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What The Chargers Said Following Their Win Against The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Chargers said following their meeting in Week 9 against the Seahawks.


(Thoughts on the game…) "This is a real gritty football team. This team did not quit. We protected every inch. I'm proud of the guys today. We came here and played in a hostile environment and won on the road again. I was proud of the way they played and the way they came out and practiced all week. They were ready for this game. It didn't have to be that hard. There are some things that we have to correct. It was a win."

(Does this win make a different statement than the other ones this year…) "Every game we play is very important. We do not overlook any game. It was next on the schedule. Yes they were a hot football team and I thought we handled them pretty well."

(What do you get from this winning in a hostile environment…) "We knew that this was going to be a test and a four quarter football game, they passed the test. We talked about it all week, we need a game like this on the road in this environment versus a winning football team. I think we had too many penalties. Obviously the two missed extra points and a field goal would have helped a lot."

(How do you think your defense did against the run after allowing Seattle to score on their first drive…) "After the first series I thought our defense did a heck of a job against the run."

(What changed for your defense after that first drive…) "We made some adjustments. We brought some pressures, we played some line games. We made the adjustments we needed to make."

(Does that build confidence knowing you need to make a play to get your team off the field to win a game…) "Absolutely, it builds confidence in what we're doing, the whole process and him (Rivers) having success in those areas. It's not just him, it's the offensive line. It's Derek Watt the fullback, Virgil Green the tight end, Antonio Gates, all those guys executed in those situations."

(How do you build off of this win…) "We can build off of it because I thought we have gotten better every single week. That's what this team has done. We have gotten better. We have learned from our losses. I feel that we are a better football team now than in the first quarter of the season. Now the second quarter is over and we get ready for the third quarter. Some people are going to push ahead, some people are going to fall off right there."

(Does this game make a statement that you should be considered one of the elite or one of the top teams in the league…) "Nope, I try not to pay attention to the noise. I just try and get this team better every single week. Today I thought we took another step in some areas."

(Your thoughts on the penalty call in the end zone late in the game…) "Officials have to do their job. You don't see that call to often in that situation, the last play of the game."


(On this game coming down to the last play again…) "It's tough. I think, at least in this case we knew it was win or tie. It shouldn't have come down to that, but it did. It's a good football team, in their place. We found a way to win. I think that these kinds of wins are huge, when you can win them."

(On what it means to get a win against a team that has been playing well and in a difficult environment…) "It's big. I don't know about the whole 'momentum' thing, but it's just big for your team. Look how many guys contributed, look how many guys touched the football, the guys up front. It wasn't our best day throwing it, especially percentage-wise. It's been awhile since we've been down at fifty or whatever we were. I don't love that, not because I care about stats, just because I know it's not as effective as we need to be. But, it was still balanced. We threw for over 200 yards, we didn't turn the ball over, we had two touchdown passes on contested plays, we ran for over 100 again, I think, and the defense gets a turnover for a score. We are leaning on each other. We are doing a nice job of leaning on each other, and truly there's not one side carrying the other, it's a team win."

(On the frustrations of watching the kicking game struggle…) "It is, it's tough. It doesn't feel the same when there's six on the board. You want to convert third-downs and then when you still have a chance to get points and you feel the 'uhhgg', you know? So we handled that and that adversity and rallied. Obviously, everybody is pulling for Caleb (Sturgis), you know? You don't want to see anybody not have success. He's frustrated, we are all frustrated, but we found a way to overcome it this week."

(On how effective their running game is with Gordon healthy…) "Him and Austin (Ekeler) are different, but he's running it awesome. I am sure he probably told you, the guys up front are doing a heck of a job, too. He fights for the extra yards, but some of our runs today were creases that were just… I don't know that you can block it any better. And then when you have a special back with the ball under his arm it adds to what you do after that."

(On the two touchdown catches…) "They both did a nice job. Tyrell, (Williams) heck of a job – I was afraid he wasn't going to have enough room, but he stayed in bounds, and then Mike's (Williams) I knew we were good with the completion, and then I don't know how his heels didn't hit (out of bounds), I am sure some would argue that they did. When you can't see 'em, you can't overturn it!"

(On the level of energy he exhibited today…) "I was fired up for many reasons. Some personal, some just excited. I love playing here. This is probably my last shot playing here. It's exciting when you play in this kind of atmosphere and environment. I think it was exciting to come out and see how many Chargers fans were here. You like going against great defenses, especially guys like Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, guys that you've seen multiple times, you respect from afar, it's just fun. The quarterback on the other side is a heck of a player. I think that's why I felt even more, 'we need to get more than two scores!" Not because you don't believe in your defense, just because you know the guy over there leading that group is not going to stop, and they didn't. And again, our D stepped up right there until the last play."

(On how big it was to escape when pinned deep in their own end…) "To me, it really kept the crowd from getting too crazy. It wasn't as loud as I've experienced here consistently. There were spurts, but it wasn't as consistently as loud as it has been. I had everybody prepped for it be crazy and the guys that had their first time here were like, 'you hyped it a little too much."


(On watching from the sideline as the defense tries to win the game) "It is because you're just watching, but we go against these boys every day. We know what they can do. They've been making plays throughout the week, all practice. No doubt in my mind they were going to get that done."

(On if it's tough to watch the kicking situation unfold) "It is, man. I don't want to speak much on it, but I know (Caleb) Sturgis is having a hard time right now. He's still one of our teammates and, you know, boy it sucks. It sucks because everybody's talking about it. In reality, there's no chance for the Seahawks to make a chance to make a run at OT if we make one of those PAT's but it's part of the game. Hopefully he can regroup and get it together man. As long as he's here, we've got to have faith in him. He'll get it done, he's just got a mental block and he'll figure it out."

