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What The 49ers Said Following Their Loss Against The Seahawks

Take a look at what the 49ers said following their meeting in Week 13 against the Seahawks.


(Thoughts on your unsportsmanlike penalty…) "There were a number of things that added up, that were building up. I made a dumb mistake and said some things I shouldn't have. It won't happen again."

(What went wrong defensively…) "One thing is that we gave them too many opportunities with our turnovers on offense. We gave them too many opportunities. I think they had 13 points off of turnovers including the pick six. They returned the opening kickoff of the third quarter. From what I saw on defense I thought we missed a number of tackles there, especially in the second half. They got one big play down the field on a special. They had a number of d.p.i.'s, a d.p.i. they got an explosive, the rest were a number of off scheduled by Russell, which is what he does. We got to him a couple of times, he broke away in the pocket. When he did that, the zones break down and he found some open guys."

(What is your assessment on how Nick Mullens played…) "I'll watch the film but I don't think anyone on our team played that great."

(Thoughts on Dante Pettis' performance…) "He had a number of plays. I think he got in the end zone twice. It was two good routes on both of those. He did a good job when he had the opportunities."

(On the Jeff Wilson fumble did the officials give you any further explanation…) "No. Those ones are very frustrating because I definitely believe that he didn't fumble it. When it is a tie, the tie goes to the offense. They sit there and talk about it for a while and then decide to call it a fumble, which always goes to replay. I think the replay showed it but it's got to be 100% whenever it's like that. So when it's not 100% despite what everyone knows it was, you have to live with it. So I was very frustrated with that. On top of it, after missing that if you do reward them a fumble, we were on top of him which means he is down, so they should have started at their five yard line backed up instead of the 15 yard line, so I thought they missed two on that."

(Thoughts on the muffed punt and three special teams penalties…) "We gave up a opening kick return for a touchdown in the third, so that definitely wasn't good enough. I think Tarvarius Moore made a real good play on the one punt and stepped out of bounds so we got a penalty on that. And we gave a big one later in the game, so definitely not good enough."

(Is Dante Pettis not returning punts because of injury concerns…) "No, he will eventually but the other guys have done a good job of catching it. Richie has done a good job. I know he missed that one today which is huge. We have been trying to bring back Dante through his injuries throughout the year and try and get him to focus on receiver but he will be out there."

(Did Richard Sherman have any words before the game for the team to get them hyped up…) "No, Richard treated it like a normal week. We all know that it was special for him to come back here and do that and it was good to see that they treated him well in that way but we knew it was a big deal for Richard but it was for our team also. He didn't try and make up anything different."

(How can Jimmy Garoppolo benefit by being on the sidelines during the game…) "Not much during games it's just nice to have him around the team and stuff now that he can protect himself and things like that. But he is watching and listening to the calls and stuff but it just nice to have him down there."

(What did you think of Jeff Wilson's performance…) "Given the circumstances he ran hard. I know it was real unfortunate with that fumble which I still disagree with. He had a pretty bad injury in the game so he had to come in at halftime but it was good to see him fight through it and come out there in the second half and help us out."


(On the difference in play from half to half in this game…) "I think we just started playing disciplined football. There were opportunities there in the first half that I and the rest of the offense didn't capitalize on, but we just really found our rhythm in the second half. Didn't finish as much as we would have liked, but opportunities were there and we just have to capitalize on them."

(On how deflating the fumble near the goal line was in the first half…) "Yeah, that was tough. I guess you can pinpoint it as an important part of the game. Jeff (Wilson Jr.) did a great job. He came in and did his role very well. So, it's our job to overcome those type of situations – penalties, turnovers – if you're going to commit those you have to be able to overcome it, and we didn't do a good job of overcoming those today."

(On if the crowd and the noise played a factor in the game…) "Yeah, it definitely makes things tough. Went off silence cadence, but I don't think it affected us too much, to be honest. I thought we operated pretty smooth, for the most part, and really just had to make plays when they were there, and we didn't make enough plays."

