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Thursday Round-Up: Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Discusses His Trade To New York Yankees With ESPN

Russell Wilson takes time to talk about his sporting priorities.

Good morning, 12s.

Here's a look at what's "out there" for today - Thursday, February 8 - about your Seattle Seahawks:

Wilson: "My Focus Is On Football And Winning Championships Right Now"

Following Wednesday's news that the New York Yankees had made a trade with the Texas Rangers to acquire the professional baseball rights to Russell Wilson, the Seahawks quarterback took time to discuss what the deal means with ESPN senior writer Jerry Crasnick.

In the back-and-forth conversation, Wilson outlines where his sporting priorities lie, how he grew up a fan of the Yankees, what his expectations are for this year's spring training, and more. Here are a few highlights: 

ESPN: You're not trying to pull a Bo Jackson or a Deion Sanders, are you? How serious is this?

Russell Wilson: "For me, it's about staying in the game and being around great players and people and a great organization and great fans. Yankees fans are some of the best in the world.

"Playing two sports has always been a dream. But at this point in my life, playing quarterback in the NFL is a job I love and a responsibility I work on and take seriously every single day. My main goal is to win multiple Super Bowls coming up, to keep winning games and do my job at the highest level I can. But at the same time, I can also embrace the journey that baseball has taken me on and be around championship players like the Yankees."

ESPN: You gave an interview in 2015 in which you said you would never want to "kill the dream'' of playing two sports. Have you ruled that out?

Russell Wilson: "I always say, 'Nothing is impossible.' I'll never say never. But my focus is on football and winning championships right now."

ESPN: How does being involved with baseball help prepare you for an NFL season?

Russell Wilson:"It's a huge thing. Baseball has been a major part of my life but also a major part of my success mentally in sports. The idea of a one-pitch mentality, one moment at a time, [applies] to playing quarterback as well. More than anything, I want to continue to dive into the mental side of the game.

"For example, when I used to play second base or shortstop, I would swipe the dirt almost every time between pitches just to clear my head. If you're a pitcher, guys redo their cap every pitch or tug on their jersey or whatever. It's all about that mental space.

"You're also looking for that competitive edge in terms of hitting and stealing bases and being on the offensive side of the ball. That one-pitch mentality is critical. It's the same thing playing quarterback in big situations -- third down, red zone, fourth-quarter comebacks. All that is critical."

Social Post Of The Day

Today's 'Social Post of the Day' comes from Seahawks cornerback Justin Coleman, who is auctioning off the jersey he wore during his Salvation Army 'kettle jump' celebration following his pick-six in Seattle's Week 16 victory against the Dallas Cowboys. Coleman says all proceeds from the jersey sale will support Salvation Army programs in the Seattle area.

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