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What The 49ers Said Following Their 31-13 Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 12 loss to the 49ers at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

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KYLE SHANAHAN: George Odum biceps. Definitely he was out the rest of the game. Looking at him tomorrow, but most likely tore it. Usually is season-ending, but never know if you have a chance to come back later. Charlie Woerner got evaluated for a concussion, but he cleared, got back in. That's all I got now.

Q. How do you feel coming out of this one, the way your defense played and everything?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Just getting a win, I feel great. Especially to have three days off after this, it's definitely a different three days when you don't get it with a win. The way the defense played tonight was unbelievable. Just keeping them out of the end zone the whole game, the six sacks, the way I thought our corners played on the outside. Real impressive game. Real excited to watch it.

Q. Reaction to Brock's touchdown pass, a little fist pump. What was your emotion watching that throw?

KYLE SHANAHAN: I couldn't believe he was throwing it. The zone coverages, guys were so deep, which usually you can check it down right underneath them, get about 12 (yards). Brock thought he could drop it over the guy. A clear view for all of us. It was just a hell of a throw. Perfect touch. Got (it) over, I think it was Diggs. It was a big play that sealed it.

Q. Guts to make that throw? What does it take?

KYLE SHANAHAN: He does that pretty consistently. He's always, always trying to get that one in. Very rarely does he check it down and you tell him he missed the deep one. He looks at it that way. Actually he proved to us while the ball was in the air it was the right decision.

Q. Did you think it was the wrong decision when he let it go?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, we're all holding our breath as soon as he lets it go. The guy was so deep. Brock has some touch, was able to throw it over him. We took the safety out of there with a route. Knew if he could get (the ball) over him, there's no one else left. He made the throw. I wouldn't have known it until he threw it. Once he threw it, it was obviously there.

Q. Comes not long after the pick-six, did he check out of that? What was that there?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, both of those, they got us on the disguise. They were doing some weird disguises which got us in a check. It was a double call. I shouldn't have put that on him. Obviously wasn't the check that we wanted. They got us with a disguise. Ended up getting that tip. It was an unfortunate play, but doesn't faze him at all. Came back, made a hell of a play to seal it.

Q. You mentioned the sacks. What is allowing the pass-rush (to be successful)?

KYLE SHANAHAN: I think how much we're rushing as a group has changed. I just think the guys, I think after we came back from the bye week, we've moved a little bit better. Obviously having Chase (Young) helps the group, just the depth of it. When we weren't getting all the sacks, I still felt we were getting to the quarterback and hitting him. Takes a whole group to get those numbers. I think we've been doing that. I think our coverage has gotten better, too. Sometimes you get some coverage sacks, too. When you make a quarterback make some hitches with four guys going pretty hard at him, that's the result.

Q. On Charvarius Ward…

KYLE SHANAHAN: From what I saw out there, I thought he was unbelievable. Don't get to see all of it. I'm excited to watch on the plane. But he's been pretty consistent coming here. I thought he had an unbelievable game here last year up here. Seemed very similar today.

Q. Did you challenge him at all? He mentioned something in his on-field interview about you going up to him and challenging him, wanting him to be on.

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yes, a little bit. That's definitely the way I would like it to be. Just how he's played in the past. He didn't hesitate. He was up for the challenge. He's been up for it throughout last year, as you guys could see. He was up for it today. Doesn't disappoint. He was really impressive.

Q. How big of a decision is it to have him kind of travel most of the time?

KYLE SHANAHAN: I mean, it's something that is always an option, just the way our scheme is and stuff. It's not something that we do a lot. We did it last year with him. It's paid off every time we've done it.

Q. What about that matchup prompts you guys to do that, to travel with DK (Metcalf)?

KYLE SHANAHAN: DK is such a good player. He's also a specimen. A lot of ability. They're going to try to get him the ball, take their shots outside. You want to put your best corner on him. He was ready for that.

