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What The Cardinals Said Following Their 21-20 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 18 20-21 win over the Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. 


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Jonathan Gannon

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Opening Statement:
"On the injury front, I think we're pretty clean. Good football game versus good football team. They made a couple more plays than we did to win the game. I thought the first half we moved it pretty well. We needed to score more points there. Second half, put some points on the board. Defense
played pretty good there. Gave up the touchdown at the end, two-point play. Got in that position, but win as a team, lose as a team. I told them in there, I'm proud of those guys. They fought all year, went through a lot of adversity and good things are on the horizon. And I told them too, I said I've never been more enthused going into an offseason in my life, so they're ready to come with me."

On why he is so enthusiastic going into this offseason:
"Because I know what this team can be."

On what this team can be:
"A competitive, smart, tough team that's playing meaningful games right now."

On the team fighting hard in every game:
"As I said all along, it's the guys in the locker room. We laid the standard out. Coaches coached it every day and they took to it. Obviously the record isn't what we want it to be and that falls on me, but the team-first mentality of the entire locker room never wavered and I feel really good about
moving forward."

On wide receivers being left wide open on multiple occasions:
"Yeah when you're in zone coverage and the quarterback extends plays, that's what's going to

On getting RB James Conner to 1,000 rushing yards on the season:
"I thought it was fantastic. I think it's the first time he's done that and he missed four games. You guys know how I feel about the guy. A true warrior. A true pro. I can't say enough good things about James. He put the team on his back, came in and made it happen. We just had to make a few more
of the plays that they made."

On whether he feels bad for K Matt Prater after playing well all year and missing two kicks:
"It's not about Matt."

On evaluating QB Kyler Murray in his eight games in 2023:
"One of the reasons why I'm really enthused about going into the next year is that guy."

On what he thought of the fourth-quarter hit on Murray and if it was late:
"They call what they call."

On what enthuses him about Murray:
"The competitor that he is. His will to win. The teammate that he is. The person that he is. His intangibles to move forward with this team and play winning football week in and week out."

On how a win would have changed his offseason outlook:
"Honestly, not much truthfully. Obviously, I feel for the locker room because you want to get a win there, but we didn't do enough to give ourselves another opportunity moving forward. The blueprint will be very clear for us how to do that and that's what we'll lay out for them."

On if he thought they had the game won after the go-ahead touchdown:
"No. The game is never over until the clock strikes zero."

On how long the trick play for the go-ahead touchdown was in his back pocket:
"Yeah, (Special Teams Coordinator) Jeff (Rodgers) did a really good job with that. It's been up a couple of other games, but execution was premium. It was a huge play at that time."

On the connection growing between Murray and his wide receivers:
"I think the more reps that Kyler has with these receivers and this offense, I think is critical and that will be a huge focus moving into next year. I thought that the improvement throughout the whole year, but especially when K1 (Murray) came back, I thought it was there. Sometimes it doesn't show
up with the stats, but the production started to come and that's what we'll need moving forward."

On how much the guys wanted to get the 1,000 rushing yard milestone for Conner today:
"It's always maybe a little more oomph, but it's about the team with our guys. I probably wanted it more than anybody, truthfully."

On how being able to threaten a defense in multiple ways helps a quarterback:
"You want to be multiple on mixed downs and even on some known passes. You saw we ran it a couple of times. I thought (Offensive Coordinator) Drew (Petzing) called an excellent game. This offense will be predicated on running it and throwing it."

On what he confidently takes away from the team's performance this year:
"Their fight, their competitiveness, being on the details, being able to take the arrow in the forehead. It starts with me and then goes to the coaches and then to the players. How they stay connected. No blame being placed and their enthusiasm. We have to take a break. I know I'm probably out of my
mind right now because we have to take a break, but they're ready to start 2024. I know that."

On how rare it is to have qualities like the Cardinals displayed in a losing season:
"I know that it's rare. It's really rare."

On WR Michael Wilson's performance:
"I thought he was lights out. He was excellent. I think he had 90-something yards. Made some bigtime catches in some critical moments. The guy can play."

On what he says to a guy like Prater after today's game:
"It's not about you, man. Keep your head up. He's won us plenty of games."

