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What The Atlanta Falcons Are Saying About The Seattle Seahawks

Check out what Falcons players and coaches are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 6 at CenturyLink Field.


Take a look at what the Falcons are saying about the Seahawks before the two teams meet in Week 6 at CenturyLink Field.

Head Coach Dan Quinn

(On what he's seen on film from both the Seahawks offense and defense...) "From Pete [Carroll], Kris [Richard], [Rocky Seto], Travis [Jones] and from all the guys, you can see the effort jump off from the defensive tape. That's a thing that totally jumps off. How hard the guys play, how disciplined they play. Offensively, man does the speed show up. I know that's been a real factor in terms of Pete and John [Schneider] building the thing together. That's really what jumps out to me, the speed at tight end, wide receiver, at running back, and the athleticism at all those spots that Russ [Wilson] knows where to go with it. I've certainly been impressed by Doug Baldwin. The ability for him to break guys off and play man to man. You know the competitor that Russ is. There's been a number of guys that I'll say. The effort and toughness from the defense. The speed and explosiveness from the offensive side. The special teams led by the guys that are tough, hard-nose special teamers, which is a lot how we play on special teams, that'll be one of the games within the game. Tough, hard-nose units battling for it."

(On Russell Wilson taking some Falcons players to visit Seattle's Children's Hospital earlier this week...) "People on the outside may not always recognize the fraternity that these players have. There's a real respect level there. Some of them know each other from competing against each other. Some of them know each other through the game. Relationships sometimes way back in college. The guys talk a lot and I'm not surprised that Russ invited a few guys along. He's somebody that we have a ton of respect for, both as a man and as a ball player. I was glad that the guys were able to be a part of that and if they were able to make a small difference in a young boy or girl's life going through a tough time, I thought that was a pretty cool thing for a Seahawk or a Falcon having that opportunity to share that experience and provide a smile and a little sunshine on a dark time. I think it was pretty cool."

WR Julio Jones

(On what are some things he sees from the Seahawks defense on film...) "We just seen the coverages and what they usually do. It's kind of the same thing that they had in 2013. I also played them back in 2011 as well so kind of the same things they do. They're fundamentally sound and they have great athletes on defense. "

(On the challenge Richard Sherman presents...) "He's very smart. He's a very smart guy. He studies a lot of film. As far as your splits, going against Richard [Sherman] you have to change up a few tendencies that you do. You can't tip a guy off like Richard Sherman because he will definitely make you pay for it. He's a long player, he's a longer cornerback, he's instinctive, he has great ball skills. Like I said he studies a lot."


CB Desmond Trufant

(On the Tacoma-native's return to the Seattle area…)"I did go home for a little bit and was at my parents house chilling with them, went to my brother's house, seen my little nephews. Just basic family stuff because it's been a couple months, so it's just good to see everybody."

(On how Richard Sherman has influenced him…)"He's a great player. I've been watching him for a while and he played a couple years with my brother as well too, so I've seen him pretty much grow into the superstar he is. It's always good to see somebody have success and he's one of the best doing it, he's been doing it for a while."

(On what differences he's noticed while practicing at the University of Washington this week…)"It's definitely different. They've got suites now on the floor, they've got a brand new weight room. It's dope, though. It's great to see the program develop into what it is. I think they're ranked No. 4 or 5 now in the nation, so that's crazy, man. I'm proud of these guys."

QB Matt Ryan

(On the Seahawks now compared to the divisional playoff game in January 2013…)"They probably have some more guys that played in that game than we do, honestly. I think a lot of guys that played in that game from 2012 are not here on the Falcons side, so we won't go back that far in all honesty. We've got plenty of film to watch from this year, from last year, and we're different. We're a different scheme than we were in 2012, we're a different outfit from personnel groupings. Really a different offense, so I don't think there's much carryover to that."

(On facing cornerback Richard Sherman…)"Richard Sherman's a great player. He's a ball hawk, he's got a knack for making plays, very instinctual and he's long, strong. He's a good player. He can do it all, so we'll have to be aware of where he's at. We're fortunate that we have some pretty good players too and some guys we believe can make plays and are going to do a really good job on the outside for us."

(On Earl Thomas' play at free safety…)"He's got exceptional range. Sideline to sideline he's very fast, plays extremely well within their scheme. I think he knows where he's supposed to be, where the issues are, and he recovers extremely well. He's aggressive, very aggressive both in the run game and in the pass game, physical, so he's an exceptional player as well."

(On playing in potentially stormy weather this weekend…) "It doesn't bother me too much. I played in some nasty weather growing up, Boston can tend to have some pretty ugly weather as well, so I'll be ready for it. I know our guys will be ready for it as well."

Get to know the faces of the Atlanta Falcons' offensive and defensive units heading into the team's Week 6 matchup with the Seattle Seahawks.

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