(On Philip Rivers) "He's just on his game, man. Phil, he's a guru at this. Like I said, he plays chess out there. He knows what's going on, he knows where guys are going to be, studies film like crazy. I watch him, so this is expected from Phil. It is what it is. He's been doing it for a while."

(On when he knew he was going to play today) "When I came back on the plane from Tennessee? I knew then (laughs). I mean, (I was) not a thousand percent, but felt good enough to go out there and make some plays and help the team win. If I feel like I'm good enough, I'm going to go out there and put my best foot forward."


(On the challenges of returning to Seattle to face his old team…) "You almost need the perfect game to come in here and have success and we were able to put it together today. It was a team effort, for sure."

(On the chippy behavior throughout the game…) "I just think it was two teams that were extremely hungry. Two teams that are ready to advance and move forward and finish off the second quarter of the season. We came out on top."

(On how big this win was or how it compares against other wins this season…) "I think what today proves is that we are a resilient team. There are times when we could have got up on them and finished the game, unfortunately we almost didn't. But at the end of the day, we persisted, and we made the most out of every opportunity that we get and the win was the result."

(On River's performance today…) "Philip is incredible. The way he prepares throughout the week, I am not surprised to see him have the success that he has week to week. There's nobody that works harder than that guy."

(On the so-called lack of home field advantage in LA and how it may prepare them for tough road tests…) "That situation, I guess it's going to come into its own. I don't have control over most of that, but what we do know is that we are all we got, and we are all we need. When we are on the road and when we are at home things may not necessarily be in our favor in terms of the crowd or enthusiasm that one would expect on a home game, but it's okay. It's okay because we have shown that we have incredible resolve no matter the situation."


(On returning to Seattle for the first time) "It was definitely different. The crowd, I'm used to the – well, I ain't used to it now but I remember the crowd being the way it is. It was good to win, man."

(On playing to the final whistle) "It just shows the resilience we have and how well we play as a team and how well we're fighting as a team. I think that's the main thing about what we do."

(On getting a win in a tough environment against a good team) "Well, if you notice like the past three or four weeks, we've been on the road so when you're in the playoffs or you go to the Super Bowl, you play on the road. Us being on the road is actually good for us. Winning on the road, we know how to win in other environments (and) unique environments. This is definitely a unique environment."

(On if he was in on the last play) "Oh yeah, man. Come on, man. Hey, (Russell Wilson) was about to run but he saw me and he said 'oh, let me throw it," you know what I mean? He knows. Russ knows, man."


(On the first time that Russell Wilson has lost to an AFC team in CenturyLink …) "That's crazy, but I can believe it. We've been watching these guys win a lot of games for a long time. Even when I was in college these guys were elite. So, we knew what type of atmosphere we were coming into. We're so confident in our team. The pieces that we've been able to put together over the years. Everybody being able to be on the field at the same time. It's really coming together. It feels so good to run our victory string."

(On whether a win at CenturyLink makes it more special….) "You know where you're playing. You know what this place means to the league. One of the loudest stadiums in the league, if not the loudest. So we understood what we were coming into. We were excited about the environment. Unfortunately, we play an away game every single week, so no better team to come in here and get the W."


(On Russell Wilson's first loss to an AFC team at CenturyLink Field…) "I'm glad it came against us. Make it 5 in a row for us. I knew it was going to be a hard environment, a tough environment to play in. I knew the game was never over. I've been here where they've come back and beat teams like this. Like I said, it's like Russell Magic here. He found a way to make a lot of plays, but at the end of the day, we came in here, in a hostile environment, and won the game."

(On whether the experience with the two-point conversion attempt vs. Tennessee was helpful…) "It was very similar. It was definitely a little different because they had to score a touchdown. They would have had to get into the end zone twice. I like our odds. We came out and made a play and won the game."

(On how to keep this rolling…) "Go in and correct the things that we have to correct from this past week. Get in on Wednesday and work on Oakland. That's a division game. People might say they're struggling, but it's a division game. You never know about those things. You have to go in there and prepare. Try to go into another hostile environment in Oakland and try to win there. It will be back to back hostile environments. Hope you can go in there and get a win."


(On getting a win like this in a hostile environment…) "It's great, anytime we can come on the road, loudest place in the league, and get a win the way we did it, I thought it was dominating, outside of the points that we missed. It was pretty great."

(On whether this win is a statement on who the Chargers are…) "They were hot, but we're hotter."

(On playing off the intensity of Philip Rivers…) "This is a guy you can play off of. Whenever he makes a play, I make a play, Mel makes a play. We show passion, we show emotion. It feeds the whole team, the whole offense. Des got the pick at the end, you saw how many guys went crazy on the sidelines. Anytime anybody can make a play. Mike's touchdown on the sideline. That is not even scripted to score, but he made the play like that. Anytime we can feed off that energy, everybody's going to move it."

(On the touchdowns by Tyrell Williams and Mike Williams…) "Just making plays. It wasn't a touchdown play, he made a play. That's what he does. Tyrell he made a play, he wasn't really open, Phil threw him open. He caught the ball in the end zone. That's what they do."

(On the Chargers receivers…) "If we don't have the best group of receivers in the National Football League, who does?"

Fan photos from the Seattle Seahawks' game against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 9 of the 2018 NFL season at CenturyLink Field.