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What The Colts Are Saying About the Seahawks

Check out what Colts coaches and players are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 4 for Sunday Night Football at CenturyLink Field

Check out what Colts coaches and players are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 4 for Sunday Night Football at CenturyLink Field, via

Head Coach Chuck Pagano

(On are you leaning on Gore for any information on the Seahawks…) "Absolutely. He can share a lot of the things from his past and his history and his experiences of playing up there in that stadium and how difficult it is.  We've got a really young football team and we will bring a bunch of guys that have never been in an environment like this and play an opponent like this. It's so hard, so he will be a great asset for our young guys and kind of educating them throughout the week on what to expect."

(On what do you tell these young guys about Seattle's environment and what do you do to help them prepare…) "Well obviously try and do as much as you can, especially for our offense. The crowd noise, to try and simulate it. It's impossible to get close to it, we know how difficult and what a great job that they do.  It comes down to execution.  It comes down to focus. If you play well and you are fortunate enough to get off to a good start and you have some early success, you can calm some of that down, so really just for those guys, they have to know their job inside and out.  They got to know the opponent inside and out.  Then they just got to go play and they have to stay focused and they can't control all that stuff. But what they can control is their fundamentals, is their technique, their eyes, their footwork, their hands and just stay laser focused."

Running Back Robert Turbin

(On the Seahawks home field advantage…) "Probably the best in the league. They feed off their crowd, they use their crowd for energy. They feel like the crowd gives them an advantage. They try to throw offenses out of rhythm. Try to make sure they can't get the calls and stuff like that. For us we just have to be sharp with our hand signals and things like that with our communication so we can execute offensively."

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Cornerback Vontae Davis

(On the Seahawks secondary…)"If they're going to the concession stand to get popcorn, we should be pulling the popcorn from them. They steal plays, Russell Wilson running around all day. We have to plaster, we have to cover the receivers as long as we can because once he gets to make plays."

Safety Darius Butler

(On the Seahawks offense…)"This week obviously we're going to have to cover a little longer. That's the challenge when we face quarterbacks like this. He's like Hudini in the pocket. He can be at one place and then be in another and extend the plays. He's dangerous with his feet and with his arm so it'll be a huge challenge for the secondary this week."

Safety Matthias Farley

(On Russell Wilson…) "They do a great job when he's scrambling so eyes are gonna be a big deal and just being attached to the receivers throughout the duration of the play and know that he has the arm strength to throw it long once he gets out of the pocket. 

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