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What The Browns Said Following Their 32-28 Loss To Seattle

Postgame quotes from the Cleveland Browns following their Week 6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Head Coach Freddie Kitchens:

Watch press conference:

Opening statement:

"I thought our guys fought hard today. Too many mistakes. Too many mistakes in the red zone. Can't overcome all of those. Still had a chance to overcome them. Ended up [first]-and-20 on that last drive then we ended up throwing a pick on second down so that was the game. Felt total confidence in the fact that we could have taken the ball down and scored a touchdown. We were not able to do that. Any time you get backed up first-and 20 or second-and-20, it becomes very difficult to move the ball. That has to stop."

On the last two offensive series of the first half:

"I thought about scoring. I thought about scoring, using my three timeouts to get the ball back and score again. That was the mindset I was in."

On QB Baker Mayfield's pass to WR Jarvis Landry in the end zone that was deflected and intercepted:

"I have to see it again. I thought the ball got batted up in the air. I do not know if it was a bad throw. I do not know what it was yet. I do not know. I did not sit and look at the replay."

On if turnovers stopped the Browns offense from continuing its success after scoring 20:

"What do you think? I think it was, yeah. You can't move the ball if you turn the ball over. Simple as that. Execution. Execution. Can't turn the ball over. Do what you are supposed to do. I have to call better plays, but it is execution and turning the ball over. We had four turnovers. We had 400 yards of offense and had 28 points with four turnovers."

On the officiating:

"I am not commenting on officiating. I got a memo the other day. I am not commenting on it. You guys saw the game."

On Mayfield's hip and if there was any indication he may not be able to return to the game:

"No, Baker is a tough individual. He is a tough quarterback mentally and physically. He will be fine."

On Mayfield's performance, despite two INTs as the result of deflected passes:

"I thought Baker was wired in, focused, concentrated during the course of the week. We had the best week of practice that we have had and did not execute in the critical situations, and I did not call good enough plays in critical situations. We are going to continue to get better each and every day. The people that are with us, that is what we are going to do. We are going to get better each and every day, and we are going to be playing our best football the next time we go out."

On if the Browns showed their best quick release passing game of the year early in the game:

"Yeah, I think so. We got it our guys hands, and they were successful with it – run after catch. Baker made some good throws and made some good decisions. Our guys caught the ball, and they did something with it after they caught the ball. We were still able to run the ball. I thought we were still very efficient for the most part in the first half, except toward the latter part of the first half. Then I thought we were still efficient later on. It is just you can't continue to make mistakes. You can't continue to make bad play calls. You can't continue to get penalties. I do not know what the final penalty count was, but I know there were some critical ones in there. I know at the end you can't line up first-and-20 with three minutes and something to go in the game."

On if he feels the team is improving each week, despite being 2-4:

"I do. I do feel like we are improving, but you are what your record is so you are 2-4. That is what we are right now."

On where the Browns have improved:

"From a preparation standpoint, I like the progress that we made this week as opposed to last week. Moving forward, if we prepare like we did this past week, we will be just fine. We just have to take it to the game, and I thought we took it to the game. We just have to recognize the critical errors that were made and correct those. We were pretty efficient when we did not kill our self."

On RB Nick Chubb coming back after his uncharacteristic fumble:

"Sometimes errors like that happens. Nick Chubb, I do not have a problem with Nick Chubb at all. Nick Chubb will be there until the end, until the very end. He will keep fighting. He will make up for that."

On message to RB Dontrell Hilliard following the interception in the fourth quarter:

"Tell him to catch the ball."

On the Mayfield interception that was intended for WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

"Odell got hit as he was going in on a slant. Odell ran a slant, and he got hit. They picked him off from the ball. It was inside of 5 yards so it is not a penalty."

On Mayfield returning to the game after going to the locker room with a hip injury:

"He is our quarterback. He is going back in the game if he is healthy."

On explaining the Browns' number of penalties:

"I think it is a factor of not focusing, not concentrating. Sometimes, it is playing with emotion instead of passion. After the whistle [penalties] are emotion instead of passion. During the play, it is technique, being lazy or not doing your job. There are several things. We do not ever practice penalties. When it is something between when the ball is snapped or the whistle, it is usually technique, error, being in a bad position. Every now and then, your hand will get caught in somebody's facemask or something like that and you are trying to tackle somebody and you get a facemask. This is not just defensively. This is offensively, too. Offense, defense, everybody is involved. You have to play with good technique during the whistle and you have to play with passion and not emotion after the whistle. That is it."