On the O-line and tight ends' blocking performance:
"It starts with the guys up front and they've done a great job all year of getting better. Their will and their fight, their effort is huge. I don't know what we put up on the ground today, but I think it was a lot."

On if he's confident that the team can win these types of games next year:
"Every experience is a learning one, so we'll look at it just like we always do with a critical eye and see what I could have done better. Coaches, how we could have done better and then it goes right to the players. That's kind of our mentality. We'll take every learning opportunity that we can get and
it's our job and our responsibility to learn from it and come out on the other side better for it."

On going one-for-one on challenges this year:
"One-for-one. Yeah, it's good."

On how Murray handled being under center this season:
"Yeah, you see the stress that it puts on the defense. There's a reason why I hired who I hired."

QB Kyler Murray

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On what he can take from today's game:
"I was talking to 'Izzy' (Quarterbacks coach Israel Woolfork) and just personally the last two weeks felt like—the form I was telling you about. It didn't feel like there was anything that they could do to stop us. It felt like we were clicking on all cylinders for the most part. Today we were a little sloppier than
last week but y'all don't really know that. We'll watch it and clean it up. (There's) a lot to look forward to but you don't want to lose. I don't want to lose. Nobody in there wants to lose and we feel like we should have won that game but at the end of the day yes in a sense there is a lot to look forward to.
I'm excited about it. I know the guys are excited about it and trust and believe in (General Manager) MOnti (Ossenfort) and 'JG' (Head Coach Jonathan Gannon) in what they've got going and what they're building here. It's a complete 180 and I'm happy. I'm happy (with) the position that we're in and I look
forward to going into next season."

On what the feeling is like to experience a '180' this season:
"It's refreshing - just to have guys upstairs that believe in it - really speak to it and hold everybody accountable. It trickles down but it starts at the top and I think every great business organization understands it starts at the top. The guys really believe in what they're preaching, so I'm very confident
in what we've got going."

On what the process was like for him coming back in the middle of the season and learning a
new offense:
"It wasn't too much. It wasn't too difficult. I had a lot of mental reps in the off season obviously watching the guys do it for however many weeks, and then getting my reps in on the side. They prepared me very well for my time to come back, so when I came back it was as seamless as possible. I don't feel
how I feel today six weeks ago, but I think for me it was just about getting these reps in and going into the off season, God-willing, healthy and getting ready to roll for next season."

On if he likes taking snaps under center:
"I do. It just gives the defense a different look. I think (with) my ability to be able to move, run, throw outside the pocket and inside the pocket—why not? (We) can be as versatile as possible and like I said, give the defense different looks and allow the running backs to run downhill."

On what went through his mind on the late hit in the fourth quarter:
"I had already kind of had a little tweak in my ankle and then (it was) kind of unnecessary I (felt) like. I'm not going to complain about it right now, but I felt like that was kind of late, unnecessary or whatever you want to call it. I felt like there should have been a flag, but it is what it is."

On his thoughts on RB James Conner reaching 1,000 rushing yards for the first time in his
"I didn't even know it until just a second ago, but if he didn't get hurt, he would've killed that. James is one of the best players I've ever played with. I love going to war with him. I can't really say much more about him. He's a beast."

On if he's curious to see how the roster changes in the offseason:
"Am I curious? Yeah, I'm curious but I'm looking forward to it."

On his connection with WR Michael Wilson over the last two games:
"I told y'all from day one, I watched his senior bowl highlight tape—whatever it was and a couple of clips from (X-formerly known as) Twitter. I was like, yeah that kid knows what he's doing. I can tell. Then I think two weeks ago he had zero catches two weeks in a row and again, that's not a real
representation of what I think we could be. Today and last week we got him going and got his confidence going into the offseason. Now we'll get a full offseason under our belt, and I think next year Michael will have a big year.":

On his biggest takeaway from the season:
"There's a lot of adversity and a lot of ups and downs, but this team is one of my favorite teams to ever be a part of. (There's) never any complaining, never any(body) pointing fingers or anything like that and we never turned on each other. We just kept showing up to work every single day, fighting for
each other and going hard. On Sunday's, we left it all out there."

On if TE Trey McBride has the potential to get better than he already is:
"Yeah, for sure. I think Trey hasn't even cracked the ceiling of what he could be. I'm really confident in Trey and what he's going to be. His athleticism, his ability to catch the ball, get YAC and do things with the ball in his hands. Trey's going to be just fine."

