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What The Buffalo Bills Said Following Their Week 9 Game Against The Seahawks

Check out how Buffalo Bills players and coaches reacted following their Week 9 game against the Seahawks.

The Bills left Seattle with a 31-25 loss to the Seahawks on Monday Night Football in Week 9 at CenturyLink Field. Here's what Buffalo had to say to the media after the game.

Head Coach Rex Ryan

(Opening statement…)"Obviously a tough loss. We're trying to take that team to deep water and I thought we did. We had way too many penalties, too many mistakes. With all that being said we had a chance to win the game. I thought we should have. We have to regroup. 

"I told our team to empty the tank and they did. We prepared well all week. We gave everything we had and we came up short. We have a week off, we have to regroup. Hopefully we can get some guys healthy."

(Play action seem to be working well for you in the first half…)"Well everything was working well. We did a great job offensively. We played good enough to win. But we made a lot of mistakes on defense. We have to play better. Obviously we settled down in the second half and played much better."

(Is that the best Tyrod Taylor has played for you…) "Tyrod plays well every game. I wish I wasn't the only one that sees it. He played like he always does."

(Was this a loss by things out of your control…) "We know it's a loss, so we have to regroup. Obviously we are going to have to string some wins together. We know it's a tough task in front of us. I think if we get some players back with the commitment of our team and the unity of our team. That's what we're going to rely on the strength. That way we will have a chance moving forward. 

QB Tyrod Taylor

(On how the game felt on offense…) "We were definitely in a rhythm. Going into this game, we needed touchdowns and not field goals.  The one time we were down, approaching the red zone and threw an interception, I think that was a big play in the game. Definitely something we bounced back from, but we can't have those plays going into a game like this."

(On his confidence level during the last drive…) "I was confident throughout the whole game, and I think we were as an offense. We played it that way. We just didn't put enough points up on the board to win the game."

(On the play of receiver Robert Woods…) "Robert Woods is a feisty guy, a competitive guy, and he wanted the football. He's going out there doing the things we're asking him to do and he played his butt off today. It was a career day for him. We would have liked to end it in a winning fashion, but I'm definitely happy for him, to see his progress as the season is going on."

WR Percy Harvin

(On coming back to Seattle for his first time...) "It was just like I expected. I wanted keep my emotions in check, that was one of my big things. We had a plan, I think we stuck to it. I was able to get out there and had a chance to make a couple of plays. My objective was to come in here and get reps, and just start from there and keep climbing."

LB Lorenzo Alexander

(On how they were able to improve on defense in the second half...)"Nothing, just came and competed. We kind of had a heart-to-heart during halftime about just stepping up and competing. Proud of the way guys stepped up. We have to figure out a way to take the ball away, though and create opportunities defensively for the offense, as well."

(On his team not quitting...) "At the end of the day it's about winning games. We have to figure out a way to start fast and not put ourselves in a hole. It's hard. It's hard to lose this one. Statistically when you look at it, it looked like we should have won the game. I think red zone was the issue for us."

(On the Seahawks ability to score...) "Big plays. We gave up a lot of chunk plays and when they get down to the red zone, and the way Russell Wilson is able to  make plays with his legs, they're going to score. I think that was the biggest thing for us. We didn't make them drive the field and make mistakes."

Look through photos of some 12s at CenturyLink Field during Week 9 vs Bills.

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