved him when he came out of Wisconsin.  I was actually a part of the Eagles staff when I had a chance to work him out and thought he was going to be a special player in this league and he has obviously turned out to be one.  The team feeds off of that and they still do.  We got our work cut out for us there. We got to make sure that we can try to somehow get some hands on him and not let him escape like he does because he is very dangerous outside the pocket.  He still has a lot of weapons in [Doug] Baldwin and Jimmy Graham and [Paul] Richardson is a guy that can give you some speed.  He's long and he has made some great plays this year and then [Tyler] Lockett on the outside.  This kid is fast. He is quick and he is an exciting special teams player, obviously, but he gives a little burst there on offense.  Defensively, even though I know they are without two of their main starters in Kam [Chancellor] and Richard [Sherman].  It's hard to replace those guys, obviously, it's much like Jason Peters and Darren Sproles offensively for us, but they are still playing fast.  I think these two linebackers are two of the best we have seen all season.  It's a great front four.  They are aggressive.  They play well at home because the crowd, as everybody knows, is loud and it's hard to hear and communication is tough.  Then on special teams, we just have to stay disciplined.  Again, it's an explosive group that has the ability to break a long return.  Our work is definitely cut out for us.  It's a great opportunity for our guys."

(On what stands out to him when he sees Bobby Wagner on film this season…) "Man, I'll tell you, I see leadership, I see speed, he's an excellent tackler in the open field, he's smart, and he and Earl Thomas, both of these guys, have kind of taken over the leadership of the defense. Those are things that Bobby [Wagner] has done his whole career, and he continues to do that."

(On Russell Wilson's fourth quarter play…) "I just think that in the quarterbacks that I've been around that have been successful in the fourth quarter is that they just focus that much more. They just zero in on their assignment, they just zero in on the task at hand. They know that it's the last drive or two of the game and they've got to make a play. I think that's what seperates them from a young quarterback or a quarterback that doesn't have quite that same intensity or same focus. I saw it with Favre obviously. You see it with Carson, you see it in Russell, guys that just zero in and lock in on their jobs."

(On Jimmy Graham…)"Obviously, he's a big, physical target. They like to use him down around the goal line obviously, in the red zone and its just body position. You've just got to be in the right spot at the right time with him. You've got to body guys like that up, and anticipate route combinations and things. Being a basketball guy, he can elevate and being the size that he is he can be physical, pushing people around, particularly around the goal line. It does pose an issue for us defensively. 

Take a look at the Philadelphia Eagles players you can expect to see when the Seattle Seahawks take the field in Week 13 at CenturyLink Field. 

Quarterback Carson Wentz

(On playing in Seattle before…)"It's a huge help. Going in there last year, had heard all about it; kind of knew what to expect but yeah it's definitely loud, it's quite the atmosphere. It's a fun place to play. You know, I think most guys have been there now so that'll pay dividends in just our week of prep knowing just how much we need to emphasize hand signals and communicating things non-verbally. I think that'll be big help."

(On Seattle's secondary without Sherman and Chancellor…) "They still do the same stuff. They still do what they do. They have good backups that have now contributed and stepped up but anytime you're missing two usually Pro Bowlers like those two it changes things a little bit. You can maybe be a little more aggressive at times but they still have a very sound, very solid defense. Earl Thomas back there, he's still back there, flies around; he's one of the more impressive guys I've seen on tape. He's all over the field, a ton of respect for him so he's a guy you've always got to know where he's at as well."

(On Seattle's talent and experience…)"They're a great team. They're a great team offensively, defensively, special teams. They're coached well, they've been in the playoffs I think the last five years so, a lot of respect for them. They will present a challenge, especially going into their stadium out there, it's loud and it's quite the atmosphere so again it'll be a really good challenge for us."

Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor

(On the noise in Seattle…)"Being familiar with the environment helps. It's a great stadium and I'm looking forward for us to just go out there and play fast."

Linebacker Mychal Kendricks

(On the noise…)"It's one heck of a hostile environment. I know that. But they're a different team than last year."

(On playing Russell Wilson…) "He's so versatile. Pinpoint accuracy, whether he's standing in the pocket or on the move. He's so agile, so quick and he has a real ability to create something out of nothing and extend plays. That's him, that's his game and it makes it hard. It makes it real hard because it's hard to get to him and coverage on the back end; those guys are running around. You don't know the routes that were on paper are now it just becomes street ball. So it's going to be a challenge."

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