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Thursday Round-Up: Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner Featured In The MMQB

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner was featured in Peter King's The MMQB for his outstanding smarts at his position.

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Here's a look at what's "out there" for today — Thursday, June 29 — about your Seattle Seahawks: 

Bobby Wagner Featured In The MMQB 

To celebrate Smarter Football Week, Jenny Vrentas of Peter King's The MMQB put Seahawks All-Pro and Pro Bowl linebacker Bobby Wagner under the spotlight for his outstanding mental knowledge and feel for the game. 

Throughout the piece, Vrentas breaks down a few of Wagner's best plays from the 2016 season with added commentary from Wagner himself. It's a fascinating article that looks at the way Wagner prepares for games and how he identifies trends from opposing teams. Here is an excerpt from the piece you should enjoy: 

*Wagner spends more hours per week watching film than he does on the practice field, picking up for small indicators that allow him to have an advantage on the field. There are certain offensive players in the league who, Wagner says, tighten their gloves before the snap if they know they are going to get the ball. Wagner mentally logs which backs prefer to make a cut to the left or to the right, and which linemen have trouble blocking toward a certain direction. The best players look the same regardless of the play or their responsibility, but many struggle without even realizing the secrets they're leaking. *

The goal, Wagner says, is always to be one step ahead. On run plays, he is trying to be a mirror to the running back's movements. He pays close attention to the back's first step, because depending on the offensive system, certain run plays require certain footwork. The back's shoulders can also be telling: Staying square to the line means the back has the ability to stay front-side or cut back on a run between the tackles, whereas a back on a one-cut-and-go outside run will turn his shoulders and take off hard in that direction.

Tweet Of The Day

Today's "Tweet of the Day" comes from Seahawks mascot, Blitz, who shared this photo from NFL Mascot meetings: 

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