On how he's seen the trust level evolve offensively:
"I just think being out there, you can't put a price tag on being out there with the guys and getting those reps. It's priceless really, so the more time we're out there together the better we will be. I think we all saw that I think we've gotten better each and every week, so I'm looking forward to it."

On the trick field goal play that lead to a McBride touchdown and if he's been a part of many of
those types of plays:
"Oh yeah, five years. Coach (Asst. Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Jeff) Rodgers has been trying to dial that one up for five years. We finally got it. Finally hit it. My rookie year we tried it in New Orleans and a couple other places but yeah, he was geeked up about that one."

On how hard it was to come back in the middle of the season:
"I'm not (going to) make it about me. I had a lot of great people that helped me out and they prepared me very well. Again, I wasn't going to put myself out there if I didn't feel like I was able to do what I'm capable of doing and play the game the right way. I'm just thankful for a lot of the people that helped
me get to this point in being back healthy and getting an offseason in."

On if he's going to take a couple of weeks off for the offseason:
"Nah, I'm working out tomorrow."

On what the team needs to do to take the next step next season:
"We've just got to get better. Like I said, I trust JG and Monti and their plan that they have going forward. I know they'll bring in the right people in here with the right mindset and the will to want to win and do things the right way. I'm confident in that."

On if a win would have changed his outlook for next season:
"I wanted to win. The outlook—it is what it is. I'm not really too focused on (looking) too much ahead. I was just trying to win the game."

On what he thinks the offense improved upon in the past two weeks:
"I think we were much better in the passing game; we ran the ball really well and we stayed on schedule. There (weren't) too many negative plays and we didn't really shoot ourselves in the foot too much, but we didn't score in the red zone today enough to win the game."

RB James Conner

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On reaching 1,000 rushing yards and whether it still feels good even with the loss:
"Yeah, I'm just in a grateful state of mind right now. Obviously that's a tough loss, but I'm just proud of this team for us to even be in that position. It's a couple weeks in a row now where we had to make a drive late in the fourth quarter. Those moments weigh heavier. We were in position to win
the game. I'm in a grateful state. I'm proud of this team and how we fought for 60 minutes. One second left on the clock, not on (K Matt) Prater because obviously things could have gone differently throughout the whole game, but I'm grateful."

On what he thinks when Head Coach Jonathan Gannon says that Conner is a blueprint for a
"Just the day-to-day preparation, the process. Some people may think that you can just roll it out on Sundays, but Monday through Saturday is so important. I understand how important that is. He just sees me working extra, sees me in the training room, sees me in the weight room, interacting with
the guys. I know JG (Jonathan Gannon) was that type of player. I can tell from his personality. He's somebody who truly loves the game of football just like I love the game and he understands the work that we have to put in. I just match his intensity, so I think that's what he sees."

On if it means something to him to be held up as what a professional needs to be:
"Yeah, I think it's just something that comes with it. When you handle your business day in and day out. I'm thankful it's my seventh year. I'll be going into year eight next year. Accepting every challenge that comes with it and always wanting to be a leader. Eventually you do this thing long
enough, you play long enough in the league, that role just comes to you. The guys start looking to see how you did it at a high level for a while, so it just comes with it and I accept that challenge and responsibility."

On how meaningful it is, not just to hit 1,000 rushing yards, but also a career high :
"Man, it's awesome. It truly is. I just want to thank the offensive line. Thank everybody, all the tight ends and receivers blocking. We understood what we want to do today. Just run the ball hard. I want to thank my coach, (Running Backs Coach) Autry Denson. Really consistent. He's been awesome to
me. Helping me become a better football player, better man on and off the field. We start every meeting with prayer. We haven't had a meeting without starting with prayer first. Obviously, God is huge in my life and he's huge in his life, too. Really respect Coach AD for our day-to-day process. In
individual (periods), we always have something new that's trying to take us to new heights, elevate our game. I feel like it's no secret why I've had the year I've had with him being my coach."

On if it's paid off for him to be one of the first guys to buy in to the new coaching staff:
"It's just that he got hired, that's our head coach so I'm all in. I have to see the good in the situation. There's no point in looking at it any (other) kind of way. Just buying into his message and me being the type of player I am, it just meshed well."