Q. What is your view of Christian's second touchdown? The one where he broke three tackles.

KYLE SHANAHAN: Oh, it was awesome. I didn't think it was going to be there. Then the way he got in and finished it off. Once they get it close, I'm always starting to look down because I'm starting to think of a first-and-goal call or inside the one and stuff like that. Christian finished all of them there. I didn't think they were. They didn't look like calls that should have scored, but he made it come to life.

Q. (No microphone.)

KYLE SHANAHAN: It's over the ball. Kind of right in the line there. A high-low on that guy. I thought that guy was pretty high. Usually go low. Brock showed he wasn't high enough.

Q. So much discussion (about) can a quarterback win a Super Bowl, is he elite. In your mind, is Brock Purdy a Super Bowl caliber quarterback right now?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, I mean, I'm definitely not going to say the wrong words.Yeah, not your question, but the talk of that stuff is so ridiculous. The words 'elite', 'Super Bowl quarterback'. This is the NFL, you got to have a really good football team to even talk about having a chance to get there. When you have a really good football team, you better have a really good quarterback. When you do that, you still better have luck with injuries. You still got to play good defense. You got to do everything. There's also been a lot of great quarterbacks who haven't won Super Bowls. The ones who do don't win them on their own. They have to be on a good team, have good defenses. There's so many good things that go into it. I always hate that conversation.

Q. For so long Seattle has given you guys problems, especially up here. Beat Seattle twice in a row on the road. What does it mean to you to get over that hump?

KYLE SHANAHAN: It's not something I think about a lot because you think of every game every Sunday how bad you want to win. I mean, I got a lot of respect for what they've done here, Pete and John, the tenure they've had here. They've been unbelievable. What they started out early on, they've kept it going, been able to regenerate it through a bunch of groups. The home field advantage they have here is unbelievable, how loud that place is. It's always tough. Especially in the second and third quarter, the game didn't seem that close in the first half, but seems to always happen here. We get a pick-six, their special teams make some big plays, right back there. Kind of how it always feels like when we're here.

Q. You did have a 20-point lead at halftime. Did it feel like you had the opportunity to really close the door and you let it get away, gave them some life?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Yeah, definitely. I don't go into halftime expecting that. I don't expect us to come out and give it to them. I still expect to play good, but you never go into halftime thinking, 'All right, we got a chance to go out there and blow them out.' When you think that way, usually you get humbled extremely fast. We didn't talk about that at all. We went out and treated it like it was 0-0. They're a real good football team. We had an advantage in the first half. Third quarter was tough. We gave them some life there with that pick-six, which they generated it by some of the plays they made. But that's a real good football team. Always thought it was going to be close.

Q. On coming out of the huddle slow and trying to communicate...

KYLE SHANAHAN: You can ask Brock that when he comes in. It's always hard to communicate in a huddle. All the substitutions and stuff. That's one of the harder places to hear, in the huddle. It's something we go over a lot through the week, the focus the guys need, how

tight they have to be in the huddle, how no one can speak. Once you have to say 'What, what did you say,' that's usually a delay of game, time-out. Sometimes guys come out the wrong way, just a little bit backwards. That's one of the challenges of playing on the road.

Q. When do you want them to come out of the huddle? 15? Do you have a target number?

KYLE SHANAHAN: As soon as they can. I mean, how quick can I get it in, how quick we do the subs, how quick they say it, how quick we come out. We're never really trying to do it late. Sometimes I got to think a little bit. Sometimes they got to call it. Sometimes I got to change personnel. We're never trying to slow play it until the end or sometimes at the end of halves.

Q. Bye weekend, when do you turn to the Eagles?

KYLE SHANAHAN: We'll turn to the Eagles on Monday. We'll take that break, enjoy it. Hopefully our guys can get healthy and cleaned up. We'll come in Monday ready to go.