(On what he likes about throwing to Dante Pettis…) "I know where he is going to be. He runs great routes and he's done a really good job these past two games of just finding a knack for getting open."


(On his emotions ahead of this game and his return to Seattle…) "It was just a regular game. It's just unfortunate we didn't play as well as we could have. Had too many turnovers, gave up too many plays. That's football and that's kind of the way things have gone this season."

(On what he thought about Baldwin and others reenacting "The Tip" after a Seahawks touchdown…) "I didn't even see it. I don't think about it, honestly. They've done a bunch of fun celebrations."

(On his conversations with Baldwin about during and after the game…) "They were about the same stuff; family, 'how's mom doing?' his wife, and things like that. Normal conversations that we have throughout the week. How his body is feeling, things like that. Things that you ask a person when you talk all the time."

(On having not seen Baldwin in some time and if there were any emotions around that…) "I'm not that emotional of a person when it comes to stuff like that. It wasn't like he died or anything like that. We're good friends and you know, obviously we don't see each other during the season. We're going to see each other during the off-season, we both live here. So, it was good seeing him, good seeing his face and get to have a conversation."

(On if it was difficult to prepare for this game like any other game…) "No, I'm a ball player. At the end of the day, the field is the same length and everything else is the same, you just go out there and play your game. Try to give your team the best chance to win and unfortunately we didn't get the win today."

(On what happened on the play where Jaron Brown scored with Sherman in the area…) "He just scrambled around and got us into scramble drill. You know, you have to plaster to them – it's just one of those plays where he gets out of the pocket and guys start running anywhere they want to."

(On whether Baldwin said anything to him after he missed the tackle on Baldwin…) "No, no that was a fun play. He usually ducks in and ducked out that time. It was pretty funny."

(On what he was thinking while the Seahawks got out to an early lead…) "No, you don't play well and it doesn't matter who you're playing or where you're playing. If you don't play well teams are going to take advantage of you; turn the ball over, you drop punts, and things like that, give up special teams plays, the game's not going to go the way you want it to. We didn't get turnovers when we needed to, so that's football."

(On if he is seeing progress with his team and their performances…) "We're just beat up. You think about the guys we have out there, you know. We lose our number-one receiver, number-two receiver, number-one quarterback, number-two quarterback, number-one running back, you know it just ends up adding up. You lose your starting safety, your lose your backup safety, you lose person after person. You lose two of your will linebackers and then Malcolm (Smith) is kind of beat up and it's just guys beat up. But, guys are playing hard and giving us the best chance, Kyle's (Shanahan) coming up with great game plans and obviously Nick (Mullens) threw for 400 today, so guys are getting yards. We just have to execute in the red zone and on defense we have to find a way to get the ball."

(On if he and other team veterans are stressing the importance or reps for younger players with so many injuries…) "One hundred percent. Kyle kind of beats it into their head every week, so that's one of those things where, you know, these are grown men, so they have to be accountable for what they do."

(On Seattle's slow start and if their record indicates how good they really are…) "Honestly, I haven't watched them outside of the film that we watched on them and this week they played well today. They played well against Carolina. Obviously, we will see how the rest of the season pans out for them."


(On the running game) "We knew they were going to run the ball a lot. They're leading the NFL in rushing right now. For the most part, I feel like we play a pretty good run game, it's just less tackles and a couple misfits in the run game. It's a good thing we have another opportunity against them in two weeks."

(On what he sees in terms of progress) "Guys just have to own their jobs. Pay more attention and study a little more, including me. This goes for everybody across the board. The past two weeks we got a little lackadaisical. We just have to go back to the drawing board. Like I said, we got another opportunity next week to show up. The next couple games are home games and hopefully guys take advantage of that."

(On what he meant when he said the team is lackadaisical) "We just are giving up big plays. It's big plays killed us today. For the most part, we were playing decent defense. It was just certain big plays like the special route in the first half, the flip play in the first half, just a couple things. We turnover the ball too much and we didn't turn over the ball on defense. We are going through a streak where we have no turnovers the past couple weeks. We have to try and find a way to make a play."