On how tricky it is to balance the optimism of the team's direction and losing this game:
"You just look at the good and you just have hope. You have faith. You see what went wrong and then you see what went right and you just try to build off what went right. But like I said, the team, we fought for 60 minutes. That's truly all you can do. And so we just have hope."

On if a win would have changed his outlook going into the offseason:
"You have to be better than you were the year before. Every year you have to add something new to your game. You have to be conditioned, you have to be sharp. A win would've felt great for sure, sitting on that for the offseason, but win or lose it's right back to work."

On how he feels physically after the season now:
"I feel great, truly do."

On how he feels about Gannon saying if there is a running back who is able to delay their
inevitable decline in play, it's Conner :
"I will be that guy to delay that because I understand what it takes. It is a 17-game season. My preparation. I dedicate everything to it. Recovering. I'll be able to play 17 games for many years to come, just because it's all about recovery and nutrition. I have a whole team of people. Chef, massage, everything that helps you. 29 isn't old. I'm 28. I will be 29 in May. My best years are yet to come. I'm a big fan of (former NFL RB) Fred Taylor, he had 1,000 yards at 30. I'm dedicated, and Lord willing, I'll be good."

On if he felt stronger as the season went on:
"If the numbers look better … I guess they got better."

On how impressive QB Kyler Murray has been in the last eight weeks after coming back from
"Yeah, he's been playing at a high level for sure. You earn it, you have to earn that. He fought hard to get healthy and he had a short time. I know the season probably went by so fast for him. It was eight games that he had. He just has to evaluate those eight games that he was able to be active in
and just grow from it and be better next year."

On how he saw Murray progress in the offense:
"Everybody has to progress. That's the name of the game. If you're not progressing, you're not going to be here long. He progressed and we all have to progress. That's just your day-to-day preparation. Making the right reads. It was nothing really specific, you have to come to play on Sundays. The
name of the game is progress."

On if he feels like the way he leads inspired his teammates to help get him to 1,000 rushing
yards today:
"My teammates know I have their back and they have my back for sure. And I just try to do the right things every day and just lead by example, by actions. So if it inspires some of them, that's awesome, but I'm just going to try to do the right thing."
On how his felt after last season and how it differs from a season ago:
"I have hope. I do have hope. This one stings obviously, but this team, whoever's playing for the
Arizona Cardinals next year, they're going to come to work and we're going to make sure of it for
sure. And so we can play football deep into January, Lord willing in February."
On how important it's been to contribute in the passing game this season:
"Just trying to be an option to Kyler in the pass game. (RB) Emari's (Demercado) been great on third
downs, picking up protections and getting out. It's just making a play. The checkdowns were there,
they were playing zone with some guys dropping, so just try to throw short, run long. 200 yards, I
don't really look at the numbers. It's awesome, but when you're in the moment, it's like, 'let's get in
field goal position, field goal range and just try to be there.' Just be a complete football player."

TE Trey McBride

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On his performance personally:
"I had a great year, I built on it from last year and I plan on building on it again next year. It's been a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the offseason. I'm looking forward to growing with these guys and having a better connection with (QB) Kyler (Murray) and continuing to grow. I'm excited for the future
with this organization."

On seeing QB Kyler Murray go down in the fourth quarter:
"I was just frustrated with how it went, he got hit and I just wanted to protect him. That was very frustrating, but I'm glad he's okay. I'm glad he's healthy and like I said, very excited for next year."

On the potential of having a healthy franchise quarterback heading into the 2024 season:
"Very exciting. I think going through camp knowing who's at the helm and to be able to have a full offseason with him and things like that is going to be very special. I think we have a good draft class, I trust (Cardinals General Manager) Monti (Ossenfort). Trust what he's doing and I'm excited for the

On his touchdown play:
"That's special teams, that's (Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator) Jeff Rodgers. He's a heck of a coordinator and that's all credits to him, he's a great coordinator. He schemed up the really good play and Kyler threw a great ball."

On reflecting on 2022 season and the differences he's noticed:
"Very frustrating deflating, obviously very similar records, but I feel like there's a lot more to look forward to this year and I'm very excited. Obviously we got our starting quarterback - things like that - and to have a good offseason. I'm really looking forward to everything. I think Monti is going to
have a great draft class and I think we're going to bring in the right guys to help win."