Q. How hard was it to go through two Thursday night games on your schedule?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Not very hard. I'm glad they were spaced out because they add up. It's really hard for guys to get ready for this. Very hard. Guys like (Aaron) Banks and stuff, it was unbelievable he was able to play today. He got cleared. If we didn't have such a bad situation with losing (Nick) Zakelj, Burford getting hurt, we definitely would have had him play. For him to be able to tough it out and go out there and play when he wasn't 100%, it's very impressive. I think everyone complains about these pretty big, including myself, on Monday and Tuesday. By the time you get to Wednesday night it feels different to be done with your work. As long as you win, it's a hell of a deal when you get three days off. Something you don't get much in the NFL.

Q. What has it been like this 10-day stretch (off microphone)?

KYLE SHANAHAN: Not really. We'll see what it is in the end. I know when you compete with guys for the playoffs or for the division or home or away, the head-to-heads do matter a lot. They all matter. I know everyone has talked about this stretch. The Jacksonville win was just as big. Last week's win was just as big versus Tampa. It's about having a better record when it's all said and done.

Q. Do you have to do anything at safety with George (Odum) potentially out for the season?

KYLE SHANAHAN: We're going to have to do something. We're going to have to do something anyways as it was. To lose George, he's been unbelievable. He's been one of the best special teams players in the league here. He's a very good safety for us, too. We've been thin there with the depth. Losing him is a big deal. See what our options are here when we get in.

QB Brock Purdy

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Q. Maybe not the greatest play on the pick-six. You were checking out of that because you saw something. What went on from there?

BROCK PURDY: We just got into a second play. We had B.A. as my first option on the left. Felt like it wasn't there, so I came back to Christian. It's somewhat of a safe play that we had on. It's really one to two. I was trying to get the ball to Christian. Being backed up, felt like I was in the end zone, wanted to get the ball out. Looking back at it now, obviously a lot of coverage and stuff. Christian had a bunch of guys around him. On my end, I didn't put him in the best position, obviously our team in the best position. I got to learn from it.

Q. What kind of goes through your mind? Are you the same guy in your head when something like that happens?

BROCK PURDY: Obviously we're up by three scores, three touchdowns, then we just give them one like that. Now it's a two-score game. Now it's real. Game is back into play, it felt like, in terms of them being back in the game. For myself, I got to be smart with the ball, but at the same time I still have to have that aggressive edge to myself and not being afraid to rip stuff in tight windows still, move the ball, get first downs and score touchdowns. That's where I was in my mindset. Obviously it sucked going through it. Got to learn from it. In terms of who I am, playing this position, that can't change. That's what I had to keep telling myself.

Q. Kyle said it was not the throw he thought you were going to make on the touchdown. You're determined to make that throw? Do you know that thing is going to be open?

BROCK PURDY: It's not like, all right, I messed up, I got to prove to myself or my team I got to make a big play to get us back in. It's nothing like that. We actually ran the ball really well that drive. For myself it was, all right, be smart with the ball, take what the defense gives me. We had a rollout setup play. I just went through my progression. I felt the safety came down on the right side, just for B.A. to get behind him, I ripped it. Obviously looking back on it, there's a guy underneath that had a check-down that was open, too, that would have been a big gain for us to eat the clock up. Like I said, went through the progression, trusted in B.A. being there, let it rip.

Q. On Christian's touchdown, it didn't look very promising. What was your view of that? Are you surprised? How impressive was that?

BROCK PURDY: Christian makes runs like that all the time. I don't know if people really realize it. Just the open field and stuff. What looks like isn't much, he just keeps his motor rolling. Guys get behind him and push. He'll just spin out of something and get a couple extra yards. On that play, it's like, all right, yeah, we're going to be down inside the 10. He just kept going and fighting and driving. That's Christian McCaffrey. He's a dog. You just never know when he's going to keep going or get out of something. For him to do that didn't really surprise me, but at the same time, like, I look up to that kind of stuff. He gives us a spark and an energy to the offense when we need it most. Respect to him.