On the Browns starting strong in front of the home crowd and the team's desire to win for its fans at home:

"Of course, we want to win our games at home, and we have not done that yet. Of course, that hurts. We have to keep preparing. We have to go on the road now and we have to win some games we are not supposed to win – 'supposedly' not supposed to win. That is what we have to do. Then when we do come back home, we have to win our home games. If we will bring this kind of passion and this kind of preparation, we will be just fine."

On if the Browns have the opportunity to correct 'self-destructive' aspects during the bye week such as penalties and turnovers:

"Self-destructive type things as in a holding penalty? Or what? We are going to try to correct it, yes. We are going to try to play with better technique. We are going to try not to get picked off by a linebacker running to the flat on a pick and then we are going to try to catch the balls. Yes, we are going to try to correct all of those."

On Chubb's run on the final series as a sign the play and running game had been successful and the ensuing holding call:

"How many did we gain? 10-11 [yards]? I didn't – I wasn't looking for a hold; I was looking at the next play call."

On if a penalty at that time is jarring to a play caller when it negates a positive play and results in a negative situation late in the game:

"We were first-and-20. No, your job as a play caller is to have a call ready for that situation, and I think we did. We gained half of it back, and we were off and running again."

On WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s performance today, given Beckham's stats increased:

"I don't go off of numbers. I just go off of I think Odell for the most part was where he was supposed to be and caught the balls that were there for the most part. I don't care about the numbers."

On the challenge at the goal line:

"Did you see the big screen? I am not going to comment on officiating. You saw the angle."

QB Baker Mayfield:

Watch press conference:

On his hip:

"Kind of tender right now, but we will see."

*On how much the hip affected his play: *"A little bit, but that is not an excuse. It hurts, but it's a physical game of football."

On if the injury occurred on a scramble in the first half:


On if there was a conversation on the sideline and if he insisted to return to the game after the injury:

"There was no conversation. It was not even a thought."

On if the Browns showed their best rhythm of the season early in the first half:

"Yeah, we played well in the first half. We left some points on the board, but for the most part, the first half was how we wanted to come out. There is still a lot of room for improvement."

*On if getting rid of the ball at a faster rate suits his style of play: *"Yeah, when we get a completion. I would not say just getting rid of it weekly is the point. I think getting it into our playmakers' hands is the point."

On his second interception of the game late in the first half:

"Just dropping back, I threw it a little behind (WR) Jarvis (Landry). Trying to keep him away from the safety but (Seahawks CB Shaquill) Griffin made a good play on it."

On what the Browns showed in terms of passion, desire and character playing in front of the home crowd:

"I think the effort was always there and trying to overcome every obstacle, whether it be the turnovers, the self-inflicting mistakes that we had. The defense. We almost had a complementary football game and overcame a lot of mistake, but we never quit. There are a lot of things on this tape that we will learn from. That is the hard part. It is a loss, and we are sick of losing. We will look at the tape."

*On if it is more heartbreaking to lose in front of the home fans at FirstEnergy Stadium: *"Any loss hurts. Losing at home sucks. We have played three games here and lost three of them. It hurts, especially when it was a game that we really felt like we needed."

*On if the Browns feel like a 2-4 team or if they feel better than the record shows: *"I think we have played better at times than 2-4, but the fact is we are 2-4. There is no getting around it. There is no way of hiding it. That is what we have to learn from to get better."

On if the Browns take any consolation knowing all team goals are still achievable:

"Yeah, big-picture mindset, we still have everything in front of us, but right now, this one hurts."

*On RB Nick Chubb's performance and his uncharacteristic fumble: *"Nick is an incredible player and somebody that we rely on. Mistakes are going to happen. He is going to be a whole lot harder on himself than anybody else in this whole world can be. We trust him whole heartedly, and we are not going to stray away from getting him the ball."

*On if the Browns made an effort to get WR Odell Beckham Jr. the ball more today or if it was just a result of what was available from the defense: *"I think it was a little bit of both. Definitely trying to get it into the playmakers' hands like I harped on all week. He can make plays, and when he is hot, he is going to make plays."

