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What The 49ers Said Following Their 28-16 Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 14 loss to the 49ers at Levi's Stadium.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

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You get a 12-point win over somewhat desperate Seahawks team. What about today's win are you most pleased with getting a win?

"I thought there were some things that were a little sloppy. We're just a little inconsistent throughout the day, but guys made a ton of plays, got enough points. On the two turnovers the defense caused were huge. It wasn't the perfect football by any means, but our only goal is to get a win and we found a way to do it." 

With QB Brock Purdy, were the Seahawks daring him to beat them over the top?

"No, they're actually pretty soft in all their coverages. They have deep guys all the time, one off schedule breaking out the touchdown to [WR] Deebo [Samuel], just their hooker stopped on the play. So, when you do that, there's no one by him, he saw. I think it was 33, he stopped, and Brock saw him and that's why he got a wide-open touchdown." 

The big runs that RB Christian McCaffrey has almost every time he goes left. How hard is it to resist just going left every single time or do you always try to work to try to hit the left of Christian?

"No, it's not always like that because sometimes I don't know whether it's going to balance or cut back. So sometimes when we go to the right it cuts back to the left too. So a lot of it depends on hashes and stuff and how we're playing. Yes, it makes sense to run to the left a little bit more if everything's even, but it doesn't always work out that way like it might've come off." 

This team is so explosive today and it's showing more and more of that. Have you had a team that explosive before in terms of getting a big chunk of yardage?

"We got so many guys who can get such big plays on little plays. We went for a big play early in the game, tried to get [TE] George [Kittle] and [WR Brandon Aiyuk] BA down the middle and the two hook defenders were deep in the safety. Some of my favorite plays by Brock in the day because he just went to a checkdown which was the right answer and Deebo was the five-yard checkdown and he got 30 on it. So that happens on a lot of our stuff. Then the more they come up then you can kind of get those easy big plays. I mean the one to George was huge just because they're honoring the run. The play before that you could see them blow the run up and with George and [TE] Charlie [Woerner] over there and 22 personnel and they're coming up aggressive and you could tell they did it again. That's why they tried to grab George going by him, he was able to fight through the holding and get the touchdown. So got a lot of explosive guys, but when you're not just one dimensional in that way, you hope it's a matter of time and just how it plays out." 

Deebo described his play last year as awful. How would you describe his play so far this year?

"It's been very good. We're not done yet, so there's a lot more football to play, so we'll see at the end of the year. But I thought Deebo came into this season very ready to go. I thought he was looking really good those first couple weeks. He didn't have all the stats to show it, but that was just the way the ball went, but he was really ready to go. Then he had a huge setback with his injuries which took him a while to get back from him and when he did, it still took some time to get back in the football shape. But starting a few weeks ago you could see it and I think he's at the top of his game right now." 

Is there any indication injury wise, if any of those will be long-term?

"No, I mean Ward not sure. We just have to look into it because he's had some stuff like this in his past, so we're not quite sure. Oren was able to still play. Hargrave was the hamstring so I'm assuming he pulled it, but we got to find out for sure. You never know with the D-Linemen, how long they'll be out on that, but we'll know a little bit more tomorrow. Greenlaw was able to come back." 

Was the fake punt P Mitch Wishnowsky's call?

"No, I just knew that it would look good right there. So, I just called my first fake punt." 

So you called one?

"No, and I didn't today either for him. I don't really know what happened on it. I think he just hesitated a little bit. I haven't got to talk to him personally. I don't know if he thought it was going to get blocked or if he bobbled the snap a hair or he just had a glitch, but it was a good one because when he paused and stuff and saw the edge, it was obviously a clean look and he didn't hesitate for it. I was just told he hit over 20 miles per hour on it. So that's real cool. I know [WR] Ronnie [Bell] felt bad about it, but wish we could avoided that." 

You lost Ward on the first series, so how do you feel the defense responded, especially the secondary?