Q. May be too soon to ask, what's going through your mind going back to Philadelphia next week?

BROCK PURDY: We just won on Thanksgiving. We're going to enjoy this one. We're going to take the next couple days to recover, clear our minds, whatnot. When we get to the game plan, we'll get to it next week. I'm enjoying it right now. Obviously it's going to be a big one on the road. We know that. Everybody knows that. We're taking our time and going to enjoy this one.

Q. How much of a touchdown pass is having the full faith in Aiyuk?

BROCK PURDY: That's what we were talking about earlier this week. Him being where he needs to be. Obviously I wish I could have hit him more throughout the game and stuff. When we needed it the most, him being there as a receiver, you never know when that ball's coming your way. B.A. did his job. I got him the ball in the right spot. He made the rest happen, getting into the end zone. It's that trust, man, that faith in each other. What we do every single day at practice and stuff, it's showing on the field. It feels good.

Q. What was it like to have that iconic moment of eating the turkey?

BROCK PURDY: It was sweet. Growing up, you're with your family and stuff watching the NFL games go on. You see the postgame interview, the turkey leg. It's like a good time watching with your family. To be able to be out with my teammates after a game with a win on the road eating some turkey legs and stuff was fun. It's going to be something we'll look back on and smile about and whatnot. Very thankful.

Q. Your teammates posted on social media the announcement that you won the player of the week award this week. What does that support mean to you? Did you hear about that?

BROCK PURDY: Yeah, Kyle and some of the PR people told me that I had won it last week. It was cool. Then my teammates have my back. Going through a three-game stretch like we did losing, then coming out and just playing football and winning again. For them to have my back through all of it, it's real. The love is real. I appreciate every single one of those guys in the locker room. I want to go to war with them every day. So to see them sort of show some love like that after a game was awesome. Love these guys.

Q. After the touchdown you waited for Brandon on the sideline. Had a pretty intense moment there. What was that about?

BROCK PURDY: We talked throughout the year and stuff after practices and stuff. It's like we have an opportunity to do something real special here, like him and I, Christian, George. I always talk to B.A., Man, time is coming, I know you're hungry for it. We could all tell because he goes balls to the wall at practice and meetings. He does everything right. For me to tell him week after week like, It's coming, it's coming, then finally we're seeing it, it feels good just to know that, man, the work that we've put in, the trust, the talks, we're seeing it now. Obviously we have a long ways to go and stuff. It's going to be game by game, day by day, but I'm really happy for him. He's a really good receiver. I think he deserves more credit around the league and stuff. But that time will come.

CB Charvarius Ward

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(On coach Kyle Shanahan's pregame instructions for Ward to cover DK Metcalf) "I think he asked the DB coach, and they talked, and he was wondering why I wasn't following DK tonight. The game plan wasn't for me to follow him. I guess he talked to John Lynch, and coach Shanahan, he was like, why not? We need him to. So they told me to do it, and I was up to the task. I felt like I had a pretty good game."

(On if his injury was cramps) "Yeah, I was just cramping up pretty bad."

(On the importance of him returning to the game) "I definitely knew 100 percent I was going to come back in the game. I knew we had to finish it off. I wasn't over yet. I'm glad I was able to get back out there."

(On what made this a breakout game for him) "I think it was the all-white uniforms. Any time we put the all-white uniforms on I feel faster. I just feel good. You know what I'm saying? You feel good, you look good, you play good. But no, it was a prime-time game, The whole world watching. The lights was on, so it brings a little extra out of you. You know you got to go out there and ball 'cause the whole world watching. The whole NFL, they're scanning your abilities as a team. That's what we went out and did tonight, so the world knows what 49ers football looks like."

(On huddling around the postgame turkey) "Yeah, this is my first time playing on Thanksgiving, so I was kind of excited I was able to be one of the players of the game and get a turkey leg. I just thank God for that, for allowing me to have a good game like that. It felt amazing."

