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Tuesday Round-Up: Seahawks Linebacker K.J. Wright Takes Steps To Plan For Life After Football With NFLPA Externship Program

Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright recently participated in the NFLPA's Externship program to learn about areas he could potentially pursue when his football career is over.

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Here's a look at what's "out there" for today — Tuesday, February 28 — about your Seattle Seahawks:

Wright Talks 2017 Offseason

This offseason, K.J. Wright has taken steps to plan for life after football, with the 27-year-old Seahawks linebacker having recently participated in the NFL Players Association's Externship program.

In an interview with 710 ESPN Seattle’s Gee Scott last week, Wright recapped what he learned from his stay in Washington, D.C., where the NFLPA is headquartered, about areas that he could potentially pursue after his professional football career is over.

"I'm just trying to dip and dab into new things, see what I like," Wright said. "So when the time comes I'll have a good, solid plan."

Wright said he spent a week in the nation's capital working in player development, specifically with ‘The Trust,’ an NFLPA-powered organization catered to the well-being of retired players.

"Pretty much they have this program for when guys retire you call up NFLPA and they just have everything for you," Wright explained. "They have things with education, they have things with finances, things with just different lifestyles that you want to get involved in, so it's pretty cool. So I worked with them and their program and just gave them my insight on how they could make it better. It was pretty good."

Wright said he thinks the League is continually improving the resources it makes available for athletes transitioning to post-NFL life.

"I believe so," he said. "They're out there working every day for us to make sure while we're playing life is good, and when we're done life is good. I believe it's up to the players as well to invest in themselves to make sure that, 'OK, I know that this [NFL] lifespan for me is short, so let me get the most out of this so when I do get done I have something,' versus just sticking to just football, not practicing other skills that you have, such as networking, such as learning about different aspects of life besides football.

"You've got to invest in yourself so that when the time does come, you're ready to go."

Wright mentioned he also found time to tour the city while in town, taking advantage of all the history Washington, D.C. has to offer. 

"I love it, man," Wright said. "I'm a big history nerd myself, so that place is perfect for me. I just learned a lot."

Wright said he has a couple more trips planned this offseason and will resume a more rigorous approach to regular-season training come mid-March, but perhaps the biggest date on his offseason NFL calendar is set for May 27, when he and his fiancé Natalie will tie the knot.

"Every time somebody brings it up my stomach does get a little tight, get that little funny feeling in my stomach. I'm saying literally every time," Wright said of his wedding day. "But yeah, kind of nervous. Excited.

"Don't want to write this check," he added with a laugh. "But it's going to be a great day."

Social Post Of The Day

Today's "Social Post of the Day" comes from Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, who has few books on his offseason reading list.

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