"Yeah, I thought they were huge. I mean just such a challenge going against their receivers, all of them, especially, [Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler] Lockett and [Seattle Seahawks WR] DK [Metcalf]. You know how good Mooney has done versus them, especially versus DK here in the past. To lose him early in the game was stressful, especially when they hit him a go route on that series too, to get the touchdown, but that was about it after that. I thought [CB] Ambry [Thomas] had a hell of a game. I think he's been playing his best football here, so proud of him not getting that penalty, not retaliating back. I thought [DB Deommodore Lenoir] Demo was unbelievable today. I wish he would've got that pick. I know [DL] Nick [Bosa] feels a little bit bad about that, but hated his retaliation, but we'll deal with that on our own. Then I thought [CB] Isaiah [Oliver] stepped it up too. We had to move guys around and Isaiah's been a stud. He's ready for everything at any time in the game. Last week versus Philly, he had to go in and play safety on the second play when [S Tashaun] Gip [Gipson [Sr.] went out. Then it was kind of the same thing this week, just we had to bump Demo outside and get him back to nickel and those guys had a real good game." 

First half after they had the illegal forward pass. Did you consider declining the runoff? It looked like you were talking to the ref about it, did they not let you? What happened?

"No, we went back and forth on it. Then I ended up not liking my decision. It's kind of right in between there. I had enough timeouts. We, said no, then we said yes. Then I was confused because when they did take the 10 seconds off and it was after an incomplete completion, I couldn't figure out why they were running it again. None of us knew. So, it was just an unusual rule. So, I just talked to the ref and he said it is a weird rule, but that's how they do it. Even if it's a dead ball, you take a ten second runoff, they can still start the clock. And once that started happening and we were surprised by it, then we just let it go in half." 

Brandon Aiyuk hit the thousand-yard receiving mark and now in back-to-back seasons. What does he continue to show you week-in-and-week-out?

"Just every year he gets so much better just on the football field and and also off the football field, which leads to the football field in terms of how mature he is. He's one of our leaders in there. I think BA's come a long way in terms of he gets so amped up for the games and sometimes he won't get a ball for a little bit and then he gets it late and sometimes it happens early. But just BA this year, it really doesn't matter with him. He plays the same way down in and down out and carries over in the run game and the pass game. With the type of football player he is and how talented he is, it's always feels like it's a matter of time he is going to get a thousand, but he deserves it. He's been great for us this year." 

What is your view of LB Fred Warner there at the end and the ejections? What was the explanation you were given for Lenoir?

"I was told he threw a punch. I saw all the Fred and DK stuff. It was an awesome job by Fred, just keeping his composure and just taking it, so he wouldn't get ejected. Then after that and we were all excited, but I know there's a big scuffle after that and I didn't see after that. But I was told Demo threw a punch too." 

S Ji'Ayir Brown's been showing up against the run and the pass. He seems like he's getting better every week. What are you seeing?

"I see the same thing. He doesn't shy away from contact. He loves to be downhill and hit people. He's got really good vision on the ball. There's a couple times today that the ball hung up in the air and he had one pick, would've had two, but Fred intercepted it from him. I think it was him back there, but Fred ended up going like this. It was awesome job. I think it was Ji'Ayir letting up and not both of them going for it at the same time because then it would've been incomplete. But he got his opportunity as we stated a month ago. He'd been ready for his opportunity, the way he's been handling everything. That's why now, just the more experience he gets, the better he gets." 

How well is OL Aaron Banks?

"Aaron Banks is playing very well. I thought he did for us last year too. He had a big injury to come back from, which took him some time. But Banks is extremely consistent in everything he does. He's also got a lot of size, which is nice for us. We don't always have that. Each week he gets better. It was tough when he did have that setback. But the way he played last time versus Seattle on a real short week when he wasn't sure if he could go. I thought followed by last week, versus Philly and then today. I couldn't be more happy with Aaron."

QB Brock Purdy

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How cool is it for you to know that any pass you throw, regardless of depth could end up in the end zone with some of those guys?

"Yeah, I mean, I'm a part of a special group. Any one of our guys, any one of our eligibles, you get the ball in their hands and then they can go do the rest, break tackles, obviously have pull away, breakaway speed. I mean, we see it every game. So, to throw like a five-yard pass or even a deep ball, it doesn't matter. We've got playmakers." 

WR Deebo Samuel said that his play last year was awful. Do you see a different level from him than you were seeing last year?

"I feel like he's just more intent with the little things. And then, obviously his effort when he is not getting the ball, carrying out fakes to open up [RB] Christian [McCaffrey] or play-action pass, he's doing it right. Last year was my first year with him, so I didn't really know a whole lot. I thought he balled last year. You get the ball in his hands and he still killed it. But, he came back this year in great shape, looking good and then has given everything to this team. So, very proud of him. And obviously when you do get him the ball, he's the same old Deebo, makes plays." 