On Landry's blindside block penalty:

"The refs are never an excuse. I will probably get fined for saying this, but it was pretty bad today. The guy is squared up with him, running at him and he is lowering his head into Jarvis. What is [Landry] supposed to do? Avoid him? This is not bull fighting. I don't know. It ticks me off."

On a missed facemask call when Chubb was stopped short at the goal line:

"Yeah, I was calling it out. Yeah, they did not see it. It is in the middle of a pile. Another one that we had to overcome."

On his reaction after the Browns' series being stopped at the 1-yard line late in the game:

"The emotion is definitely angry, but there is a whole lot of time left on the clock. You have be able to flush it. Short memory."

On if he was surprised Landry was not given a TD on the challenged play at the goal line:

"Yeah. It was definitely one of the angles on there showed that he scored, but we wound up scoring so ultimately we overcame that one. There were a few more that we couldn't.

On if he would like the Browns to play angry because of how some things have gone early in the season:

"I play best when I am angry. I can't speak for everyone else. Whatever everybody has to do to play their best, whatever their mindset is, we have to do that."

On if he is angry:

"Yeah, we lost. I am pretty pissed."

On if he was angry at the start today's game:

"Geese, guys. You are like my counselor right now (laughter). No, I mean I try and get an edge but I am not angry."

On what the Browns can take away long term from close games against playoff teams from last year in the Seahawks and Rams:

"The great teams learn from their mistakes. They learn from games like these. The certain plays that you can look back on and say, 'This would have made the difference.' You learn from it and you move forward. This hurts, but the good teams learn from it. Down the road, our plan is that it is going to be better for us in the long run and that is how we have to look at it."

On the interception on the pass intended for RB Dontrell Hilliard:

"The corner backed off. The linebacker buzzed the flap trying to get it to him before he gets there and kind of throw it on his back hip. Tough catch for him. Just seems a lot of those bounces right there are not going in our favor."

On if he said anything to Hilliard following the INT:

"Trell played great. Obviously, there is a lot of stuff that we can look back on and learn from. Stuff like that is going to happen. It is just the timing of it is obviously not great. Tried to protect him on the throw, but it is a tough one."

On his sense of how good the Browns could be if they eliminated self-inflicted errors:

"If we don't hurt ourselves, this team can go where we want to go. I said it earlier in the week, we found out the problem and it is self-inflicted mistakes that is holding us back and shooting ourselves in the foot. If we can eliminate that, we can be a great football team. If you have to constantly overcome things like that, it is tough."

On if there is any sense encouragement corrections can be made, given only six games are complete:

"Absolutely, going into the bye week and be able to learn a lot from it. We still have five division games left. There are some very important road games later in the year. We will see what we are made of."

On if the Browns' talent and self-inflicted errors are the most frustrating aspects of the team's record:

"Yeah, hurting ourselves is definitely the most disappointing part. I think ultimately the four losses is you can't get around it."

WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On the team trying to overcome turnovers:

"I would sum it that we didn't overcome the turnovers today. Not to say that they didn't play a good game, but we beat ourselves a lot. It was a combination of them playing a good game and making the plays where needed and us not making the plays and hurting ourselves with penalties and turnovers. There was a lot of fight in this team and there were a lot of good things to take away from it. It is tough when you lose, especially when you lose games that you should have won. There's been more games that we've lost that we should have won, and it will come to a point where that changes, but it can't be the would of, could of, should of anymore. There is a lot of great stuff on film. There is a lot of bad stuff, and there is a lot that we can correct on going into the bye week before we play the best team in the NFL."

On overcoming adversity to win games:

"We have to overcome adversities. We had turnovers every which way. We were beyond in the game and had the game in our hands, and we let it get away. That is something that everyone in the locker room has to live with and take with them over the next couple of days to relax and enjoy their families or whatever it is to get ready for the Patriots."

On WR Jarvis Landry's catch that was ruled short of the end zone:

"It is pretty obvious to me, but that wasn't the call. We don't sit here and talk about the referees. I have never been one to do that. The call was what it was. You have to respect the call and keep it moving. It is tough."

On why he doesn't complain about referees:

"It is like complaining about life. You can complain, but is it going to get anything done? There is nothing that can be said and there is nothing that we can do right now to change any call. It's the bottom line so why would I waste time even talking about it?"

On how the team will bounce back from the loss:

"I think we will see. Only time will tell. That goes with everything. Time tells all."