(On his reaction to the outcome…) "It's not my favorite feeling in the world right now. We played a great game, and when you lose you don't feel so great."

(On if he felt any extra emotion returning to Seattle…) "I was excited. Just excited to come back here, go out there, you know, make plays and win the game. That's always my mindset coming into a game. I felt a lot of excitement. I spent a lot of good times here. I've got a lot of love for this place and these fans. It's a tough one for me, personally. I love the 12s. The 12s have been great to me, before and after I left, so I've got no hard feelings for the fans here."

(On the performance of the San Francisco defense…) "We did some good things and we did some not-so-good things. everybody on the team can do better, obviously. When you lose like this, it's a team loss, and everybody's got to go back and self-reflect. I've got to go back and see what I can do better, and that's it."

(On the team's inability to create turnovers while giving some away…) "It's a new feeling for me, losing like this. I think it's something we can correct. We've got to go out there and do it and execute. Turnovers are killers. If you lose the turnover battle you lose the game 75 to 80 percent of the time. So it just is what it is right now."

(On what is the toughest part of losing…) "Losing. If you're in this league and losing isn't the worst thing in the world to you, then you shouldn't be here. It messes with me for days, every loss, and I'm sure it's the same for every guy in this locker room. It hurts. I don't know how to describe losing other than . . . I don't know what else to say about that."


(On if he was satisfied with the team's ability to move the ball effectively in the second half…) "Yeah. I mean, yards are yards. Points are what we are after, obviously. Maybe we were able to move the ball because we were down by so much. I don't know. Guys were fighting. At the end of the day, you play the game to win. You don't play the game to gain yards. You play the game to score points. We had turnovers in real critical areas, down in the red zone. Then the special team's one, right out of halftime, the big return. That took the [wind out of our] sails."

(On the fumble attributed to Jeff Wilson and recovered by Bobby Wagner…) "Yeah, I was blocking Bobby. I don't think he fumbled at all. Bobby didn't say anything at all. He actually said 'Fumble,' but he said it well after we were all on the ground. I actually talked to the ref, too. He's like, 'Seven cameras and not one of them had an angle of it.' So that's why they called it, because it was called on the field as a fumble, so they didn't have any evidence to overturn it. That's the way it goes."


(On if a blowout loss diminishes the satisfaction of having a big day…) "Yeah, the loss kind of takes over whatever else you do, personally. So it kind of is what it is."

(On what has clicked for him the past couple of weeks other than just being healthy…) "Getting more playing time, really. I think the more you play the more comfortable you feel, and you kind of get into a groove with things and feel the game out, and kind of know what works and what doesn't work, and all that stuff."

(On the details of his long touchdown reception…) "Right away when we lined up, I saw the safety was down low on the other side. Normally I'm supposed to take a sharper angle, and I saw there was no safety in the middle of the field, so I kind of took it higher and just hoped that Nick saw it, too, and he did, and he hit me in stride."

(On if he realized during his first touchdown that he had an open lane on the right side…) "No. It just turned out because the dude was over top of me, and I just tried to run to open grass. I really didn't know where anybody was. It just worked out."

(On if he knew George Kittle was running with him…) "I saw somebody. I didn't know it was him until I got to the end zone. I saw I had somebody there. I figure he did a good job blocking, too, I'm guessing."

(On if he felt emotions returning to Seattle…) "Kind of. I mean, I love this city. I've been here for four years. It's always cool to come back. But it sucks that we lost here. I wanted to get a win out here, but we couldn't do that. It was cool at first, before the game and everything, but now it's not too great."

(On if head coach Kyle Shanahan said anything to him to change the trajectory of his play…) "Yeah, I mean he challenges me all the time. Every single play I know he expects more out of me. We've had a few talks about kind of what he expects, and so I guess you could say that kind of sparks something. I mean, it's nothing different than what I expect from myself. But when the head coach kind of calls you out, then it's like, OK, I guess I've got to really get going."

Fan photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 13 game against the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field.