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What The Cardinals Said Following Their Loss To The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Arizona Cardinals said following their meeting in Week 17 against the Seahawks.


(Opening statement) "I want to express how proud I am of the players and coaches in that locker room for their effort today. We fought to the end. We talked about coming up here and trying to win a football game and that's exactly what they tried to do today. We didn't make enough plays in the end. It's about finishing and that's what we didn't do."

(Was the team able to step forward in this last game…) "I think it speaks volumes for the men in that locker room the way they came out played and responded. We have to protect the football. It's unfortunate we got a holding call with the takeaway touchdown. Special teams played lights out today, that was the difference in giving us the opportunity and a chance. They have been pretty much consistent all year."

(Have you been given any clarity in regards to your job status…) "I have not. I'm sure we will find some time tomorrow to sit down and talk."

(Has it been difficult for you to not have that clarity…) "No because it's about trying to focus on the task at hand. Before it was about trying to win football games. The season is over now. Now we are trying to find some direction and clarity as we just talked about."

(Would you like to be the coach next season…) "Of course I do."

(How do you characterize this season…) "It was very disappointing from an expectation stand point, I would say that. There was a lot of stuff to deal with. It's all about learning it's all about growing not only myself but the team as a whole, players and coaches."

(What did you think of the Fitzgerald touchdown catch…) "I was smiling at him when he came off the sidelines. He caught it with his fingertips. It's unbelievable. What he does never seems to surprise me, it's just unbelievable."

(What is the schedule for tomorrow…) "We have exit meetings and physicals and then we have a team meeting at 11."

(At the end of the first half would you have done anything differently…) "You know what, we were trying to take one more shot to the end zone. In hindsight with 11 seconds left we thought we had a shot. We just can't hold on to the ball, we have to get rid of it. That is the key thing there understanding the time on the clock. You want to try and give yourself and opportunity and a chance. But we get the P.I. (pass interference), so you get the ball inside the five. So unfortunately we didn't get it off."

(Did Josh seem to come down in the second half…) "I thought he did. Early on he tried to force one. He was very fortunate it was not intercepted. But again he is just a competitor trying to make plays. I thought he made some great throws tonight. He really connected well."

(Does Jeff Rogers deserve a lot of credit for the special teams work…) "All of those coaches do, but yes. I mentioned earlier I thought special teams was a difference. Jeff is an outstanding coach. Those guys were ready to play, locked in and focused every time they brought the ball out on a kickoff return. We made big hits that really sparked the defense coming onto the field."

(How will this year not happen next year…) "I think one number you have to evaluate personnel, that's both players and coaches. That is going to be the number one thing. Just trying to make sure that we detail our work and implement again the right system and putting the guys in the right position to be successful."

(Does that mean you would change systems…) "Right now when you're sitting here four-and-12 (3-13) you're open for a lot of things."

(Do you think you deserve to comeback…) "Of course I do."

(Was your team able today to block out the noise and distractions related to your coaching situation…) "I thought so, based off of how we played and the things we talked about last night and really all week leading up to this game. We were focused on the task at hand and trying to come up here and get a football win."


(On the outcome and the coaching situation…) "You have to win in this league, you know what I mean? So we kind of felt that we needed to put out a good show out there today, not only for his sake, but for us as men. We look to put out our best performance each and every time we step out on the field. We came up short. It was a great game. I mean, it always coming down to a field goal every time we come up here. We just have to find ways when it's time to seize those moments and, you know, take the momentum back, try to find a better way of coming out on top."

On how he would describe this season…) "It was a rollercoaster ride. At times, you know how that rollercoaster has that first drop and you get kind of nauseous a little bit? That's kind of how it's been feeling the whole season. But we had guys in here who continued to fight each and every Sunday, guys showing grit, plugging guys in week to week, just showed tremendous effort each and every time we stepped on the football field. Obviously we came up a little short. There's a lot of things that can go into that. New system with the same, you know, old players that we had from our previous system. Just getting guys used to playing on the same page, communication. It was definitely a weird season, but hopefully we'll get the guys back that we need to help win ball games, and we'll see what happens."


(On how he would describe this season…) "It hasn't been the best. But during these times you earn a lot about yourself. There are a lot of guys of high character in this room the way they competed today. I think it's just indicative of the character of the men we have on this team and the coaching staff that we have, so I'm happy with the way we went out and competed today. It was a good effort. Obviously not good enough. We don't accept moral victories but, I mean, everybody could have laid down if they wanted to, but they chose to compete, and that shows a lot of resolve."