How big is it for you guys to be able to beat Seattle twice in one season?

"It's huge. Especially playing in the same division as them, the rivalry and all that kind of stuff, but they're a good team. And so, for us to be able to say we beat them twice in the same year, it was huge for us. But like I said before, we play and take every game one week at a time. So, they were on our schedule twice and that's how we handled it and that's how we looked at it. But, they're a great team." 

Today, you had three really nice deep balls and last year people were saying you've got an average arm. Maybe people weren't expecting you to throw deep, but it seems to be more and more a part of the team's arsenal.

"I feel like we've always sort of had shots within plays. If the defense gives us a look, we take it. Was I afraid to go deep or anything like that last year? I don't think so. This year I feel just more aware of what our offense is and where guys are supposed to be and if a defense gives us a look I'm more ready for it and aware of it. So, I have taken deep shots this year." 

Head coach Kyle Shanahan said his favorite throw of yours wasn't one of the deep ones, but a short one to Deebo that he took 30 yards. Is that yours too or do you have a favorite?

"I mean, that one felt good. Just going through the progressions and hitting Deebo and we talked about that all week. Obviously if the defense gives us the longer, deeper throw, great. But, we have to be disciplined and have to play with conviction to be able to go through my progressions and be willing to take checkdowns like that. And obviously when you have Deebo Samuel as your checkdown, it's pretty good." 

You have the CMC play that goes for 72, you have a number of big plays, I think you averaged over 10 yards a play today. Do you guys come out in the huddle thinking any play can be a touchdown?

"Yeah, I feel like that's our mindset with this team. Like I said before, we have playmakers across the board, so if you throw an outside zone to Christian and you can take it 70, you can throw a checkdown to Deebo Samuel and he'll take it 50. So that's how we do look at it. We have guys across the board that can make anything happen at any time and that's our mindset. But, obviously you get in situational football, you have to be smart and not just throw deep or anything like that, but we have guys that can score at any moment. So, we know that." 

Do you feel like the Seahawks were daring you to beat them over the top today or were you just extra aggressive?

"Honestly, the last couple games we've played them, it's sort of been the opposite. They've done a good job of taking away the deep stuff and have really forced me to throw checkdowns. So going into this game, we understood that. But I mean, they still gave me some ops and so I think we took advantage of them." 

On the Deebo deep pass, he wasn't the usual option on that in practice. What did you see on that and why did you go to him on that?

"I saw [Seattle Seahawks S] Jamal Adams, he didn't come down like really, really hard, but I sort of saw his feet coming down. He was sort of flat-footed, and I was like, all right, with Deebo moving, I was like, we can get over the top here. And so, I took my drop. He wasn't necessarily the number one guy in the read, it was actually [WR] Jauan [Jennings]. But the way Jamal Adams came down, I was like, this could be a big one, so let it rip and let Deebo get under it." 

Are you guys trying to still look at the at the possibility of the first-round Bye and the top seed, if you guys can just win out each one of your games?

"I mean, yeah. For us, if we handle business and take it one week at a time, obviously who doesn't want to play as the first seed with home field advantage? So, I think everybody in the league knows that. We know that here and like I said, we're taking it one day at a time and everything will fall into place that needs to." 

Christian just called you a silent assassin. Would she say that that's an accurate description?

"Man, I mean I'm sort of going to not answer that. I respect that. Thank you, Christian. But yeah, appreciate it."

T Trent Williams

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How nice was it when you did that first play, the run left off the loose? Did you feel that set the tone? What was that like? 

"Oh yeah, scoring the two plays 75-yards out was a great way to start the game. We were getting our bell cow nice and warmed up for JP [RB Jordan Mason] to come in and cap it off. It felt great, it felt great." 

They're running left a lot. How big is the responsibility, knowing that they're going to run behind you when there are important yards to get? Do you feel that way? 

"Yeah, I guess I don't think about it in the game but I know any time I hear 'run left' I basically treat it like I'm the number one receiver, I'm getting the ball. It's like that's my target. That's my chance to make a difference and make some plays for my team." 

You guys are chasing down this one seed. How intense does your focus have to be every week just to get another win and then hope everything else plays out? 

"Well the only thing we can control is coming out and playing four quarters every Sunday and let the rest take care of itself. Right now, we should have blinders on and just worry about one opponent per week, and focus on going 1-0."

S Ji'Ayir Brown

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What did you see before that interception?