On QB Baker Mayfield's toughness after playing through injury:

"It's hard. That is all I told him when he came back on the field that it is hard. He is a competitor and he is going to dig deep so he does not come out of the game He couldn't run but he still is going to go back out there and help this team even when he is banged up. He gave us his all but we came up short today."

On the team's 2-4 record:

"The funny thing is, is that Cleveland has had this reputation of losing, and we are all sitting here trying to figure out why we didn't win. Not like 'oh we lost another game' but trying to figure out why we didn't win. This is a team that could possibly be 6-0 or 5-1, but that is not our record. We are 2-4, and we are 2-4 for a reason, so that is something that we have to figure out for the back stretch. This stuff is going to happen but it is a long season. Teams can catch on fire and teams can win 5 games in a row, but it is not going to happen like that. Us as a team, we have to find a way to eliminate all of those things but I was very proud of us today for our effort. I woke up today and on my mind I wanted to bring a lot of energy. I just hate losing and at times I feel that in the past, I have let this team down as far as not bringing the energy every single day and it is something that I will never not bring to the field again. I need to be a leader and continue being a better teammate, and pushing those guys is something that I put on my plate."

On what Coach said to the team postgame:

"We are tired of the almost good and not enough talk. That is just the mentality we have to have, and we can't sit here and think that we played well and just move onto the next one. That was the last of the we should have won's and now we have to win those games period."

RB Nick Chubb:

On the emotions after QB Baker Mayfield threw the interception intended for RB Dontrell Hilliard:

"It is tough. You can't say this or that. It is a turnover. Let's just get our defense out there and see if we can get a stop and get the ball back and get a chance to score."

On the sequence of plays at the goal line with the challenge:

"Yeah, it was tough. If things do not go our way, we have to keep playing. We ended up getting the ball back and scoring. At the end of the day, it really did not matter because we scored later on. You have to make every play count, and it is just a tough situation."

On how much pain Mayfield was in:

"He played through it. He is tough and he is a warrior. He is not going to go down easy. I know he got hit pretty hard, but he fought through it and he was there for us."

On if the Browns still have optimism about the season:

"Yeah, we fight every game. This team is not going to give up easy. We have a long season. Anything can happen. We are all for it. Our heads are up. We are ready to get back to work."

DL Myles Garrett:

On if he is surprised at the team's 2-4 record:

"You get what you deserve. You get what you work for, and today, we didn't make the plays."

On the officiating:

"I am not worried about the refs. If we don't make the right decisions or right calls, right or wrong, we pay for it."

On his frustrations with the team's struggles:

"I am frustrated. We had a chance to win, and we didn't capitalize. We had a chance to seal the game, but we didn't. I am worried about this, but once 24 hours hits, I am onto the next one. Right now, it hurts."

On if the Browns' bye week is coming at the right time:

"This team needs wins."

T Chris Hubbard:

On the officiating:

"We can't be worried about the officials. We have to keep playing as well as we can, and we have to keep that momentum going when we have the ball in our hands. No matter what the officials do, we have to keep playing football."

On the adversity Head Coach Freddie Kitchens has been preaching:

"We just need to overcome it. No matter what they throw at us, we have to be able to overcome it. Whether it is First and 15 or whatever the situation, when the play is called, we have to go out there and execute. When Coach trusts us, we have to make a play."

On the goal line play with WR Jarvis Landry:

"I have no idea. All I know is that when I saw the replay, he crossed the plane. There is nothing we can do about that now though. We have to keep on until next week."

On the Browns' offensive mindset early on:

"We wanted to hurry up and keep the gas pedal going on those guys. We knew that if we kept the ball in our hands that we could go out and make plays, and when that happens, no one can stop us."

S Damarious Randall

On how heartbreaking it is to lose a game like that:

"Definitely a heart breaker, but it definitely was on us. We just have to live it, period. We were digging ourselves a hole. We do not feel like that game was as close as it was, but we dug ourselves in a hole and we could not get out."

On the frustration behind the turnovers:

"We are just going to keep learning from it. We are just going to keep learning, keep improving and keep getting better each and every week."

On the Browns staying in the game, despite the turnovers and blocked punt:

"They have a very good quarterback. We were trying to get as many stops as possible for our offense. We just obviously did not get enough. Just keep pushing forward. Go watch film tomorrow and get a couple of days off and rest for the bye week and come back for New England."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 6 matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

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