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Tom Cable Sees Terry Poole, Mark Glowinski At All Three OL Spots: "That's Why We Took Them"

The Seahawks assistant head coach/offensive line coach comments on the team's two fourth-round picks.

The Seahawks selected Terry Poole (No. 130 overall), a tackle from San Diego State, and Mark Glowinski (No. 134), a guard from West Virginia, with their two picks in the fourth round.

Assistant head coach/offensive line coach Tom Cable labeled the 6-foot-5, 323-pound Poole and 6-foot-4, 310-pound Glowinski a "gritty" pair, noting neither player will stick to their listed position. They'll instead work at all three offensive line spots - tackle, guard, and even center, a spot Cable sees both players getting a chance to compete at.

"That's the reason we took them, because we have a little mix and matching to do," said Cable, whose starting line lost center Max Unger in the trade to acquire tight end Jimmy Graham and saw left guard James Carpenter sign with the New York Jets in free agency. "We like who's here, and this is going to give us even more flexibility.

"Both of them will have some learning to do at this level, but that's normal. I think the fact that they can play a number of spots is going to help us."

Twenty-five offensive linemen went off the board before the Seahawks took a shot on Poole and Glowinski in round four. But Cable said both players were pre-draft targets of Seattle.

"I have a list every year of about seven or eight guys, and they're in that list," said Cable. "So this worked out great. It really did."

The coaching staff has said Alvin Bailey would be the team's starter at left guard should the Seahawks line up and play a game right now. In 2014, Bailey served as the team's "swing" O-lineman with an ability to play on the interior or exterior of the offense. If Bailey earns the starting job at left guard, Cable hopes Poole, Glowinski, and second-year pro Garry Gilliam can provide the same level of resourcefulness Bailey offered in the past.

"If Alvin can come through and do what you hope, you're going to need to replace him in that versatility," said Cable. "I think either one of these guys gives us the chance to do that."


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