"I was reading the Seattle Seahawks QB [Drew Lock]. I had the opportunity earlier to get an interception and I didn't. My footing wasn't right and I was just waiting on my next opportunity to go get it. I went over there, made the play on the ball, and made the play for the team." 

Was this your best game so far?

"Yes, I think I was settling in this game better than any other game. There have been some good games I've had. I had a great game against Philly. I'm just trying to keep it together for the team and be there for the team." 

What do your coaches say about your position being in the right place? Do you feel good about where you are?

"Yes, as a safety you always want to be in the right place. You are the last line of defense and if they get past you that it is most likely a touchdown. I just try to do my best to be in the right place at the right time for the guys in front of me and execute the game plan."

P Mitch Wishnowsky

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*For the fake punt play, did you just ad-lib it and then it got taken away from you by penalty? That's got to make you feel not so good about that. *

"That's all right. We ended up scoring. [WR] Deebo [Samuel] ended up scoring. Well, they punted and we scored. So we'll take it."  

Is that one of the things on the sideline where Kyle says "No, no, no. Oh, yes, yes, yes?"

"Probably. I think [Special Teams Coach] [Brian] Schneiders was doing the same."  

*Is it a kind of a badge of courage that you get knocked out of bounds over there and take a hit and draw a flag on that too, when you're the punter? *

"Yeah. I've learned to get out of bounds or get down. Get away from the big fellas."

LB Fred Warner

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Can you share what happened toward the end of the game after your pick with you and WR DK Metcalf. What was happening?

"I don't know what happened. I told him he tackled really well and then for some reason he didn't like that. I guess what happened, happened. That's unfortunate. He has to learn to keep his composure, but happy we came out with the win." 

When you talked about the defense being inspired by what the offense does, you see that today. Does that fire you guys up?

"Absolutely, every time. I've spoken about it plenty of times about how explosive our offense is. It's just a matter of time before they make a big play down the field or a huge run. The way they started the game was incredible. I think as a team we just have to be more consistent. Today was a little sloppy throughout the game, through all phases, and we still found a way to win, which was the most important. We just have to continue to be better." 

You lose CB Charvarious Ward on the first series, DT Javon Hargrave goes out, and DT Arik Armstead isn't in the lineup, so it gave other guys an opportunity. How did you see the defense respond?

"Yeah I have to watch it. It didn't feel like our best day, but at the end of the day we did what was required to win the game. I think we had two takeaways total. I wish we could have had that third or fourth one to help out the offense a little bit. We have to tackle better in space and we let them off the hook on some of those big explosive pass plays. There are little things out there. Like I said I have to watch it to really see the full picture but we did what was necessary to win the game."

WR Brandon Aiyuk

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*What's been the biggest key since the Bye? You guys haven't lost since the Bye Week. *"Just trying to get back on track, play football the way we knew how before the Bye. [It was] not that clean today, but we figured out a way to win. So, five [wins] in a row." 

You said 'not that clean,' but you guys hit them with a lot of explosive plays. How big was the fact that you guys hit a lot of big plays? 

"It was big today. Like I said, a little bit sloppy on and off, so the big plays kind of helped us get down the field again, get in position and get in the end zone. We started off the game with a big play. I think our second touchdown was a big play again -- so explosive." 

Was it important for you guys to be able to win a game specifically that was grittier than the other wins? 

"We knew what type of game it was going to be: a .500 team in Seattle that we know a lot about. We knew what type of game it was going to be."

WR Deebo Samuel

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Do you feel faster this year? 

"I wouldn't say I'm faster. When I'm in the open field, I think I just have another gear that people haven't seen." 

You described your last year as awful. How would you describe it this year? 

"This year, since coming back from an injury, I can see the level of play just getting better and better week in and week out. I just take it one day at a time, [and try] to be the best me I can be for the team." 

We know that you and you and  WR Brandon Aiyuk are close and you are both rooting for each other. Is there any sort of friendly competition on the team? 

No, there isn't any friendly competition at all. At the end of the day, we want to see each other succeed. We wish each other to be better day in and day out.

DE Nick Bosa

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How would you describe how you won today?

"Just scrappy. We had a lot of guys go down. We had to pick up the slack. Hopefully nothing too bad, but just sticking with it and playing physical like we always do, and our offense is pretty good." 

How do you feel like your defensive line group did with DL Arik Armstead out today?