On if he was the first option on the fake field goal play:
"That's funny actually because all three of us are running routes. (WR) Greg (Dortch) actually fell down, Greg's the first option, and (WR) Mike (Michael Wilson) had a hitch on the outside and there was a cornerback who had to cover me and Mike, so either way he was wrong and Kyler threw a
great ball right over the corner that came under. Kyler threw a great ball in the back of the endzone and gave me a chance and I'm glad that play worked out. That's something we've been practicing for a while, something we knew we wanted to run and like I said Jeff Rodgers the special teams
coordinator is an unbelievable coach and that's all credit to him."

On attacking the offseason:
"I think just continuing to grow, continuing to develop. I took a little step this year and I want to take another step next, so continue to grow, continue to build relationships with these guys and just come back next year ready to rock and roll. I want to be a better leader and a better everything, a better
football player and better everything. I want to help this organization move forward."

On how the results of this season will springboard the team next year:
"Absolutely. We finished this season very strong, we beat a really good Philadelphia team and we were a few inches from winning this game. Very good team and we're moving in the right direction and I'm very excited for this organization."

On Murray's development this year:
"Unbelievable, great player and a guy that I'm very excited that he's coming back healthy and excited to build and have a great year with him next year."

On how impressive Murray's performances were this season:
"He's a remarkable competitor, he's a guy that does everything the right way, comes to work everyday and brings a lot of juice and excitement. He's a guy that I love playing with, he's the leader of our offense and I'm excited to grow and keep building with him."

On how a win today would change the outlook of the offseason:
"Obviously winning is the bottom line, I would love to win but at the same time there's still a lot to look forward to. We have a great team, a lot to look forward to and we finished the season very well. Like I said we were a few inches away from beating that team."

WR Michael Wilson

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On Cardinals RB James Conner reaching 1,000 rushing yards this season:
"If there is one guy I would want to emulate my career after, in terms of my process and how to carry myself as a professional, it would be him. I'm super proud of him. He earns everything he gets."

On how the offense was clicking down the stretch and the coming offseason for the team:
"It makes me really excited. I'm kind of frustrated that this isn't what it was a couple weeks ago. Certainly, individually I just needed time with (Cardinals QB) Kyler (Murray) to build chemistry and I know Kyler needed time as well. I can't imagine coming back from an ACL (tear) and not playing for
an entire year and then having the expectation to perform and win games. That's hard to do. I think (offensive coordinator) Drew (Petzing) has a great idea of what Kyler's skill sets are. Kyler now has an idea of what skill sets the pass catchers have. I'm really excited for what we are going to have next year."

On QB Kyler Murray's performance this season:
"It's not easy to come back from a 12-month injury. I've been there before. I've had to do that. And tocome back and play at the level he has, (and) to be under the scrutiny and have the expectation of playing like a number one pick and a franchise quarterback, that's a lot of pressure. But he carries
himself the right way and he's accountable. He expects nothing but excellence and, honestly, perfection out of himself so my hats off to him. He's been through a lot of adversity and he's handled it the right way."

K Matt Prater

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Opening statement:
"It didn't turn out how I would have liked it or expected it to. It's just on me. I missed two at the end, but I should've made both of them and it cost us today."

On what attributed to the misses:
"No, it was 100% on me. I just hit it a little fat. Pushed it right. I thought it was a fluke on the first one, didn't make the adjustment and did the same kick. I'll learn from it and hopefully it doesn't happen again, ever."

On Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon saying the loss isn't on him:
"I understand it's a team game, but at the end of the day I have a job to do and my job is to make field goals, especially if I have two opportunities at the end of the game. I've got to come through for the team on those kicks. I appreciate what JG [Jonathan Gannon] said, but the way I look at it, it's on

On the adjustment for the second kick:
" I just hit the 43 not as good, so it went right and I didn't make an adjustment and then basically hit the same ball."

On assessing his and the team's performance this season:
"Overall, I feel like the team is competitive, we play hard. I'm excited to come back. I know we have the right guys here to make some moves next year and go on a run, hopefully. Personally, I felt like I had a really good season until today. That's something that will motivate me all throughout the
offseason, just to not have this feeling again. The worst (part) is just letting my teammates down, not coming through for them when they needed me to."

