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What The Cardinals Said Following Their 26-24 Win Over The Seahawks

Postgame quotes from the Cardinals following their 26-24 Week 17 win over the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

Postgame quotes from the Cardinals following their 26-24 Week 17 win over the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Bruce Arians

(Are you not surprised by the close games here in Seattle…) "No, when they took the lead, I said great, this is how we win this every year. I wasn't counting on them getting into field goal range. I just had a calm feeling that we were going to block it. We had a great rush on it. But then we didn't have enough guys to line up for a victory formation."

(Is that why your emotional…)"Yes, it's just that. I cannot say that I came up here as a head coach expecting to beat that team who had to win to be in the playoffs. We fought our asses off. But for them to win this game is a tribute to them individually, collectively and their coaching staff."

(If you do decide to call it a career what will you remember about today…)"Um, the sun was shining. It never shines here. I was really hoping for rain because that kind of made it feel like home. I just remember the job that our coaches did on the sidelines…God bless (Harold) Goodwin and Z (Larry Zierlein) and those guys, they had them ready. Rich Christophel did a great job of coaching tight ends to be tackles. It was just a great coaching job and a great effort by a bunch of young kids."

(Was it good to see Chandler (Jones) get that franchise record in sacks…) "Oh yeah. He was getting held the whole game and he finally got there and that was fantastic."

(What does come down to…) "Family, health, all those things, heart, head, you make a decision. It's really hard to walk away from this. It wasn't hard to walk away from four weeks ago when we were looking the way we did. But to know we won three out of four, its very hard to walk away from that."

Defensive Line Frostee Rucker

(On if it was on his or his teammate's minds that this could be Arians' final game…)"You know, we always fight for him. We try not to think about those things, you know what I mean? It's a distraction to think of anything outside of getting our job done. We hope he's our coach next year."

Quarterback Drew Stanton

(On how they navigated the shift in momentum back to Seattle in the second half…) "I think just staying the course. We knew at halftime it was going to be a dog fight. That's what BA always talks about is let's go play the first thirty and see what we can do with the next thirty. We had a lead and we didn't do enough offensively to continue to spread that lead out, but when we needed to make plays we stepped up and had some guys make some really great plays for us."

(On the final drive and injuries leaving them short towards the end of the game…)"We always know it's going to be a dog fight when we come up here and every time we play against them. We are trying to establish that line of scrimmage and we are lucky because we have some guys that stepped up and did some really good things."

Running Back Kerwynn Williams

(On how he would assess the season as a whole…)"[Going] .500 is never the outcome that you seek at the beginning of the season. But to be able to do some of the things that we were able to do this season with the guys that we had was pretty special. We really put that effort in and we put our best foot forward to make sure we could accomplish some things that we needed to accomplish."

(On if there was something specific they were able to exploit on Seattle's run defense…) "Not really, we were really just trying to play with the flow of the game. I felt like the offensive line did a good job of opening up some holes and I just tried to go with the flow. I tried to make plays when I had the opportunity."

Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald

(On what his message was to the team…) "He just said that we played hard, and it wasn't always pretty, it wasn't always the best brand of football, but we stuck in there, we hung in there, we fought, and we finished the season the right way. He said he was proud of the way the guys competed the last two or three weeks even though we were mathematically eliminated. It showed a lot of resolve in the guys."

(On if something changed in the second half…)"Yeah, I mean, coach made a conscious effort to try and get me involved early. Seattle—I know they didn't have a lot of their best players on the field—they're still a really good defense, a top five defense. They make plays. They did a good job of fitting some run gaps in there late in the game, prevent us from having some big plays. You've got to tip your hat to those guys. They did a good job."

(On what he would think of a receiver other than him who has 109 receptions in his 14th year…)"I would say he's had great coaching staffs and some quarterbacks that feature him. I'd say he's pretty lucky. That's what I would say."

(On if a finish such as this makes him more apt to come back…)"I just want to enjoy some down time. My son's birthday [is] tomorrow. He turns 10, so I'm going to hang with him, get on my daddy duties. I'm going to play real early, then go hang with him the rest of the day."

(On if he has thought about what could have been…)"I said it Week One at halftime: Damn, David Johnson went down with a broken [bone]. I mean, it seemed like very week you're asking yourself, scratching your head. But look around the league. Look at Houston, and look at the New York Giants, look at Seattle and that defense and what they lost. It's not something you can ever complain about. Unfortunately, it's part of the business. Guys do get hurt. It's a physical, physical business. They guys who do line up and play, you've got try and get it done."

The Seahawks fell short to the Arizona Cardinals with a final score of 26-24 to finish the 2017 season.

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