S Ji'Ayir Brown

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(On how it felt getting his first start in the NFL) "Amazing. Just the communication between the guys on the field, the energy we brought, the passion we played with. It's incredible. I don't think we [allowed] them in the end zone today either. For that to be my first start and [have] that kind of accomplishment, it means a lot."

(On how Tashaun Gipson Sr. helped him get ready this week) "Just being there [and] giving me pointers. Being there as a leader and just always communicating on the field. I think we had a great connection out there today. I can't wait to get back to it next week."

(On if their lives are easier with how the defensive line is pressuring the quarterback) "It makes it a lot easier. We got an amazing defense, front seven especially. Those guys get after the quarterback. They don't have much time back there to play around. It makes my job a lot easier."

DL Javon Hargrave

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(On what part of the defense's performance made him the most proud) "Just bending and not breaking. They had some good drives, but we held them to three points. It felt like we made critical stops at the right time."

(On how the defense countered Seattle's momentum in the second half) "We just knew it was going to be a game. We knew they were going to come back and make it a game, so we just knew we had to make some plays and get off that field."

(On playing his former Philadelphia teammates next week) "It's going to be fun. They're a great team this year, so we've got to have our best game."

(On how it felt being at full strength) "It felt great. I felt like everybody got involved today, and everybody came up big. It's just fun being able to rush, especially with Nick and Chase, they some of the best in the game, so it just frees up a lot of guys."

S Tashaun Gipson Sr.

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(On the second half of the game) "Yeah, in the second half the momentum shifted. This game is a game of momentum. They came out in the third quarter and had a lot of momentum. Offense got some things going and we just kind of had to settle down and play our brand of football in the fourth quarter and it kind of shifted back our way. We never waver. Obviously we know what kind of guys we got in this locker room."

(On what is the 49ers "brand" of defense) "I wish I could put it into words, but you just have to turn on the tape, but obviously it's just relentless effort to the football. I think coach Kyle Shanahan mentioned many times you see 11 guys on the screen pursue and that's rare. I've played on many defenses in my time and when you turn on the tape, you see 11 guys to the ball every time. That's winning football obviously and just a bunch of relentless guys trying to make the plays. Everybody wants to make that play and I think that's the beautiful part about having so many studs on defense."

(On what he saw from the defensive front) "It's just hard to put into words what that defensive line could do and how easy they make life for us on the back end. When you got four guys up there that can change the game at any moment with a game changing sack, we expect that from those guys and we know we don't have to cover alone, we just have to cover strong. That's our motto and let those guys go up there and hunt and they did their job today and made our job easier on the back end."

LB Fred Warner

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(On what has changed for the defense after the bye week) "I always talk about getting back to playing our style. I guess ever since we got Chase Young things kind of flipped around didn't they? But it's just a combination of things. Just us playing together as a unit, rushing the coverage, and winning on third down has been crucial for us. You see today they were like one-for-nine on third down. That's winning football all day long. We got to keep it going. There's

room for improvement out there. I feel like we really could have shut them out, but I'll take what we can get."

(On what he has seen from the pass rush the last three games) "I mean I spoke with the back seven and I feel like if we are on our job in the back, the defensive line they're so talented and get to the front so relentless, as long as we stick to our coverages they are going to go out there and eat every time. Spending extra time going over the route concepts especially on third down and working in unison rushing the coverage and I think that's why you see the results."

(On if he can feel when the pass rush is rolling as the game goes on) "Absolutely. It speeds up the quarterbacks clock and it speeds up our clock especially in zone coverage playing with eyes on the quarterback we can break a little quicker."

WR Brandon Aiyuk

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(On why he thinks plays were so open at the beginning of the game) "The way they were playing and the play calling. Kyle [Shanahan] was calling them and they were wide open."

(On if he was expecting the touchdown pass to go to him) "I thought I had a chance to get it [since we were in] 22 personnel. I think there were only two routes being run so I thought I had a chance."