"You definitely miss him. That's for sure. He is a great player, but I think we stepped it up pretty good. It's hard for me to tell when I'm out there what guys are doing, but we made some good plays. I'm excited about [DL] Kalia [Davis] and [DT Javon Kinlaw] JK coming along and [DL] Kevin [Givens]." 

There was some creativity in the alignments up front. There was a play where you lined up over center and there was one where you and DL Chase Young were on the same side. Both of those were very effective. How much did you enjoy being a little bit more versatile in that regard?

"I like that. Yeah, it's tough without a camp because over the years I've been on the edge so much and, it's definitely a lot quicker and different inside, so I'm not always super confident about it. But I think if I could continue to get reps in games and get a better feel for it, I think it could be a really good change up now that we have guys like Chase and [DL] Randy [Gregory]. They deserve ops. Yeah, it's good for us."

RB Christian McCaffrey

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That first play, when did you know that it was going to break loose like that? 

"I mean, you never know until it does. You kind of just read it one gap at a time and trust the guys in front of you. That was amazing blocking. I got a score there, but that was a great job by those guys up front, all day. BA [WR Brandon Aiyuk] blocking down field, 75-yards down the field again, which is just becoming routine for him, so I appreciated that. It was a great job by all those guys up front." 

What was it like for you to take it to the three and then see San Francisco 49ers RB Jordan Mason take it the rest of the way? 

"Yeah, it's a very interesting set of emotions because you're like, 'I'm going to punch it in' and then you see him [RB Jordan Mason] coming so you're like, 'Aw man.' But, I have to score. If you don't want to get taken out after a long one, you have to score. They're trying to save your breath and make sure you're good to go. So, I get it, but yeah."  

Have you always been good at running to your left? Do you feel like a natural left runner? 

"Hopefully, both ways. But no, I never look at which way I'm better at. A lot of it is just play dependent."

LB Dre Greenlaw

LB Fred Warner has been quite good for a while but do you think he may be having his best season?

"I don't know. [LB] Fred [Warner] has had a lot of good seasons so it's hard to say that this is his best. But the way he's getting the ball, communicating, and running around from the start of the season until now, I can say it's probably one of his best seasons. It just looks like he's confident and having fun out there." 

When you are chasing down the one seed like you are, how intense does the focus have to be every day and every game?

"You have to be intense and focused in this league because if not you are going to be fired. We are chasing that one seed but we are just trying to get better as players, as a team, and that's going to come naturally. We are chasing it but we are also just trying to enjoy every day and every game because we can't think too far ahead." 

Are you able to balance chasing the one seed and having fun at the same time?

"We're not chasing it. We're just working every day trying to get better every game and then it's going to come naturally. If you chase something a lot of times you don't get it."

DT Javon Kinlaw

What can you tell us about today's performance?

"It was a great team effort. Great defensive line play. All around solid performance, but we have things to clean up." 

Just tell us about the emotion with this team. You guys see each other a lot. They're a prideful team.

"It's like that you know, but it's the game we play. There's a lot of tempers flying at all times, but I feel like we did a great job of keeping our cool and they got a little more flustered than us. Shout out to the team." 

*Is your goal still to try to get that first round bye and get home field throughout? *

"Most definitely."

TE George Kittle

Three guys went over a hundred yards today: what can you say about your complementary offense today?

"We always talk about 'there's a lot of mouths of feed,' but whenever these guys get their opportunities, they make the most of them: breaking tackles, getting [yards after catch]. It's awesome. I was 25 yards away, so I almost got in that category, but I'll take a touchdown. It was awesome. We didn't play our best ball today by any means. We had a couple turnovers, got stopped on third downs, had some negative plays, but our defense played at a high level and our offense was able to gut it out. But honestly, my favorite play was [P Mitch Wishnowsky]'s run on the punt. Too bad that got taken back. That was pretty special." 

Did you have a good view of that?

"Yes. I was sitting there like, 'oh, okay.' And then all of a sudden, [Wishnowsky] just takes off. I was like, 'yes, Mitch!' Because you've seen him tackle. So I was like, 'he's going to truck stick somebody.' He didn't, but maybe next time he'll do some tight end drills with us.  

Wishnowsky hit 20 miles an hour.

"Did he really? Bull!" 

That's what they said.  

"Who's that? I'm not [NFL next gen]. Who's they? It's the hair. That's what it is. It's the hair. He just flies in the wind baby."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 14 at the 49ers at Levi's Stadium on December 10, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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