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Wednesday Round-Up: Remembering Marshawn Lynch's Time at Cal, And One Signature Celebration

A daily link round-up of what's "out there" about the Seattle Seahawks.


Good afternoon, 12s. 

Here's a look at what's "out there" for today - Wednesday, Feb. 17 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Remembering Lynch's Time at Cal

With Marshawn Lynch indicating his retirement to the world last week, Pac-12 reporter Ted Miller takes an interesting look back at the Seahawks running back's college football career at the University of California.

During his 2006 season with the Golden Bears, Lynch entered the year as a Heisman Trophy candidate, and in an October game against the Washington Huskies, he ran 21 times on two sprained ankles, rushing for 150 yards and two touchdowns - one of which proved to be the game-winner, in a 31-24 overtime victory at Berkeley's California Memorial Stadium.

After the game, Lynch commandeered a medical cart and took it for a joy-ride around the field, weaving in and out of player, coach, and fan traffic to celebrate the win. His entertaining antics were caught on camera, and it's become a clip that's been re-played over and over on sports networks and featured in internet GIFs ever since.

Miller highlights that signature moment and speaks with those who knew Lynch best during his time at Cal, talking with former teammates, coaches, and staff about Lynch's time in the Bay Area.

Here's a small sample of what those people had to say about Seattle's No. 24: 

Jeff Tedford, Cal coach, 2002-2012He could do everything. He could stand there and do a backflip. He could run with power. He could run with speed. He had unbelievable balance. He caught the ball as well as any receiver caught the ball. He had a good feel for running pass routes. Physical, fast, great balance, really sharp, smart guy. I can't remember any mental mistakes that would stick out.

Zack Follett, Cal teammate; former NFL linebacker:I remember we were all in the weight room during the summer and we were cleaning, trying to set the record at 315. We're all doing it, struggling, some guys got it. Marshawn walks in. He's in street clothes -- jeans, his Jordans. He walks up to the bar, just straight out of class, throws his dreads back and cleans this thing, then throws it on the ground and walks out of the weight room. Like no warm-up. He's just on another level.

Jason Chong, Cal water boy, Class of 2006:* I remember seeing Marshawn run to the sidelines and hop into the medical injury cart. He started up the cart and started driving around and celebrating. Of course, all of us in the student section, we loved it. We thought it was great. It was total, typical Marshawn. Having fun. We didn't want it to stop. It was very timely because there were a lot of rap videos out about "ghost riding the whip."*

Kevin Parker, Cal player personnel director (2002-present): I asked him, how did you get the keys to the cart? And he said, "I ran right by and the keys were in there. So I just decided to get in there and drive around." He's crazy, man. I remember Coach Tedford talking to him in the meeting the next day, saying, heck of a job by the team winning the game and him with a great run ... but, please, just don't drive the [training] cart around again because I got too many calls about it.

Tweet Of The Day

Today's "Tweet of the Day" comes from the NFL, which offers a look back at Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman's performance at the 2011 Scouting Combine.

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