(On his views on the coaching situation…) "Well, I think my views and my opinion of coach Wilks . . . you know, I've let it be known, I love the man. I think he's an unbelievable coach. It's been a tough year, and we all understand this is a results business, but it's hard for me to separate the business from the personal. I've got a heart, and I'm human. I really like coach."

(On what makes him a good coach…) "He's pointed in his messages. He's consistent. I think when you're consistent in terms of personality-wise and coaching-wise, it makes it easy for guys to follow him. The message never change when we win, never change when we lost, never change—that consistency. It's hard to see that, you don't see that much in this league. From the people talking outside of the building to players talking inside of the building and things like that, you don't see that kind of consistency, so that's rare."

(On if it's difficult to judge a coach after one season, particularly considering the injuries the team has experienced…) "Yeah, I do. I think it is difficult. We've been decimated by injury all year. But you can't use injury as an excuse. There's a lot of guys around the league, teams that have dealt with that blow. But yeah, it would be unfair not to look at it and consider it."

(On how his process will go when considering his own future…) "Ken, how many times we been through this? I feel like we've done this dance before. It's that same song, same dance."

(On how much time he plans to take…) "I don't know. I'm going to go play golf tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it."

(On the fact he could end the song and dance whenever he chooses…) "You're right, you're right. But if I knew, I would."

(On if his one-handed touchdown catch was pure instinct…) "Um, yeah. I mean, I wish I could have the catch before on the previous series on the outbreaking route on their sideline to be able to extend that drive. That would have been great to be able to make that play, but Josh came back to me again and gave me another opportunity, and I was happy to be able to make a play and get us in the end zone for a touchdown."

(On the value of this game for Josh Rosen…) "It was great. I know Josh loves to compete, and this is my favorite venue to play on the road. There's nothing like this atmosphere. Coming out in that fourth quarter on that drive, you know how loud it is, and Josh made a couple great clutch throws to put us in position to win that game down the stretch. So it just shows you what he's capable of, somebody you can really build around."


(On how he would characterize his rookie season in the NFL…) "A learning experience. Saw a lot. A lot happened, good and bad. So, I've got a lot to learn."

(On if he believes he is a better quarterback than he was 13 weeks ago…) "Yeah, I think so. I ran into a lot of situations. Played a lot of good football teams, with a little bit better disguises than college."

(On if he felt like he played more calmly in the second half of this game than the first…) "Maybe. I just take it play-by-play."

(On if he would like to see Coach Wilks back next year…) "Yeah, I would. I think he's a great coach, he's a better guy. Like I said last week, that's out of my control. We all love Coach Wilks, but we'll see what happens. That's upstairs."

(On if he is looking forward to the time away from football now…) "Yeah, definitely. Physically, it's been a long year. At this time last year I had the last bowl game, and went straight to training for the combine, so it's going to be nice to take a breath of fresh air. I think we are motivated more than ever to get back after it and continue that connection we have going with Christian (Kirk). We have a really good, young group of guys that I think we are going to have fun moving forward."

(On what he thought of Fitzgerald's one-handed catch…) "He didn't need one hand. That was more for effect…"

(On if he has been lobbying for Fitzgerald to return next season…) "Oh yeah, the recruiting does not stop in college. I've been bugging him the last couple of days."


(On if he thinks players were used correctly in this defense this season…) "I mean, it's football. You've got positions – LB's, corners, safeties, and so on and so forth. 'Used correctly' is kind of a hard thing to answer. You play a position, doing that particular job can be so many different things within the defense because we're not offense. We don't know what the offense is doing. Offense knows what they're doing, so it's different."

(On if he wants to come back to Arizona next year…) "Of course, I love it here. I love the fans here, I love the people here, and I love the environment. I want to ball. Like I said before, I want to go somewhere I'm appreciated. I want to go somewhere they have faith in me. I want to be in a place that they have the utmost confidence that I'm able to go out, lead a team, lead a defense, and be an impact player for my team, first and foremost. I'm not worried about individual stuff. I'm worried about just the team. That's what I'm about, that's what I've always been about. I just want to be on the field. That's the biggest thing, and so I want to go somewhere that I'm appreciated in that sense. With that being said, I love it here. This is where I started, this is who had faith in me. Mr. Keim, Mr. Bidwell, they put the faith in me and drafted me and got me here. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that."

Fan photos from the Seattle Seahawks' regular-season finale against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field.