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Tuesday Round Up: Michael Bennett Starts Seahawks Book Club

A daily link round up of what's "out there" about the Seattle Seahawks.

Look through the best photos from the Seahawks 13th training camp practice held at Virginia Mason Athletic Center on Monday.

Good afternoon, 12s. 

Here's a look at what's "out there" for today - Tuesday, August 16 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Michael Bennett Founds Book Club With Teammates

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is trying to do something a little different this season by founding a book club for his teammates. 

Bennett, who has been accused of leaving books behind in coaches' offices, opens up in an ESPN interview about his love of literature and the idea to start a book club.

"I tell them don't waste too much time staying on the phone all the time. Every once in awhile, open up a book," Bennett said.

Bennett won the approval of Seahawks vice president of player engagement Maurice Kelly after pitching the idea for the club. 

"It's good to get the conversation started, to get the guys out there, have them reading more and to just discuss it, discuss different ideas. I think it opens things up to have discussion, which I think is really, really big," Kelly said. 

Bennett's idea for the club is pretty simple. "Try to get a book and try to have a good conversation about it," he said. "Read a couple chapters and just go through it. 'What's your take on it? What's your opinion on it?' It's going to be pretty cool."

Bennett's next order of business is getting other players to buy into the idea of a book club. Kelly seemed confident in Bennett's ability to convince some players to join. 

"I asked him about that, and he had already asked a couple guys, and the guys were interested in it. I don't know if they were just interested because he said it or just interested because they like to read," Kelly said. "Either way you look at it ... it doesn't matter. As long as we can get them engaged." 

The first book on the reading list, "Outliers: The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell, was selected by Bennett and is one the defensive end has previously read.

"I think 'Outliers' is the perfect book for us because we are outliers when you think of the sense of what we've been through and who we are and the situation we were born in," Bennett said. "For us, everything that we built up, that whole 10,000 hours of doing what we've been doing to be great at this moment, it's definitely us when it comes to that."

There is no word yet of which players plan to partake in Bennett's book club, but be sure to check for continued updates. 

Tweet of the Day

Today's "Tweet of the Day" comes from DJ Supa Sam, the Seahawks official DJ, after the final day of Seahawks training camp.

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