(On what his moment was like with Brock Purdy on the sideline after the touchdown) "Just finishing out the game. We closed it out right there, so we were talking about that."

WR Deebo Samuel

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(On how well Brock Purdy is playing right now) "He's playing at a high level right now, especially for what we do. All the plays that we threw at him this week, just to come out on a short week and play the way he played is amazing."

(On how tough it was to have two Thursday night games) "From a mental standpoint, for the focus in meetings and not getting full speed reps, you have to put it in your head and envision it. You're in the game, so you have to put your mind and your body in a position to go out there and make plays."

DE Nick Bosa

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(On what's working so well for the pass rush) "Just execution, getting back to how we rush quarterbacks, holding it a little longer, back end is playing awesome, adding Chase (Young), all those things."

(On if the defensive line feels like they are racing to the quarterback) "It does. It's funny, after the game nobody has any idea what their stats are, so that's a good problem to have."

DL Arik Armstead

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(On what made him most proud of the defense's performance) "Just on a short week, how we fought. Even when there was adversity throughout the game, how we fought, how we played. We came out with great effort and energy. Guys were making plays all over the defense. So that was definitely great to be a part of."

(On what the defense did to slow Seattle's second-half momentum) "Pregame, it was whatever happens, we have the ability to win the game. If it's a blowout, if it's a close game, we have that ability. So when things like that happen in the game, you're not shocked. You just keep playing. Seattle's a good team. They always fight hard. We knew there was going to be adversities throughout the game, and you keep playing and fighting hard to win."

(On if he sensed any difference in Geno Smith's game) "No. Geno's a great player. We were able to get after him and get some pressure on him. Guys were sticky in the back end in coverage as well. They played phenomenal. When we're doing that, when we're ourselves, we really don't worry who we're playing against."

T Trent Williams

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(On if the offense can play more free when the defense is locking opponents down) "I wouldn't say that. You always want to be on top of everything. You don't just want the defense to go win it for you, but it definitely breathes confidence into the sidelines and see the guys that we have, hunt continuously throughout the game. It definitely gives us a boost."

(On what was clicking for the offense early in the game) "I think the skill players were doing a tremendous job of finding the space in the defense and taking it and running through arm tackles. Those guys like Deebo (Samuel), (George) Kittle, (Christian) McCaffery, and (Brandon) Aiyuk are the best in the league with the ball in their hands. Not just good, but best in the league. As an offense, you just have to get it to those guys in space and they'll make the rest happen."

(On if it's inspiring on how the position players play) "It is inspiring to see those guys and how hard they go in the open field, see how hard they run, see how hard they are to bring down, seeing the vision that those guys have running between the tackles. It is inspiring."

RB Christian McCaffrey

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(On if he thought his eight-yard touchdown run was going to go anywhere) "I think anytime you run behind this o-line you just have to have a lot of trust and patience rand they did such a great job all day. The tight ends blocked super well, Juice always blocks well, these guys work so hard on the run game, receivers blocking. So, you just got to trust it and stay on your landmarks and you never know when the hole can open."

(On his emotions after the pick-six) "I just think we had to get back in rhythm, stuff like that happens throughout the game. Obviously you don't want stuff like that to happen. But for us I don't think we blinked, we just got back at it. There's no panic with our team, there's no panic with any of us. It's just about playing efficient football and not looking at the scoreboard."

(On Brock Purdy making a touchdown throw after the pick-six) "It's a four-quarter game. That's a really good team, you can see it all over the tape. They play hard, they play fast, it's a good defense, and so we knew it was going to be a four quarter ga

going to be a four-quarter game and that was our mindset until it hit zero. We're going to have to play extremely good football and I think we'll look back at the tape and want some plays back, but I was happy about the way we fought for four quarters."

Seahawks players arrive in style at Lumen Field for their Thanksgiving night showdown with the San Francisco 49ers.

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