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What The Bears Are Saying About The Seahawks

Take a look at what the Bears are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 2 in Chicago. 

Head Coach Matt Nagy

(On the Seahawks defense) "They look good. They're flying around, you can see their physical. 29 (Earl Thomas) is just doing what he's always done, the kid just loves to play football, loves contact, makes great plays on the ball. I really think Coach (Pete) Carroll just an amazing job with that team in his time there. The mentality that he has, it's infectious. You see his personality and how Coach Carroll's energy feeds off on his team. Defensively, that's what you see. I thought they played really hard against Denver, it was a battle to the end. We know we're up for a big challenge."

(On the Seahawks offense) "Russell (Wilson) is just so good at extending plays. He, in my opinion, one of the players that you talk about all the time how clutch he is and makes big-time plays in big-time situations, and you've always seen that. He extends plays with his legs, he can run, he can pass, he's tough, he makes his teammates better. Wide receiver-wise, they got some guys that are big guys, small guys, they got different matches of how they do things and good tight ends. You see the athleticism of their running back jumping over a guy, hurdling him and making strong runs, and the offensive line. They're talented and we understand that and know it's going to be a tough one."

Linebacker Leonard Floyd

(On being worried about Russell Wilson) "I've really been focused on Seattle. I'm worried about Russell Wilson right now. That's pretty much on my mind. Just his ability to move in the pocket and create big plays. Gotta make sure that we rest well as a unit... It really just comes down to having a game plan against Russell. You don't want to give up big open plays where the quarterback can just tuck the ball and run and chuck it deep. You just have to rest with the right mindset knowing that the quarterback can get out."

Tight End Trey Burton

(On Seattle's defense) "You can't talk about Seattle without talking about a fast defense. There's guys with a bunch of speed, really physical defense as well, really well-coached defense. Their tackling film is what every other team in the NFL and some colleges uses. I remember at least last year talking about it in Philly. They're still a top defense."

Defensive Back Adrian Amos Jr.

(On Russell Wilson's talents and challenges) "He's a veteran quarterback, moves around a lot. That challenge happens a lot when he can extend plays and get after it on his own. We break out the film each week, and especially with mobile quarterbacks you have to find a way to get around them."

Linebacker Khalil Mack

(On the danger of Russell Wilson) "He's one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the league. When you think about the things that he's accomplished in his career, it's a hell of a challenge."

(On Russ's similarities to the QB Mack faced last week, Aaron Rodgers) "They definitely have a lot of similarities in the way of getting out of the pocket, prolonging plays. They make you play a real sound defense. We're looking forward to it."