LB Zaven Collins

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On the ending of today's game:
"I think we've got to control what we can control, and I think it's just a matter of unfortunate circumstances. I think defensively we were doing good right there, but we kind of gave them too many yards, and the rush could've been better. I had one down there early in the half or whatever. I
slipped on a sack. It was right there and (Seahawks QB) Geno (Smith) got out and ran down the field so they put points on the board. It's important to have effort throughout the whole game. It's not just one moment or two moments within the game, it's a collective whole of ten different moments that always add up. Obviously, from a fans standpoint it always seems like one, but that's never the case."

On Head Coach Jonathan Gannon taking responsibility for today's loss:
"Nope.; It's just like what I said. It's not just one or two moments within a game, or even three or four it's a matter of 10-15 downs in a game that are like, 'We need to do this better up front. We can do this better in the back end.' I don't know what it is when it comes to offense, but whether it's the line,
the wide receivers--whoever it is. I think that's what adds up in a game to clarify whether you win or lose."

On what about this season makes him think the team is turning around in the right direction:
"Compared to what I saw in all my years of football; that when things start to get rough, fingers start to be pointed and guys start to--it turns into a me fest or I'm doing this but no one ever did that. No one ever gave up. No one ever was quitting. We had guys who were playing through injuries in
certain circumstances where guys in this league would say, 'I can't play right now.' Then just go into the off season and get healthy. We still had guys going out there and giving it their all with the way the season looked. It was really nice."

On how different it feels going in to this offseason compared to last year:
"It feels a little different. No one in here was down or out or saying, 'You could have done this better.' It was all about, 'I can do this better to help the team. We need to help the team, not I'm above the team. Or it's not my fault.' Guys weren't saying that this year. Guys were saying, 'We can do this
better as a group or we can do this better as a unit.' It's not, 'Oh hey, you need to rush. You single handedly need to rush better.' It was like as a unit we can all rush together. As a unit we can all play better."

On his first full season as an edge rusher:
"I've played a lot of different positions. It's not just truly coming off the edge every time. Today I was in an old school cover two type of coverage. I was also playing a shade on the center so I'm kind of all over the field, but I like playing it. It was a good time just understanding the ball from a different
point of view so it was nice."

On his offseason plans:
"I go hunting next week, but that's it."

OL Will Hernandez

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On what it meant to the offense for RB James Conner to reach 1,000 rushing yards on the
"It means alot, that's my number one job here is to let the runner run, and protect the quarterback. So of course had to provide it, and we are happy for him. "

On what the team is building in the offseason:
"We laid out a hell of a foundation. I don't think that our record shows how good we are and how good we can be. All we have to do now is take what we did and build on it - I think it can be scary if we really put it together."

On the ups and downs as the season progressed and the improvements he saw from the
"I mean normally everyone has ups and downs during the season, but the point is to get out of those downs as fast as possible. I think we are doing a good job of that, and were learning a lot this year about each other - a lot of new guys playing next to each other that haven't played together before - I
think we learned valuable lessons for when we do have downs and how we get out of those. The future is bright. "

On what was going through his mind when QB Kyler Murray slid and got tackled in the fourth
"That after the whistle shit really pisses me off, especially if it's against my quarterback or one of my guys. Doesn't make you tough. Doesn't make you good. It fired me up and when I saw that he might be potentially hurt it fired me up even more"

On Murray being a franchise guy and how he should get those calls:
"Yeah of course, at the end of the day we can't control that. I wasn't worried about half convincing them to throw any flags - I was just mad that they would touch him like that - clearly its not supposed to be that way."

On the progression that OL Paris Johnson Jr. had in his rookie year:
"Yeah Paris is the real deal, he's legit, he's a good friend of mine and a great teammate. His progressions were crazy, you wouldn't think that from a top 10 pick, but even top ten picks can improve a lot, and he did. He's smart and he's going to keep doing it too. You guys haven't seen all of Paris
yet and all he can do. "

On how he summarizes this season:
"I would summarize it as, we laid a good foundation, we found out what kind of guys we have and what kind of mentality we have in those moments of adversity. We are going to build on those, and we definitely learned so much being in those down situations - next year all we can do is not let them
happen again and I think what we can do especially on offense will be impressive."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 18 vs. the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on January 7, 2024. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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