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Walter Jones on his day off and team morale

Walter Jones, 12-year offensive line veteran, on how he’s feeling mid-way through the season, what he does on his days off, the team’s morale, and locker room fun.

I'm feeling really good. Compared to what I went through last year with my shoulder injury, I'm feeling pretty good these days. Whenever you get a chance to rest, you try to take advantage of it. I try to hang out with my family and just relax and get away from the game for a while to rest the body. I get a massage to get some of the soreness out and some ice baths to get the body ready for the game on Sunday. Tuesdays are our official days off. Usually, the linemen get together and we watch film and get a head's up on the guys we're going against on Sunday. After that, I find my wife and usually give that day to her, whatever she wants to do. Most of the time we'll go to the movies. Yesterday, she told me I could relax at the house so I just hung out at home. I was tired! But you know, after going through training camp and the through the first half of the season, I'm feeling really good for the home stretch here.

I think the morale on the team is great. The energy is really high and we can still accomplish things we set out for ourselves in training camp. Guys are still having fun out there. The offensive line hangs out a lot. We hang out on Monday night and watch the Monday Night football game. After the game on Sunday we'll get together to watch the late night game. We just get together and have fun. We don't always talk about football, we just hang out and get to know one another. We have a good time together, whether it's on the field, off the field, or in the locker room. The locker room is fun. Guys have fun getting ready before practice. It helps lift our spirits to go out and go through another hard day of practice. I can't tell you exactly what goes on in the locker room because I always tell the young guys to keep the locker room talk inside the locker room. But it's fun. Always a great time.

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